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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I have to chose my TOK presentation topic and I was thinking about doing it about Human Capital, mostly focused on the whole process of calculating someone's productive capacity and using it to calculate the sum to be paid as indemnization once someone dies. I could relate the topic to almost all ways of knowledge and a few areas of knowledge, but I started to read more about the topic (most of what I knew was based on a movie named human capital) and I think perhaps it's too complicated. Basicly, I want to have somenes opinion about the topic, and before I keep on working to know if
  2. Hey, Are nuclear energy levels and atomic energy levels the same thing? Also shouldn't the atomic line emission spectra be evidence for this?
  3. Is adobe Dreamweaver is a good software to develop the web application ? Does IB prescribes any other program to develop web application ?
  4. Hey everbody Can we use concepts which is out of syllabus ( not in the curriculam) for the extended essay?
  5. (b) The function f is defined by f (x) = x2 + 4 cos x for 0 < x < π. (i) By considering the graphs of y = x and y = 2 sin x, show that f (x) has only one stationary point, and explain why this stationary point is between pi/2 and π. (ii) Find f ″(x) and hence prove that the stationary point is a minimum. (iii) Find the coordinates of the point of inflection on the graph of y = f (x). (iv) Sketch the graph of y = f (x), clearly labelling the stationary point and the point of inflection. I have found the answer, but im not sure whether its right.
  6. Yes guys, I have nooo idea what does procrastination means. I'm Spanish so. Omg, it is everywhere here! Procrastinator! Haha it sounds like something about Terminator, sorry guys... I had to post it!
  7. Helloooo Could someone help me? In each subject I have to do some sort of project or sth that counts as the internal assessment. But are they part of the 45 points? And what do I have to do for each subject ( HL: Spanish, English B, Philosophy; SL: Bio, Chemistry and Maths) I know about the Maths exploration but what else I need? I there's someone who had finished all or can answer, when is recommended to start my EE, the exploration and so.. I want to finish my CAS activities this year but with the EE and the other stuff I have no idea. Muchasssss graciass
  8. Hi, I am writing to ask if someone could help me with a big doubt I have. I want to do a degree satisfaction statistic study for which I had created a survey. The problem is that I want to know how could I use the questions I added and what I can study from their result, such as the mean, the average, etc. The type of questions I added are the following: 1. The experience in whatever has been rewarding ...? a) Completely rewarding b) Rewarding c) Not rewarding at all d) Completely not rewarding 2. How would you rate your experience in whatever...? From 1-10 a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 ... 3. Did you
  9. Yeah, I wanted to know if knowing the exact values of comparative cell sizes was mandatory in the syllabus. Also, any tips on studying Units 2, 3, 4 (reference videos, notes online, animations? ) Any kind of help would be appreciated
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