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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Guys, this is my first post here. It's a very nice community to have. I need help on my EE specific topic from the general topic of the side effects of gaming. My first research question, which was destined to be rejected the first moment I decided, was: To what extent are the researches about violence caused by gaming true? The teacher said that I can use "To what extent does gaming cause violence" To which I modified it to, "To what extent do violent video games cause violence" And then, again the teacher said: that I need to rephrase it to a better question. But then, she sent me link
  2. My school's CAS coordinator met with all the juniors after school this past week. He said that if we were doing a CAS activity outside of school, we had to get a letterhead paper from the activity's supervisor (Ex: doing Creativity hours by going to a piano lesson where I am being supervised by my piano teacher) describing what you did. He never specified that you needed a reflection for it. However, I've heard that you have to do a reflection on the activity, get it signed by your advisor, and you're all set. This has left me really confused. If anyone knows what to do, please tell me!
  3. Ok so I originally declared my subject as history because it definitely makes sense to me to declare it history, but now one of my teacher's is saying that my ee is on the border of history and cultural and social anthropology, and i really don't want to go through the whole expensive process of changing my subject for $200 USD when I would still have to rewrite my EE whether i change the topic or not. My RQ is: To what extent did European colonization impact the traditional roles of Indigenous women of Canada Basically I said that with European colonization, Indigenous society shift
  4. Hey guys, so my teacher told me that for my math IA, i have to have my text double-spaced, although this results in my IA being long 16 instead of 12 pages! Is that really necessary, or not? Also, she told me to improve on the reflections, but I don't quite understand how. How can you critically reflect on the maths that you have? Can you give me an example? Please anyone, give some advice. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hey, I just had a ToK session, talking about the first oral presentation. I just thought I would start a conversation with something (kinda) funny that I thought about. You see, We are a small school, three IB students total. We stay back an extra week or two for more tutes and stuff, and that is when we will be presenting our oral's to the other teachers in the college. I'm doing mine on lying, and to get down to the knowledge question I can go on loads of tangents to come to my 'general' knowledge question. This is the part I'm looking forward to the most - confusing the hell out of all
  6. I am currently doing HL business, english and Art and SL math, chemistry and french Ab. I am not struggling with any of my subjects however the work load is quite high. I am wanting to study International Business in University so I do not need any advanced math. I am thinking of dropping down to math studies to make my life a little easier, is it a good idea? Thanks!
  7. So, I am very confused about my EE and i kind of have no idea from where to start. The title i came up with would be with a research question of 'Comparing Swedish and British Bio-energy policies made to accomplish the European union 20-20 aims concerned with renewable energy of bio-mass and evaluating which policy type would be most suitable for Latvia.' i am wondering if its not too broad and whether comparisons are accepted by the IB...
  8. Hey Guys, For AGES, our class has been having disputes about how the average uncertainty is calculated in physics. Here are 2 options that we are confused between So if we want to know the Avg uncertainty and values are 44.3 ± 0.2 , 44.7 ± 0.2, 44.9 ± 0.2 and 44.1± 0.2 1) Average uncertainty = (Max value - Min value)/Total number of values Avg uncertainty = (44.9-44.1)/4 We got this from an IB Physics uncertainties book... I can't remember how old it was but i think maybe around 2007 or more recent. But this seems outrageous! You honestly can't just do that can you?!?! 2) We think
  9. Hey, I'm totally desperate. I wanted to write my Extended Essay about How is the French culture present in New Orleans today? (History, Language, Architecture, Government, Cuisine, Music, Religion) I was very excited about it and i've already had some interviews with some people in French. Anyways it is very hard to find good sources even though I know what I want to write since they have to be in French. Also can someone tell if the question is too broad? Now I was thinking about changing my topic to What role does the French language play in Louisiana?(Creole, Cajun, Preservation,Francophone
  10. Hey. I'm a bit confused on the way IB grading works. For my exams on May 2013, if for example I scored a 5 on Business and 4 on English and a 6 for bio and etc... do they ADD all of these and that becomes my IB grade out of 42?? (how much do we need to pass? 24?) Also, for HL [and SL] subjects what is the minimum points for passing (note: my HL subjects are Business, English lit., and ITGS...)? THANKS IN ADVANCE :)x
  11. Hey. I'm a bit confused on the way IB grading works. For my exams on May 2013, if for example I scored a 5 on Business and 4 on English and a 6 for bio and etc... do they ADD all of these and that becomes my IB grade out of 42?? (how much do we need to pass? 24?) Also, for HL [and SL] subjects what is the minimum points for passing (note: my HL subjects are Business, English lit., and ITGS...)? THANKS IN ADVANCE :)x
  12. Hey, my question might be pretty straightforward but it has caused some problems doing the past papers in Bio. Is cytokinesis a part of mitosis according to syllabus? Its very confusing because some books state that it is and some that it is not. While the newer textbooks say that cytokinesis occurs AFTER the cytokinesis and it is not a part of mitosis when I did the past papers (2010 or 2009 I think) there was such a question in Papers 1 and according to the answer it actually is part of mitosis. Could anyone shine some light on the topic?
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