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  1. Hello, I'm doing my chemistry IA on paper chromatography of different colours of leaves. I really would appreciate a sample IA about chromatography that I can get the structure from. can you please share with me anything that might help? Thank you very much.
  2. Good evening folks, I have a terrible problem: my Maths IA is due tonight and still haven't figured out the topic for it. My issue is that I find something, mess around with it for a while and drop it as "it is definetely not enough for a whole exploration". I desperately need your advice: what the topic should be in order to be considered "enough" for an IA? Please drop a few ideas, I need them very much! Thank you!
  3. Hey guys, Trying to find the IB external deadlines for this year (May 2019). I am not talking about exam schedule but the external deadlines for EE, ToK, WT, IA...etc., the deadline when the school has to submit those work. I have found dates for last year (2018) here: https://isa.edu.gr/uploads/files/5adec6dc6ce90/DP Assessment Procedures.pdf but I couldn't find any for this year.
  4. I submitted 1200 words TOK essay four days later (Aug 28, 2018) after the deadline. This deadline is not the ib deadline but its what the teacher set. The teacher was okay with me submitting four days late because the majority of the students did not submitted on the deadline. However, today Aug 30, 2018, I decide to submit reworked TOK Essay, specifically changing the introduction, evidence used and 200 more words, then I uploaded to the candidate ib website. The teacher was not okay with me reworking on the essay and told me to submit the previous one, so he rejected my essay I uploaded on t
  5. If I submit my first reflection after the deadline, will I lose points in the Extended Essay?
  6. Guest

    Failed IB experiment

    Long story short, I did a bio extended essay, messed up the experiment, instead of isolated colonies I got a single weird blob. No data collected. Failed the experiment. Am I allowed to use external data to support my arguments?
  7. Hello everyone, One of my friend applied for a scholarship and the deadline for university application (and also scholarship application) is January 19. Is it possible he can get the scholarship before the deadline?
  8. Hello all, I am still stuck at choosing my topic for my Extended Essay for English. I have chosen a book called 'Purple Hibiscus'. If anyone has any idea about what topic I can talk about and the things that I can explore more about it, please help me. Thank you so much
  9. Hello, The final deadline for our EE is in 3 days. I am doing my EE on Human Rights and I finished it. Yesterday, I was a bit curious and found a Subject Report from 2009 where it said that I cannot do my EE in the topic that I have. I did it on this topic because my last supervisor (he left) told me that it was a good topic for the subject, I event went to NYC to do some research. I was really concern and went to my IB Coordinator, she had a meeting with the EE Coordinator and the Principal of the school. Today, they told me that they decided to not give an extension because I wai
  10. Hi all, I am currently applying to the US (fall 2017) and noticed that most of the regular decision application deadlines are in the first week of january, does this refer to the last day to start an application or the last day to send in documents/grades (because our mock grades are released at the end of january/beginning of February as well as the SAT results). Will they still accept my mock grades and end of year report in jan/feb or do i have to be completely finished with the application before the january deadline on their website. Thanks.
  11. When is the 2016 CAS deadline? Some students have told me that it's due by this month (March) whilst others say it's due next month. Honestly, our coordinator has not told us and I'm worried.
  12. Just wondering how long I have to apply for remarks in my exams, I only just gained access to my detailed results, and was worried that I'd missed the deadline. Also, how do we access the component results, that tell you what you were graded for each individual paper? Thanks
  13. Since the date my advisor is sending in my (Music EE) work is tomorrow, I should have asked this question a while ago. Here's my situation- I haven't really had an engaged advisor, so I've been writing my essay on my own with help from a friend. I've finished and edited that piece a long while ago and was somewhat satisfied with the quality. Starting around two weeks ago, I've written another essay that I believe is actually quite great, but with one major flaw: it has a very similar structure and nature of one of the "50 Exemplary EEs". Which should I submit? Will I be docked serious poin
  14. Hey, I have a quick question about the geo fieldwork. When is the fieldwork deadline for May '16 examination (as by when does the school have send it to IB).
  15. Lets top each others IB stories cuz this world runs in compassion and empathy.......(feels) for starters............haven't slept for a full 6 hours in the past three weeks
  16. Hi everyone! Does anyone know when the deadline is for uploading the TOK essay? I know that the examiners are meant to have access to our essays on the 15th of March but is that the deadline? Is there a time when we won't be able to upload our essays (before march 15th)?????
  17. Lets top each others IB stories cuz this world runs in compassion and empathy (feels......... for starters............I haven't turned in even one IA from Chemistry, Physics or Maths..HL. All 15 of them are due next month
  18. Hey guys, I'm in IB year 2 and I am doing my EE in English Lang and Lit HL. I've been really confused since year 1 about my topic for the EE, but now I had to decide on something as the deadlines are so close. Honestly, something I should put forth before: I am not interested in doing anything amazing nor I am not hoping to gain those 3 bonus points 'cause I know the time at disposition won't allow it. But I don't wanna lose my diploma because of this either. Anyway, I have decided to do it on Greek tragedy and the tragic hero. Perhaps compare the representations of the tragic hero in two
  19. HI everyone, I am a November 2014 session candidate and I got my results today in school. The results were far below what I expected.... I didn't do as well as I expected for Economics SL and Biology HL. I was expecting a 7 for each of the subjects but I got 5s. It was really disappointing because I have never gotten a 5 for Biology, and my Economics score was improving much this year. Furthermore, I only got a bonus point 1 and my other subjects are not fantastic either so in overall, I got a 33. I can, perhaps, get into the colleges I want (slim chance though) but the thing is that my pa
  20. Hello! I´ve just been introduced to the ToK presentations, but my teacher is useless and he has not given me any actual explanation about what it consists of. I´m trying to think up a title/question for the presentation, but i´m confused about what it has to be about. Is it a problem? An issue? I´m also not sure how to structure it. Some sites that I visit say that I need to have two sides of an argument, whilst others just say to relate it to a real life situation. Fell free to include any other tips! Thank you so much!
  21. anikamt

    Psych IA

    Hey, so i have my IA topic due soon and want to know if anyone has done their IA based on researches in the Sociocultural Level of Analysis. If any ideas, please help me. I am also looking for something related to the Gender Schema Theories, or things like that? If not the SCLA, I don't mind doing something on Freud... I am super pressed for time, so if any of you'll could help generate ideas, I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks!!
  22. Hey Guys, I am currently working on my Extended Essay due in 3rd of September and I am having trouble with my research question. The Subject is Economics and the Topic is Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley but I can't seem to formulate an appropriate question that won't be too broad. At first I was thinking "How has Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley altered the local, national and international economy" but then I didn't get the appropriate research material. Can anyone think of a good RQ for my topic? I anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it as I am getting closer to the deadline. Tha
  23. I am in desperate need for ideas for my maths exploration. Really what I´d like to do is anything that can be associated with Psychology, however it turns out to be incredibly hard to find something that contains enough maths. I would really appreciate some help in any way, any ideas or suggestions into which areas I could investigate into. I have less than a week to fixate myself on one topic, so I hope for any quick responses. Thank you.
  24. Hey everyone, I was wondering whether anyone knows the final IB deadline for uploading TOK Essays onto the candidates website. My school has set one for tomorrow but I'd quite like to know what the official IB deadline is. Thanks!
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