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Found 21 results

  1. Hi everyone, We were asked to think of an IA topic in Computer Science, so I came up with an idea but I'm not sure whether it is acceptable. I thought I could make an application that helps IB students manage their CAS portfolio. So basically, there will be a database storing proposal and reflection forms, and students can fill it up and all this data will be stored in a database. Is this topic acceptable? Thank You.
  2. So I would really like it if I finished my extended essay over the summer or at least finish a big chunk of it. I came to the conclusion that I want to write my extended essay about cyber security of something similar to that. I've done some research and I think I want my essay to be about how cyber attacks have affected millions of people and businesses and stuff such as the past cyber attacks on Google, VISA, Mastercard and so on. I'm not quite sure what my question should be though. The essay will probably be using the IB subjects CS/Business or CS alone. I would really appreciate you guys
  3. Hi! I just wanted to know if I could do my CS EE on random number generators. The basic idea is that I will code a two random number generators in different computer languages (Java and C++) and then compare the two. My CS teacher has no idea what number generators are and blatantly said yes... So do you guys think this topic is good for CS? Thanks guys! Appreciate it!
  4. I want to pursue CS HL and go in the field of robotics, so I have chosen Physics HL, Maths AA (For those who don't know, AA stands for Application Analysis, maths has been divided into AA and AI HL/ SL) HL, CS HL, Psychology SL, English SL and French SL. What are the basic requirements an MYP student should have to take CS HL? (For example, we should know HTML, CSS, Python etc.)
  5. Hi guys, so this is my situation. for my extended essay, i planned to go for computer science subject on something about machine learning. My research question was about how effective a boosting model was in predicting stock prices. So i asked my teacher, and after reading my outline he said that he considered this an ITGS essay. What do you guys think? Can it be used for CS? What should i alter and how to improve? Thanks. P.S. i am also unsure of this topic is too advanced for me as i am not really experienced in the R language or programming in general, but have someone clos
  6. Hi everyone, Is Java required in any paper of HL computer science? I am doing databases as the option topic (not OOP), so is Java required? Thanks!
  7. Hi there, Recently I had a trouble with finding an OK topic to evaluate in my EE. I'm almost 100% sure that I'll be doing it in CS, hovewer, I found my previous topic inacceptable due to some financial matters. I was thinking about a topic in which I am well informed, and I found this interesting. I just don't know if it's viable. Any comments or help on directions of my evaluation would be good to see. Thanks to you all, me
  8. Hey guys, I will start writing my extended essay this month and I am struggling to decide a question for my EE. Here are the two questions that I came up with. What do you think about them? I'm planning to study artificial intelligence so these topics are based on machine learning. what is the relation for linear regression between the size of data set and success rate of the algorithm? I will have various types of data sets and I will decide which is better in a way that I can find a theta that satisfies my data most. To what extent an anomaly in the data set can ef
  9. Hey Guys, I am in IB1 and i'm doing CS HL, I am also planning to do my EE in CS but.. unfortunately i can't find a good topic, previous students in my school made it about the processor speed, multpliers and FSB, actually i am interested in limitations and how to solve them of softwares but i don't have an idea so can you help me? Btw i am also interested in gaming if there is any topic about it. And about hardware, i don't think that i will be able to control and do the required experiments. Thanks for help guys
  10. Hey! So I'm a Grade 11 starting my EE in Computer Science early. I've been programming for 5 years, have apps on the App Store, have done a few college courses on algorithms, Machine Learning, etc. and so I've covered the vast majority of the IB syllabus. My teacher wants me to begin exploring my EE topic now, and I've expressed to him that I'm super interested in Artificial Intelligence (I've done a bit of work in Machine Learning eg. completing a Stanford Coursera course and creating a self driving car in a Unity3D environment). I had a topic idea of exploring AI that can code, and more
  11. I am planning on making a website for an upcoming MUN in school, is it appropriate to do it as a CS IA? I ask this since my teacher felt it isn't 'complex' enough and the code can be generated using dreaweaver or something. I intend to use Bootstrap, Jquery and google app engine/
  12. Hi, First of all I am a computer science higher level student. Are we considered to be able to implement advanced data structures like trees and linked list. I am a bit confused because our teacher told us that we need to be able to implement those things, but in the CS Guide 2014 i didn't see that. I am also confused a bit about advanced data structures like maps and hash tables, because we learned that, and i have seen this in our older books, but there is no word about it in the CS Guide 2014. I would also like to ask if someone would say to me what advanced data structures are we consider
  13. Hey, I have my CS paper 2 mock in a week and I am not sure how to study for it. I took topic D (OOP). Im not sure if i should start mugging up a whole lot of alogos and codes or just do the definitions. I don't really get the syllabus cause the specimen papers ask questions totally off topic . Help me out if anybody has a plan of attack to this hellish paper 2. Thanks guys.
  14. So I have a problem I really enjoy learning biology and was one of the best in my class in 9 & 10. However, like all if us can relate, IB is not 9&10! Biology is getting tougher and its not that I cant cope with it except I have noticed that chemistry is being introduced into the syllabus and there's only one problem with that. I'm a commerce student! I dont know a thing about chemistry and I dont know whether bio HL is for me. My other option is to take foreign language HL ( Which i might die ) and CS sl or take CS HL and not take biology entirely Now I need you guys to discu
  15. I'm not sure if this is legal or not, but it's May 20th 6:30PM here, and I took the exam on May 19th 8:00AM. So 24 hours are up I guess? Please lock this thread if it isn't. Anyhow, how was it?
  16. Hello everyone, first time posting here. I decided to write my EE about a topic related to Computer Science, and after thinking about different topics I thought that the following might be interesting: Does neglecting Assembly programming education result in computer scientists (not sure if I should include software engineers here in the topic) that produce lower quality work? The reason I'm asking here is because I'm confused about how related this might be to Computer Science, and if it would be a better if done in an ITGS EE. The CS EE guide includes the following line about choosing a topi
  17. Hi everyone, as a deadline of handing in IA from CS is closer and closer I have a question of topic or rather area I should focus on, because I am not sure if making database in access could be a good idea? What do you think about that? Or may be I should look for something more advanced? I would be grateful for any piece of advice or help, cheers, Klaudia
  18. Hello people! I've been struggling with coming up with a topic but at last I came up with several but Im not sure if they can be approved or not. So my topic is about the performance in Apple's A-series processors according to their evolution along with the iOS software development. Please comment if it is good enough or not!
  19. Hello! I am doing CS SL and have my examinations in May 2014. So far we have done with our teacher boolean algebra, numeral systems, web design and a very tiny bit of programic. As my finals are in 6 months time I have a very bad feeling that I will not pass. He says that there are not enough resources to teach us as the CS programme has been completely changed this year. My question is therefore to people who are having computer science. From what have you been learning? Do you have any recommendations? What should we concentrate on? I guess I somehow have to teach myself the core outside sc
  20. I really need an advice on my topic for EE, I'll be doing it in ComputerScience. Topic: Which Sort and Search algorithms is most efficient in a large IT information database such as the national Library? more info on the topic: Basically i will explain each sort ans search algorithm and compare them with each other, which will take less time, which is most effective when i come to large amount of data, etc. then I will look at information databases, and how these algorithms are used, and which will be most suitable. my concern: is it a good topic? how can i improve it? what can i add more?
  21. I am still working on topic for my extended essay. I know it is a bit weird, but I am still not sure what to do. Is the topic like "Laptop vs. tablets - What is a better option for a student?" good enough? I know the topic is not formed well, but can someone help me with this? P.S. I guess I have to choose something not so wide, so I guess I will focus on one device, for example iPad (tablet) or something like that... Thank you in advance for every help. It means a lot Best regards
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