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Found 11 results

  1. Hi there, I am in IB Y2 currently and I have a major problem with my German class. During the first year I had a German teacher who never had done IB before, was about to retire, and didn't prepare many materials for the class. We ended up doing 3 out of the 5 core topics, but not writing down or learning really anything throughout the year, except a lot of talking about it. Fast forward to this year and a new German teacher, and she tells me I am supposed to be on a C1/C2 (advanced/native speaker) Level but telling me I am at a B1/B2 (intermediate/upper intermediate) level cu
  2. Hey guys, So, I have been having trouble regarding my class choices... I, initially, chose Bio HL, Econ HL, Lang.Lit. HL, History SL, Math SL and Spanish B SL. I have started to realize that my classes don't really match up (at last in my opinion), for instance, Bio HL doesnt really match up with the rest of my classes. Anyway, I was wondering if it would be smarter for me to switch from Bio HL to Enviro, then switch History SL to History HL? The reason as to why I am not switching to Bio SL is because it doesn't match up with my schedule. A follow-up question that I have: Does ESS
  3. I was just wondering if I should have a binder for each class?
  4. The banana in question is around 19cms long (7.5 inches), and my friend spent 20 minutes in class eating it. Is he just a slow eater or is something wrong with him? Should I take him to the school sick room or a hospital? What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comment section below this forum post! As always looking forward to reading your responses IBSurvival members! Peace fofo.
  5. Hi, y'all. I'm gonna be in my second year of IB and I want to spend some time over the summer to prepare for my English class. I hope to do really well in class so that my teacher will get me one more grade for my Predicted Grade (our school has given us a draft of PG grades to sort of motivate us) but I'm not sure how I should prepare to the fullest. So far I've done some research on the contextual background for the books/texts we'll be studying in the first semester. What else can I do to ensure I will be ready for group discussions as well as answering questions in class? Thanks!
  6. I set up my classes for my first year as a full IB student: HL Literature HL History SL/HL Biology 1, 2 SL Math 1, 2 Spanish 4 TOK I wanted to hear some of your thoughts and comments on my classes? What the work is like, which classes are the hardest/easiest, etc...
  7. Hey! As a student entering IB I found I needed opinions on the classes I wanted to take. For example in my partial IB decisions I struggled between choosing HL history vs HL english language A. To start the topic off, what do you guys think is more beneficial/ easier - hl history or hl english?
  8. I'm going to be taking the exams in May 2015. My biology teacher is pretty new to the IB system and she overheard some other teachers talking about that there will be changes in the biology curriculum next year. Will that affect the class of 2015 or not? Because if yes then we'll have to buy new books and I'm really worried that we won't have time to go through every topic. Thanks
  9. For those taking an IB music course, how many students are in your class?
  10. Hi there, while browsing through a lot of pointless webpages, desperately seeking for some IB-related information, I stumbled onto this pretty table listing maths topics you should have knowledge of before starting IB. >Here's the link to the whole .pdf doc< The bit I'm interested to is the very first, Prior Learning. Do you all agree with what is listed? Did you guys all know this stuff before entering the IB, and do you believe I will be tested on topics that differ from these in my entrance exam? p.s. yup, I'm new here.
  11. Hi, so I'm really worried, because I've taken English HL, and we NEVER do anything in class. The teacher just comes in and just stares at us. Her lessons (if you could even call them that) are so confusing, because we just seem to be "discussing" random topics that change every class. All of the students in my class are really worried, so we've decided to be proactive about it. What do you guys do in your IB English HL classes? What type of practice/homework do you usually get? It would be really awesome if you could help out!
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