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Found 11 results

  1. 1 download

    command terms for business management
  2. I've been reviewing my mocks in preparation for the e-assessments [bit of a time crunch, I know] and I seem to lose quite a few marks in the Justification segment. Any tips, do's and don'ts? This is especially true in Mathematics and Individuals and Societies.
  3. How should I structure a History essay that is answering an "Evaluate" question?
  4. the question: Examine how research methods may be used for the BLOA My teacher hasnt told us anything about command terms, but i'm writing this essay and its starting to sound like "evaluate" please help
  5. How do I format SAQs and LAQs? My teacher keeps telling me different things and its really confusing Can someone tell me the formats for writing LAQs? Like what to include in the paragraphs I know we need 4-5 paragraphs, intro and conclusion and usually written last Thanks!
  6. Hi, I feel a bit lost. I am struggling to understand the difference between "interpret" and "analyze" command terms. Now, I found the definitions: Interpret: Use knowledge and understanding to recognize trends and draw conclusions from giving information. Analyze: Break down in order to bring out the essential elements or structure. (To identify parts and relationships, and interpret information to reach conclusions.) So, this means that "analysis" includes "interpretation". But what does it mean exactly? If the task is to "interpret" then all the "breaking down" has been done for me?
  7. Dear All, "To what extent was the role of the state a key factor in determining the success of the economic miracle in any one country of the region in the second half of the twentieth century." is the question that I need to answer in my history essay in a week... it's a Paper 3 question. I am currently having a difficulty with understanding the command term "To what extent-"... what am I supposed to talk about as in reply of such questions? Also, what do I have to do to write a 6 or a 7 Paper 3 essay?? Is it really different from Paper 2? Detailed answers would be much appreciated...
  8. Hello! We've recently been given "Account for the structure of the Nazi state" as an essay question to prepare, and I'm not sure how to structure the essay. I'm not asking for you to structure it for me - rather on what an "account for" question is asking for. I'm more used to "to what extent"-style questions, so I'm a bit confused. Thanks!
  9. There's probably a really obvious answer to this, but on the exams is it possible that the command terms used for the 8 and 22 mark questions will differ from the ones in the syllabus? For example, in the Health option there's "Examine models and theories of health promotion." Could the questions switch out the term "Examine" for "Evaluate"? Or are all the learning outcomes in the syllabus set in stone...? (Evaluating models/theories is just so much more work in my opinion!) I see so many variations of the learning outcomes on the Internet so I'm really confused. :/ Any help is much appreciate
  10. Hey guys just wondering do we have to evaluate the studies for all 22 mark questions?? Or just discuss/evaluate command terms and not for lets say "to what extent"? Thanks!
  11. Hello IB psychologists, I have a question regarding answering specific LAQ's. My teacher has told me that I have to use 2 studies for LAQs and this seems pretty effective when answering questions such as "To what extent does genetics affect behavior" because one can quote the different results of the studies and make a good argument. However if I were asked to contrast two theories, how exactly would I use studies? I mean, I could just point out differences between the two theories, and that would answer the question effectively. In addition, some of my options have learning outcomes with the
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