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  1. Would the Bilingual IB Diploma be much of an advantage in Top University Admissions? I'm moving to a new school with IB as their curriculum so I'm rather unfamiliar with this. I'm half French so I know how to use French for daily conversations. I would be taking English Lang Lit and the other language being either Spanish or French. My teacher is yet to decide if I'm capable of French A. If I choose Spanish, I'd have to take it as Spanish Ab Initio. I want to study a new language as I'm somewhat familiar with French, thus I wanted to choose Spanish (Ab Initio), but the Bil
  2. Hello everyone! I would like to ask for your advice and to share your experience in the matter. Currently at the second year of IB, I have been faxing difficulties with the registration for the finals. I had to take 7 subjects to study (English B HL, Maths SL and Russian A SL as compulsory subjects, History HL, Psychology HL , Spanish an initio SL and Biology SL as required by the IB). However, I have learnt that I will have to choose one additional subject that will not appear on my Diploma. The only possible subjects for me to choose from are biology and Spanish ab initio, however, for
  3. Okay so im not too good in any of my classes? but i want to achieve a IB diploma What do you guys think i would have to get (worst case) to get the diploma? Like which classes should i focus on to get a perfect score to balance out the rest of the classes? I have Tok - pretty okay lang lit HL - not sure Spanish Hl - very bad Visual Arts - very good Math sl - very bad Biology - okay but not best History - bad
  4. Hey, im new here and I need some help. I asked my supervisor for it but... let's say he wasn't in the mood for that, I want to begin my EE but I'm not sure if my topic fits in the categories of the guide. Please, any recommendations, criticism or approvals are welcomed. The research question is " How far the jew idiosincrasy is reflected on the language used in the graphic novel Maus". I think this fits in category 2 but please help, i'm very lost :'c
  5. Alekhya


    Hey guys, I have no idea what to do for CAS. I feel like I have my creativity portion covered, but I have nothing to do for Activity or Social Service. I don't want to do something small and generic, but I also don't want to spend too much time on it. Please help!
  6. I do English A language and literature HL and i am flunking bad.. i am really considering dropping it for English B HL. will it affect my chances of attending a good university? please help!!!! i'm dying right now. my current subjects are: English A HL L&L (2) French B HL (6) Economics HL (7) Bio SL (5) Psychology SL (6) Math SL(4)
  7. What is the difference between a fully authorized IB programme and a school that is an IB Candidate? Does it make an impact on whether or not I get my diploma or the education in general?
  8. Hi! Results day is coming up quick, so I was wondering how everyone thinks they did? Some of my friends think they'll have to retake... Did anyone think some of the exams were too hard? I've heard a lot of complaints about physics and maths...
  9. Hey guys, I just made my account to ask questions regarding my subject choices. I am interested in computer science and engineering so I want subjects that keep these choices open. My thoughts are: 1) Computer Science HL Maths HL English B HL Business Management SL Greek SL Physics SL 2) Maths HL Physics Hl German HL ESS SL Business management SL Greek SL which one would be better? My level of German is B2-C1 so I won't have a problem.
  10. Hi, I’m currently in pre-IB and I have to choose my IB courses this week. The 5 subjects that I’m interested in are: -English A Lit/Lang HL -Psychology HL -Biology HL -Swedish B SL -Math studies SL ( I struggle with maths ) For my last SL subject, I’m deciding between Global politics or Chemistry. I wanted to take ESS but there are many limitations unfortunately. I think I perform well in Chemistry but I’m a bit worried about the maths. I plan to study psychology/nutrition after IB in Canada. Thank you for your time!
  11. Are my subject selections alright If I wanna major in Social Work or Psychology in university? Im choosing my subjects tomorrow HL Econ, Psychology, Bahasa B (native language) SL Biology, English A, Math Studies omg yeah math studies is embarrassing but i'm really really bad at math :/ and is it dumb if i choose Econ HL alongside math studies? Sorry if i sound annoying im just really worried i wanna get a better ib score sigh
  12. Hello! I start grade 11 this fall, and i wish to study International Law in university. What subjects should I take? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello. Currently under a ton of work, and I have been considering moving from the IB Diploma to courses. Effectively cutting away EE, and TOK. Is it ever too late to do this? Is it recommended? Has anyone done this before? Thank you, hope someone can help!
  14. Hello everybody, I want to ask you for advice. I am currently doing the IB DP, and my subjects are Czech A (SL), English B (HL), Economics (SL), Physics (HL), Chemistry (HL) and Math (SL). I was thinking if I should do the IB certificate instead of the diploma. I want to work as a chemical engineer, and so the languages and economy are useless for me. I've heard that in the IB certificate you can choose a number of subjects you want to do, so I would choose high levels physics, chemistry, and math. Our school does not teach HL math, which is why I have just SL. I've also heard that you do
  15. Hello, When does the IB start grading stuff that you've submitted to IBIS, like the Extended Essay, TOK, IB Visual Arts material, and your English Written Assignment? etc. Does this happen before the exams are over? Like, are they marking everything now? In addition, if you, let's say get caught plagiarising on any of the above, do you get contacted? Or do you just fail your diploma? I'm pretty sure they contact you before your diploma is out to justify. Correct? Regards
  16. I'm taking my third chance for re-take this May, throughout the school year some teachers thought that we were able to retake one subject up to three times, but they didn't say the actual retake amount. So, without knowing this I didn't take the one subject that I failed until now, my last chance. I'm certain I'm going to fail it because I have been working, not studying as much. I have already been in contact with a few good universities in the US, which said that they do not care about my IB diploma they only want the SAT results. That was before I knew I was going to fail, does
  17. I'm just starting my Extended Essay and I'm comparing and contrasting Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and A Thousand Splendid Suns By Khaled Hosseini. I want to focus on the relationships between the characters in the novels- the relationship between Olanna and Kainene and the relationship between Laila and Mariam. The reason I chose the two novels is because I wanted to specifically focus on female relationships and how they are presented during a time of war (as both books have a pre, during and post war timeline) and how it affects the dynamics of familial relations
  18. Hey guys, i was wondering which of my 7 IB subjects would count towards my final score (out of 45). Do i have the choice of choosing the one with a better grade?
  19. I am currently enrolling in the diploma program and I'm taking math hl, physics sl and chem hl. I am wondering should i worry about the universities later and focus on my subjet choices that will get me through ib, or select my subject choices based on my targeted uni? Help
  20. I was wondering if practicing at a gun range would count as CAS since it's something I frequently do?
  21. Dear historians, As to the authoritarian states (20th century), within the World History topics (seen on History Guide), I studied at school Hitler and Stalin. As their from the same region, I kinda needed another one, If I am going to prepare myself for the "two tyrants comparison question". Yeah there s always a question in which they ask you to compare and discuss two tyrants from different regions as to a certain aspect (propaganda, use of force, religion, role of women in their kingships, etc.). So,as my teacher isn't going to lecture any more tyrants (he told me that) because h
  22. Hi there, I know this is stupid. I am aware of that. I am going for my 2nd year (senior year, whatever) and I am doing my EE in Film. I did not take it as a subject as my school does not offer it. However, I am really enjoying it, in spite of some hurdles on the topic choice. I feel like I have a knack for it, I mean I am a creative person and I guess that the fact that I have the ability to look at film knowledge in a more imaginative way. I know it is because I am confident, and writing about Film, like in the EE, is easier than actually creative and giving birth to an artistic oeuvre l
  23. Hi guys so i am planning to take ib this year and literally this August i will be studying. So i've heard that there is an EE. So will teachers teach you how to write an extended essay or you just have to do it by yourself. I know it is a silly question but every minute i am getting stressed.everyone is saying that ib diploma is quite hard. Maybe you can give me some advices. I was studying i an school where they had igcse system and this looks very complicated. Please help
  24. Hej! This a crucial point in my life. I didn't get the best grades to get into the Uni of my dreams, but I don't feel bad with myself. I went through clinical difficulties through the summer, and had to work part-time to pay for my studies. I also got all of the IB done in 1.5 years because I joined my class late. Anyway, I have a job offer that I really need to take, and therefore I need any form of High School Diploma, regardless of having barely made it to pass. I have 23 points, and fulfill all of the other conditions, otherwise. There's 3 subjects that I scores right on
  25. I am about to enroll the IB DP programme by the end of summer. I am a little concerned about my subject combination for being too rigorous. I am up for a challenge, yet a bearable one. In the future, I would like to study at uni in the US. However, I am not sure in what area I may want to study in. But I'm leaning towards Economics/Finance and/or environmental sciences. (Hence why I have both Econ and Bio at HL). Overall, I was wondering if you could share any thoughts on what you think about my subject combination. Is it reasonable considering my future plans? Also, as English is my
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