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Found 7 results

  1. I am writing my math studies IA and am super behind. My topic is on mortality rates in men and women between 1960 and 2010. If anyone could help me with running the data analysis using a chi-squared test I would be eternally grateful!! Thank you!!
  2. Hello, Could someone please tell me if I have to conduct my own experiment when using statistical data analysis ? If so, do you have ideas of any topic where I could do this without having to involve several people in it?
  3. I'm really struggling with data analysis questions in HL Biology at the moment. Does anyone have any tips on how to do them well? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello! Me and my group are in desperate need of help for our IA data analysis. We are doing ours on gender stereotyped perceptions in newborn infants. In our study we showed the participants a photo of a baby but labelled it differently depending on the condition (this is a baby girl vs this is a baby boy). Depending on the information we gave to the participant we hypothesised that if the baby was labelled as a girl for instance they would tick more "female characteristics" on a list we gave to them. Questions we have are: - Since we are only supposed to analyse one variable, is the effect
  5. So I've been wanting to do a data analysis for my Biology IA since I'm terrible at conducting labs. However, my teacher has - not surprisingly - not been of much help and keep insisting that I do a lab since no one has ever done a data analysis Bio IA at my school. The weird thing about this is that she explicitly told the entire class that she wished that someone would do one this year so that she would not have to set up lab time for every single student. Because of this I have actually no clue of what I could possibly do, since she won't provide me with any examples of topics (like the on
  6. Nature tends towards disorder... but are IB markers aware of that fact? Nah seriously. My random error is actually really small but my equipment error reaches the 35% & it is because the pH meters were incredible ****ty & they fluctuated a LOT. Can I just point it out as a limitation or there is no way I can present an experiment with that biiiig error? Thank you
  7. Hi, I am doing my EE in biology, investigating the antibacterial properties of Manuka Honey. In my experiment I placed potato segments in honey solution and recorded their change in mass. In my results table am I allowed to present the percentage change in mass of the potato segments in the same table as a first present the raw data (initial and final mass)? Also does a Group 4 EE have to have some form of statistical analysis, for example Standard T-Test or ANOVA? Thanks
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