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Found 18 results

  1. For my IOP I choose the book MacBeth. I would love to do a creative/Role Play IOP, but I am having trouble coming up with a topic that is compatible with the creative interactive format. Does anyone have any good ideas or tips to find a good topic?
  2. My school requires CAS projects to at least have two of the CAS qualities (ex: creative and service, action and service, etc) for your CAS project, and I'm not sure how flexible the "action" category is. I was planning to do creative writing or some type of journaling as my project, but to me, that seems like it only qualifies as creative. Does typing or writing with your hand count as an "action?" My CAS coordinator at school only mentioned action examples as like running a marathon, and that seems way more strenuous than writing.
  3. I'd like to know the word limit of the rationale. We are going to have our exams in May 2018.
  4. My friend and i are doing our IOP and we are finding it hard to make it creative, or how to intrigue the audience we are looking for more unique was rather than jokes, powerpoints/prezis, etc
  5. Hi guys, i have an individual presentation coming up this week and I don't know what to do creative for the presentation. My presentation is about foil characters in The Crucible, Abigail and Elizabeth, Hale and Parris. Our teacher recommends us in doing something creative but I don't know what to do. Please, can someone give me ideas, I am in real need of help. Thank you.
  6. LanaJayne


    So my IOP is soon and I really want to do a creative one on Martin Luther King Jr. I was thinking to write a speech based on his style, but i don't know what about. I feel that Marriage Equality is overdone and starting to be solved. If you have any Ideas for a speech topic or another idea for a creative MLK idea pls let me know! Thanks! Is gender equality too feminist for MLK style? I was thinking maybe that, i don't know! I am freaking out!
  7. So in my IB English class we are allowed to select from three works for our IA. (Beowulf, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and Frankenstein) When the teacher and I had spare time to talk outside of the classroom, we discussed the overuse of Their Eyes were Watching God and Frankenstein for the IOP and unofficially hinted that I should do Beowulf for mine for some originality points. After looking over beowulf once again, i noticed something quite intriguing. It was when the narrator discussed how the dragon gained his wealth and how the race that died from it realized that it had no true
  8. Does being in a chess club count for creative hours? I've been researching ideas for creative and a lot of lists include chess club, but I don't see where the creativity is in playing chess.
  9. Please help me!! I am a senior struggling to finish my CAS requirements, and I was wondering what categories acting in a play falls under? I know it counts for creative, but I really need active and service hours, so if anybody could tell me if I can count it for either of those, that would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Version pdf


    This file contains notes on areas to discuss when writing monthly journal reflections on CAS. It has sample questions, focal points and the IB CAS objectives.
  11. Hello! I wanted to know if selling candles would count for CAS? I know that you aren't allowed to make money from your activity, but if you don't earn any money from the sells would it count? Also what category would this fall under? Is there any way this could count for active or creative hours? Thank You!
  12. Hey guys! I have my English IOP next week and im running out of ideas. I'm thinking about analyzing a poem line by line, but I also want it to be creative. A person in my class for example re-wrote the poem in his own words but I don't want to take her idea so do you guys have any fun ideas I could do? All ideas are helpful! Hope to hear from you guys!!
  13. Hello! So I just started my junior year as an IB English HL student and I was just assigned my first IOP. I think i want to do it on Margaret Atwood's The Handmaids Tale and relate it somehow to the lack of identity, and stripping of individuality in the society. My teacher is stressing how well creative presentations score and I'm stressing trying to pick a good one. I'm not artistic and not able to act or do a monologue so I'm kind of stuck. I could easily do a powerpoint but i really want to make my presentation stand out. Does anyone have any ideas of creative ways to do my presentation?!
  14. I have my creative oral coming up for English literature and I'm really stuck for ideas. I think I've decided on doing Sir Gawain and the green knight, the epic poem, but I can't decide on a format. Our teacher wants it to be creative and analytical, and the best ones last term were the ones where a second person was recruited and they performed a script of a conversation or scenario. Does anyone have any ideas for a format that would be interesting and allow a lot of exploration of characterisation, themes, etc? Please help!
  15. Hello, I'm currently searching for creativity ideas, as these are the ones I'm really lacking in. I write and make images on gimp, but haven't figured out what to do with these. Any ideas? Also, can self-teaching oneself a language count for creative?
  16. I have my TOK presentation coming up and im doing it individually... wanted to know if anyone cud think of ways to make it creative
  17. I'm doing my second ToK presentation next week on the topic "To what extent does language shapes our mind?". We got a new ToK teacher this year and she wants us to present our Knowledge issues without using Powerpoint slides. I am looking for ideas on how to make the presentation not to boring. I was thinking of maybe doing a game which involves the different cultures and languages in my class, but I cannot really come up with ideas that are entertaining and relevant to the knowledge issue. Has anyone ever done something like this or an idea on what I could try out? I would really like to impr
  18. Could someone please explain to me what a CAS project is and what it entails? My school failed to mention anything to do with this and I've heard that you have to do it for 18 months, so please clarify what I have to do for it.
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