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Found 12 results

  1. I need help. I am just about finished with my Director's Notebook for theatre but I don't know how to conclude it. Do I just leave it without a conclusion and end it with photocopies of the script I'm using? What do I do? The same goes for the Collaborative. How to do I conclude my process portfolio for that? I am confusion.
  2. I am having trouble revising my conclusion for my maths IA. The feedback was basically that my conclusion is too superficial, which I can see. However, I do not know how to improve my conclusion. Does anyone have any tips or pointers? Please help me
  3. I am doing my Math studies IA on the relationship between two variables and I have a moderate positive correlation, but after I did my chi-square test my chi-square value was smaller than my critical value, where I have to reject the alternative hypothesis which concludes that the variables are independent of each other. Is this possible or am I wrong?
  4. How does this question sound? "To what extent did that attacks on the twin towers on September 11, 2001, change the United States security policies?
  5. I'm doing an EE in Biology and I finished it before summer break, but now looking at the results there is no correlation... My topic is how the volume of sound in the environment can affect reaction time, and past experiments I found online have shown to have found correlations – which means it is there and there is the science to back up a correlation. It's just that I can't show this correlation... What should I do now? Since correlations are expected, do I go ahead with the conclusion writing no correlation, or justify the lack of correlation as a result of external variables not bei
  6. I'm doing my Geography IA on "to what extent does a river follow the bradshaw model". Does anyone have an example of a rivers conclusion? I'm so confused. Or just an explanation of what should be included in the conclusion would be super helpful
  7. Can someone give me a sample sentence for starting a poetry commentary conclusion? Been thinking about it for hours now. BTW, the poem, I'm analyzing is Auden's Funeral Blues.
  8. Good evening guys, I am taking biology SL and I have a lab report to write about "Test the effect of different concentrations (0, 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2) of glucose on the osmosis of potatoes and sweet potatoes." It is going to be my first IA. The problem is that my results make no sense at all. My teacher told me that I could not do it again so I have to write an IA anyways. My questions are: What was actually suppose to happen ?How do I write a conclusion when the results don't make sense ?How do I write the data processing ?Thank you for your help!
  9. Hello, Does anyone have a specific form in which to write a conclusion and evaluation? Thanks in advance, Fiz
  10. Hi there! I'm almost done with my math SL IA and the topic is "The presence of the golden ratio in our everyday lives". What I basically did was show how the golden ratio can be found in various structures (human hand, DNA helix, ID card, aspect ratio etc) and I'm stuck at the conclusion. Our teacher didn't really gave us instructions but he was more like "yeah, that's a good topic and idea, go ahead". Can anyone please suggest what I should put in my conlusion? Every bit of help is much appreciated!
  11. Ok so I received the portfolio gold medal heights it's due to 10 days from today. It is actually all the heights(cm) achieved by the gold medalists of high jump from 1932 to 1980. I have to define all variables and sketch them on a graph. Now here comes the hard part - 1940 and 1944 no olympic games were held. 1)Should I include those 2 on the graph or no? 2) They ask me to define all variables but I have no clue about what variables they are speaking about? 3) The function(using a trend line) of the graph seems a bit hard to choose. Should I be leaded by the value of R squared( correletion c
  12. I just read the English subject report for May 2012 and one of the advice that the report gave was that candidates should not be encouraged to "write a template i.e where the introduction to the commentary briefly summarises the plot of the extract/poem and then outlines the range of literary features that which will be employed in the analysis". Our teacher had advised us to do exactly that. We have been penalised by doing any different. So my question really is what should be included in an introduction to a commentary and what should be included in the conclusion; I noticed they also mentio
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