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  1. I sat my IB Psych SL exam last year (anticipated yay!) and I have a fairly good understanding of how to structure a good response to P1 (which is pretty much the same for P2 as well). I thought I'd share. Before I start, I think it is imperative that you get in to the habit of planning your response - it doesn't take long, and it will save you!! It will make you organise your ideas logically and certainly improve the quality of your language. You will be forced to be prudent in your evaluation, and examiners will totally see that you know what you are talking about! The concise and general
  2. Version 1.0.0


    In this document, you can find all the necessary information to help make your PPD amazing!
  3. Hello everyone! I am just seeking for advice here regarding Psychology. Mock exams are coming up soon, and I am really motivated to work hard through them, but it seems that I am having some difficulties with Psychology - I simply cannot study for it, I do not really know how to. I am very well aware of all the requirements (such as the learning outcomes etc) but I do not know how to study and am I studying in enough depth. Also, I do not know how to start writing the real essay questions because I feel like I know so little that I cannot form an argument. (We have studied through all LOA so f
  4. So let's say that (theoretically, of course, as no one would ever be left without a teacher) I didn't have an IB psychology teacher and the few of us in the class had to resort to teaching ourselves. Can anyone give any tips or keys to study so that I can actually pass the tests in May? Also, I know the class is relatively simple so I've thought about doing it as a fourth HL.. Thoughts?
  5. Stoichiometric Relationships View File This is a note package my school gave us for the topic, hope it can be helpful for others too Submitter Amrutha Lakshmi Submitted 03/17/2016 Category Notes
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is a note package my school gave us for the topic, hope it can be helpful for others too
  7. The question is: Explain how one principle that defines the biological level of analysis may be demonstrated in research. I think of explaining the following principle: "behavioural patterns can be inherited". I want to use Kendler (2006) IS twin study a research method? Or should I talk about correlational studies? Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi everyone! My IB Psychology teacher always advises us to end our SAQ responses in Paper 1 with a 2- to 3-sentence conclusion that includes an evaluation of the study we used. However, I've read on several websites that this is not required (and even not recommended), as SAQs do not address the evaluation criterion (as essays do). When I told my teacher about my thoughts, she said that what I pointed out was valid, but IB examiners tend to be very subjective in marking the papers. What do you think???
  9. My topic is "Deducing a person's personality through their dreams". I have asked 3 teachers to write a dream journal for 2 months and they have agreed to start whenever i ask them to but I am not sure weather IB allows me to do my Extended essay practically or not please help.
  10. I have to hand in a proposal form for EE tomorrow and I want to do it in electronics. Please give me some ideas.
  11. I am planning on writing my EE on psychology. Anytime I find a great source, I have to pay for it. Are there any websites out there with good case studies, articles, etc.? (P.S. Anything besides Google Scholar and JSTOR please.)
  12. I've just got started with the actual process of trying to write my EE; this is following plenty of thought and discussion with teachers as to what (within psychology) my topic could be. I decided that I wanted to focus on language acquisition as I'm very interested in both linguistics and psychology and numerous ties can be made between the two. So far the two questions that I have come up with are; To what extent can a first language inhibit second-language acquisition? -looking at the syntax/morphology of certain languages as opposed to others -relevance of language acquisition theory
  13. My subjects are Math hl Economics hl Physics hl English SL Spanish ab SL Chemistry SL I plan to go into the field of economics in the future. The thing is, while I'm good at physics, I don't necessarily like it much and I've heard that if you don't have a real passion for physics then hl would be much more difficult to score a good grade in. But I'm worried that psychology is kinda looked down on by top colleges and universities in the us since it isn't necessarily as challenging as a subject like physics is. Could someone give me some advice?
  14. I wanted to know studies you guys beleive arethe opnes that can be used in various questions, (most useful) for example Martinez and Kessner
  15. Do any of you guys know what are the experiments / case studies in psychology that can be used in two or three of the cores of level of analysis? (Biological, Cognitive, Sociocultural) As I know that this could help us to memorize fewer studies / experiments. Thank you and good luck to all of you who are going to be taking the exams next week!
  16. Okey, so for those of you who take HL Psychology and have the health option for paper 2. What factors do you have as for cognitive factors, and what empirical studies did you learn? Having hard time to find ones that are actually more than 3 sentences long...
  17. Hey there. I am doing SL Paper 2 in psychology. I am wondering, whether it is guaranteed that a question will come from every sub-section of the options. For example, in human relationships, is it guaranteed that a question will be about 8.1?
  18. Quick question - I've started writing outlines for the paper 1, and I'm a bit confused about some of the questions. As the questions for the ERQ and SAQ are essentially the same, do you cut down for the SAQ question. For example, The ERQ is discuss two effects of the environment on physiological processes, for the SAQ would I cut it down to one effect? Thank you so much!
  19. Hey! Could someone please list out the psychology Paper 1 and paper 2 questions for the past three years, especially May 2014 session? thanks
  20. Guys, I don't take psychology but I'm considering writing my EE on it. Have any of you guys done this? Would you recommend it ? Thank you, in advance x
  21. My teacher keeps telling us to read additional studies and essays and articles that are not included in the book because apparently, you can't get a 7 on the exam if you don't write something extra that you've read 'independently'. Is this true? If so how much should I read and how recent should the research be? We are using the Pearson book
  22. 108 downloads

    This is my notes for physics HL, taken during my IB years. Part 2 (this part) covers the topics of Force & Fields, Electromagnetism, Nuclear Physics, and Digital Technology. Hope this is useful for people who take Physics HL!
  23. 91 downloads

    This is my chemistry SL notes which consist of all the core topics. I hope it is useful for people taking SL chemistry
  24. Hey guys, My question is related to Paper 2 of the course. I'm In Psychology SL thus I have a choice and the options given to me are either Abnormal Psychology or Human Relationships. I'm a little confused and need help deciding. Thank you for your insight
  25. I'm doing my extended essay based on the research question, "to what extent to biological and environmental factors effect personality?" I have found 12 sources, but I decided that two of them are redundant and useless. Would 10 be too little an amount of sources? I have three or four websites. One of them is a blog post, but it references real theories and studies and is by a reputable author, so I think it will be okay. Then I have two books and four or five studies. Within the studies, more specifically the background research they provide, there are a lot of references to other studies
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