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Found 20 results

  1. Hi! I'm currently taking HL Math AA, HL Physics, HL Philosophy, SL Chemistry, SL English A Literature, and SL French B and I'm looking to apply to T10 US schools (Brown, Princeton, Yale, etc.). I'm thinking of switching from SL Chemistry to SL Theatre, but I'm concerned that this will affect my chances at being admitted into a Top US university, because Theatre may be seen as an easier course in their eyes. Would this have an effect on my chances, with all else being the same?
  2. Hello y'all, We've recently been doing course selections at school, and I've done research and know which subjects are "hard" and "easy". The thing is, one of the teachers asked me what my choices are, and when I informed her of them, she said that I was 100% going to burn out, even when I emphasized that I had an interest in all of these classes and was already in the high 90s. In addition, my classmates have called this selection "crazy". HL: Math, Chem, Bio, Psych SL: French B, Eng Lit I do sports every morning and some afternoons, but I wrote a schedule out (and included
  3. Hi, I have started the first year of the IB Diploma Programme. I am taking Language A at SL, Language B at HL, philosophy at SL (I have no other choice, but so far all my grades were around 7), Turkey in the Twentieth Century (this is an SL only course only for Turkish students), Physics HL and Maths HL. I think physics HL and maths HL are quite a lot when taken together (It's not like I am bad at them, my score is generally better than most of my classmates, but I do not know how I would fare in an actual, IB style exam, since ,n my school we try to learn both the IB curriculum and the n
  4. I'm aiming to get into the Health Sciences program at McMaster University or Life Sciences at UofT, but I'm wondering whether I should take HL or SL chemistry. I know that it would be easier to get higher grades in SL, but I've also heard that HL helps a lot in terms of understanding university content. How much of a difference is there between the two? Are marks more important or is knowledge more important? For those who have taken HL - how much does it help in uni?
  5. Hey all, Currently enrolled in the IB Program, I am still undecided on two subjects that I wish to pursue: engineering and medicine. Leaning more towards the medical field, I had chosen my courses mainly based on that decision; however, I am concerned about the amount of stress it might bring during my junior and senior year. My selected courses include: HL Math, HL English Lang. & Lit., HL Chem, HL Bio, SL Psych, and SL Mandarin Ab Initio My concerns include what subjects are required to enroll in a medical program in the United States or the United Kingdom (mainly for HL),
  6. I'm going into Pre-IB right now and I have to choose my courses, so I chose this combination : Arabic Language and Literature SL English Language Acquisition HL French Language Acquisition HL Math SL Economics HL Chemistry SL I still don't know what I want to study in college but my parents and all my teachers are telling me to take French Language and Literature and Math HL. Should I do this or not ? I'm really good at math but I still don't know what I want to major in in college so I can't choose between math SL and HL.
  7. Hello, I am a first year IB student and we are about to finalize our HL decisions. I am not sure about my courses so I wanted to hear your ideas. I want to study biomedical engineering in college -but I might also apply to other engineering branches. My courses are Turkish A, English A, ITGS, Chemistry, Physics, and Math. Three of my HL subjects are certain: Physics, Math, and Turkish A. The thing is, I wanted to take 4 HLs to strengthen my application. My counselor advised that if I also take Chemistry as HL that would look good. In our school sciences are always taught as HL,
  8. Hey everyone, so I'm going to choose my (grade 11) courses soon and need help from students who have been in these courses. What is the course/work load like for these: HL Bio 3UE HL Chem 3UE HL Physics 3UE HL Math 4U1 I want to take all of them because it will help me for university (like advanced placement and stuff) but a lot of people have told me that I shouldn't because I will burnout and won't be able to keep good marks in my subjects, although I haven't talked to many students who actually took those courses. Thoughts anyone?
  9. Hi guys, I'm a junior starting this year and this is the some of the courses I chose: Lang Lit hl History hl Bio hl AP Psych Math Studies As you might have noticed I chose AP Psych so I am not doing full IB. I want to major in Psych but I'm worry that math studies might affect my university application but I'm worry that if i move, there will be too much work for me to handle. I'm considering staying but I'm not sure. Help please?
  10. I'm going into ib soon and I was wondering If if was recommended to take Hl maths Hl econ Hl physics I know these are all very math based subjects but I don't have enough hl subjects and I do not enjoy the other sciences
  11. Hello, I'm in the last few weeks of my freshman year of high school, which means that in a year and a few months I will be a full IB student! I can't wait to continue my studies in my sophomore and junior year, but I'm slightly nervous that the classes I'm enrolled in for next year will not adequately prepare me for the full diploma programme in junior year. For next year, I am enrolled in two AP classes, four honors, and one regular class. My course selection for sophomore year before I begin the IB full diploma is as follows: Religion 2 English 2H Geometry H (Most of my similarly overachi
  12. I need to make my course selection really soon and I do not know what I should pick... So far, I have decided on some of my potential subjects, but I need your help to make my final decision. The subjects I am considering are: - English A Language and Literature (SL) - Japanese A Language and Literature (SL/HL) - Math (SL) - Biology (HL) - Chemistry (SL/HL) - Geography (HL) Please Help me! Anything from your experience would be really really helpful.
  13. Hello, I am a new student to the IB program and was wondering if these courses are in reason: English SL Spanish ab initio (I do not have any experience in spanish) History HL Biology HL Math Studies (or Math SL) Visual Art HL Thanks!
  14. Hi there! I'm going into IB next year and the courses I have selected I feel pretty good about. Bio HL Literature HL Econ HL Math SL History SL Spanish SL I've been touring universities this summer in order to have a bit better knowledge of where I want to go. When I was touring in the UK, I was told basically you are required to have Math HL in order to go into an economics programme. I am not the best at math. I am in the accelerated math class right now, so I took a quarter of Math SL during my grade 10 year and passed my final exam with a 4- and a 4. I kind of know a little bit more of wh
  15. Hey guys! I've already selected my courses but I need all your thoughts and opinions. English Language & Literature HL Psychology HL Economics HL Mandarin ab initio SL (Although I might be transferring to Mandarin B SL) Math SL Environmental Systems & Societies SL Oh and I'm also taking Choir as an elective for days that I don't have TOK classes I'm not taking Chemistry, Biology and Physics. I actually wanted to take Biology since I'm good at memorizing facts but I don't think I'll be a doctor or anything like that in the future. I'm actually okay with Chemistry and Physics but then
  16. Hi: Sorry I am still new here. Next year I am starting my full IB diploma program and I have to select my courses and deadline is tomorrow. I plan on studying either Business, Finance or Economics in a US university. Here are my choices: HL: Business and Management/ Economics/ Arabic B SL: Math/ English A Literature/ Environmental Systems and Societies Environmental Systems and Societies is an interdisciplinary course (Group 3 Individuals and Societies and Group 4 Sciences). I am worried that I am not taking any basic science course (Chem, Biol, Phys). Should I choose a pure science course and
  17. What would you advise someone to take who wants to study economics later? Option 1: Physics HL Economics HL Business & Management HL Math SL German A SL English A SL Option 2: Physics HL Economics HL English B HL Math SL German A SL Business & Management SL I have heard that Business & Management is considered to be a "soft subject" and nobody really cares if you did or not even if you want to study economics later. So my main question is - is it really worth the work to take Business & Management as an HL? Thanks for your tips :-)
  18. Hey I want to take Physics HL & Economics HL and I really want to have time to focus on these subjects. This is why I want to balance it with some easy subjects - English B HL & German A SL. However, my English teacher says I am so good at literature that she will not allow me to take B. It is not really her choice, is it? Now, she said, that I already studied English for more than 5 years and thus I am not allowed by the IB to to take English B. I googled it and I did not find any supporting information for her claim. Can anyone please let me know if this is true or not. How is Englis
  19. So I'm an upcoming freshman, but I need to plan out my ib years right now. So far I'm taking: Chemistry SL (11th grade) Math SL (11th grade) English HL (12th grade) Spanish SL (12th grade) History HL (12th grade) Biology 1&2 HL (12th grade) Math HL (12th grade) I am science oriented, and plan on going into medicine. Should I take a Physics HL as well during senior year?
  20. Hey guys, I'm enrolling in 11th grade IB classes next year. I have a good idea of which HLs I want to take, but I absolutely detest the two subjects in the other two categories. My school only offers History and Business & Management for Group 3, and my only option for Group 2 is Spanish. I can't stand grinding out history papers and I can't even speak my native Chinese well anymore. Do colleges specifically look for the IB diploma or do they look at the individual IB classes? I enrolled for my classes already, but I can still change them up until July. This is what I signed up for: Englis
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