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Found 14 results

  1. It has been about a year I have been studying IB in my school but my school doesn't have any Japanese teachers. Me and my parents have been searching for so long but we couldn't find any. Please help me I am in desperate need of a Japanese ab initio teacher.
  2. I am taking math HL and want to write an IA about game theory I have to submit it in 4 days. I can't find any topic "mathematical" enough. Help!
  3. !!HEY to anyone reading this!! I am writing an exam on Topic 3: Circular functions and trigonometry in a few days. I have been revising for my physics exam (which was totally worth it) and doing history notes and therefore managed to fail to keep up on my math revision greatly. I am really not good at math even though I really try so there is NO WAY of me catching up. I really can't afford to fail this test due to the fact that it would take A LOT of work to even that out in the course of the year. I have a huge favor to ask: if anyone can give me concise notes for this unit (possibl
  4. Hey guys. Please do this. its due urgently. im like 4 weeks behind. thank you!!!!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14VwpcbY5DnCnlEBTq_bzXtpegt2H5qaNzJbT81NfSpE/edit?usp=drive_web
  5. Hey Guys, so I am having a bit of trouble deciding my physics EE topic, I am planning to do anything related to the sweet spot of the an object!! DOES ANYONE HAVE AN IDEAS? IT SHOULD'T BE RELATED TO THE SWEETSPOT, HUST ANYTHING iIN GENERAL WILL DO. PLEASE HELP I'M DESPERATE
  6. Like, i have the exams starting in 10 days and I feel like I miserably failed all my self-study plans. In order of importance for my U admission: Math HL probably the only one I would finish, if I dedicated all my time to it. Physics SL my teacher came one year ago and had no idea of what all the IB thing was about and we literally haven't even touched topics 5, 6, 7, 8 and Relativity. Spanish Lit HL - got to analyze one book and read and analyze another English L&L HL - got to read as much as possible of one book and finish the course companion (manageable) His
  7. I'm absolutely stuck deciding a topic for my EE in Business And Management. I really need to get started , any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. Hi all, I previously posted a topic similar to this but I have since changed my question (slightly). Please tell me if you think these are adequate questions and which is better!! To what extent did political tension, the youth counterculture, and music influence the popularization of drug use in the late 1960s and early 1970s? To what extent did political tension, music, and mainstream drug use shape the youth culture of the late 1960s? Are they any good? Or should I keep thinking? Please let me know! Your input is appreciated
  9. IbTrojan

    Math Help

    My math mark is not what I need it to be right now so I was wondering if there's anyone who is willing to help me for my last unit (somehow boost up my term mark) and exam prep. Or if anyone has any resources. I know term mark doesn't even count in the end but with the bell curve, I'm sitting at around an 88 when I need at least a 93. My teacher says I can push it up in exams since they're easier than our tests...and I've tried really really hard on our tests but it's just kind of deflating when you study your butt off for a test and still get nothing higher than a 3/4 (and that's the HIGHE
  10. So I'm doing something on Stalin's rise to power. Any good questions for that? I was thinking maybe even doing something about his early life and what fueled his desire for power. Please help with coming up with a good question! I'm doing this last minute so I'm extremely desperate so ANY help would be greatly appreciated Update: I've decided to write my ia on the political climate of the Soviet Union during Stalin's youth and how it impacted him as a future ruler . Is this too broad of a topic? I still need help with developing this into a good question...
  11. Hi guys, So I am moving schools halfway through my IB and at my old school the IA was hardly discussed and definitely not as far along as my new school. I need to have a topic by the first day at my new school and do not know where to start. I recently had a major surgery and wanted to know if this could become a good IA idea? At the moment I have a few ideas including: Game Theory- how to win naughts and crosses- using probability and tree diagrams etcAnesthesiology- using math to find the perfect dosage needed or something? not to sure reallySurgery- math needed in determining perfect posit
  12. Hey fellow IB people! I yet again let my procrastination get ahead of me and my Extended Essay first draft deadline is rapidly approaching, end of next week! My first draft only has to be 1500 words, but regardless I'm trying to tackle an IB Film paper, and I've seen a few other posts recommending that you shouldn't do an extended essay in a topic that you don't take a class in However, I'm really passionate about film and am willing to research in depth to find the information and terms necessary to write a Film paper. Through some brief independent research, I am looking into the influen
  13. Hey guys! I am so desperate after help for my EE in English B!! I am reading an autobiography called Shame by Jasvinder Sanghera. It is about how she refuses to being married off to a man by her parents. Her mother is really strict when it comes to the family's reputation. One day Jasvinder runs away with her boyfriend and they eventually start up a new life together. Jasvinder does not regret running away, but she still wants to be apart of the family, but her parents and sisters freezes her out from the family, because they think her escape has ruined the reputation of the family. She has n
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