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  1. Greetings all, I plan to be doing Law in the UK after my IBs. I have been in discussions with alumni and educators and they have varying opinions on my science subject. As of right now I am doing Maths AA, Art and Sports Science for my Standard Levels. Should I consider switching my Sports Science for a more 'accepted' and 'popular' science such as biology or chemistry, or shall I continue to study Sports science, which I believe I will achieve a higher IB score in? TL;DR: Should I (read: Do Unis) prioritise Subject Choices or IB Score?
  2. Hi, My school is offering Astrophysics, but I am really considering Imaging. Is imaging suggested or how easy is it?
  3. Right now, I'm in English LangLit HL and have the option to drop it to SL cuz I already have 3 other HL subjects. However, the sole reason why I'm hesitating is because of the more time we get during exams. I feel as if the extra hour lets me write MUCH MORE and go more in depth in my analysis that I would be able to in SL. What do you guys think?
  4. AnyaMay_

    Song choices

    For my MLI, is it okay if I pick songs that are from Italy and Russia, or are they too close to each other? Thanks.
  5. Hey, everyone, I'm a bit new to the forum so sorry if the post might be a bit complicated/unclear. I have a question supposed to get simple and nice/easy however it gets complicated sadly, about my IB choices... So first of all, I think I'm a really good student this year (I like to think), so my grades are decent (mostly As). The thing is, I'm really not sure of what I would like to do in the future, and this is causing problems in terms of choices for my IB subjects. The topics in which I am the most interested in general (after high school, as a potential degree or something) wou
  6. Now at the start of my 2nd term, 2nd year, I'm facing a choice... I'm very sure that i want to study an Economics course at a "better" University, One thing that I noticed (and I hope, not to late) is that both LSe (London School of Political Science and Economics), University of Cambridge and -Oxford requires Math HL (a score of 6 and 7) (LSe seems to accept Math SL but prefer HL) [Correct me if Im wrong] I have Math SL, and Math HL isn't offered at my School but I've seen that you can take Online course, at Pamoja (Fee: initial $300, and later $1000). The fee is something Im p
  7. Hi, could your rate my subject selection? I'm thinking of taking: Business and Management HL Psychology HL English B HL Polish Lang Lit SL Biology SL Mathematics SL Is my subject choice open to careers, please let me know.
  8. I'm having my IOP's in German soon. We looked at the Books Jakob der Lügner, Homo Faber and Das Parfüm. We also watched the films. Generally speaking does any of you have any recommendation what to do if we have to analyze and compare two works? What specific aspect would you look at?
  9. Hello, I have finished Grade 10 and will embark upon my IBDP journey starting this August. Quite a few people seemed to be concerned with the difficulty of my course selection. I have chosen the subjects below: Mathematics HL Physics HL English Language and Literature (A2) HL Chemistry SL Business and Management SL Chinese B SL I want to pursue Computer Science in university, hence is why I think Math HL is a must, and I also think that Physics HL would be useful. I am very fluent in Chinese and B SL would not be a problem. What concerns me is
  10. Hi, I'd doing my second year(10th Grade) of IGCSE, and next year I will be taking the IB. I am strong in all of the 3 sciences that will be offered at our school, but I can't decide which two to take at HL. Right now I am definitely taking; HL: Maths, Literature, (two sciences) SL: Geography, Language B German For my 'final' decision, I put both physics and biology. This is not final, but I need to change it soon if I would want to. The reason I chose these two is because the physics teachers at our school will guaranteed good ones, however, that will not mean th
  11. Hello, nice to meet you; I'm very new here, so please forgive me if I'm a little weird/rough around the edges lol. However, the main thing is that right now I'm quite conflicted. I'm a British student currenty in Year 11, going to an IB sixth form in 2017, and I have had a massive dilemma for the last few months. I want to do Computer Science at university, or at least a STEM subject to be broader, and my current choices are: SL Literature and Performance (as I like creativity, and Drama appeals to me more than normal English) HL Maths (daunting, I know, but for where I
  12. Hello everyone, This is my first post. I am currently doing my IGCSE's (Year 10), in them I take Co-ordinated sciences (double awrd.) History, French (mistakes were made), Drama, Mathematics and both Language and Literature for English and Spanish. I am taking the extended course in all subjects that allow it. My school stopped offering A levels some years ago, and we now do the Dip. Programme. I start next year and these are the subjects I am thinking of choosing: English Literature HL Spanish Literature HL History HL Anthropology SL Physics SL Mathem
  13. Hi all! I'm starting the IB next year and I need a little help choosing my subjects. For now, I have chosen HL English, History, and Lithuanian language. My SLs are Math Studies, Psychology, and Science. But I'm thinking about switching from Math St to Math SL even though I'm obviously going to buuuurn even in the SL Math classes. I'm really bad at math and honestly have no intention of doing anything math based in the future, because I want to go the law school (and as for studying law, I can get away with whatever the bare minimum of math study necessary to get my pre-law education over
  14. Hi guys I'm about to start my DP at an international school in Karlovy Vary, the Czech Republic. I'm pretty firm on my major choice and that is Business (or Business Management/Management) . These are the subjects which are offered at the school: Group 1 - English Literature, English Language and Literature and the option of choosing a self taught language (if approved) Group 2 - English B, Spanish, German and French (students have the option of choosing ab initio for the last three) Group 3 - Economics, Psychology and History Group 4 - Physics, Chemistry, Biology a
  15. Hi, I at the stage of choosing my IB subjects. I want to apply for chemical engineering course after I graduate from high school and I know that the best combination of subjects would be Math HL, Chemistry HL and Physics HL. However, my school requires me to take English B HL and taking 4 HL subjects is just out of question so I decided to take Math and Chem, as they are required by most of the universities. I have always thought I would take Physics SL as my 6th subject, but now I am considering Biology SL, as it seems that universities don't care about SL subjects anyway. I'm
  16. Hey guys, the subjects I have chosen so far (I'm starting the DP in August) are: HL German Literature HL Biology HL Economics SL English Language & Literature SL Mathematics Originally, my plan was to take French B SL as my sixth subject, since I am an absolute language person, but this is no longer offered as not enough people have elected it. Now, I am not sure what to pick. The possibilities are: -Drama -Spanish B -Geography -Chemistry I really cannot decide! Right now, I've opted for geography because I've heard from multiple sources that it is fairly easy, although I
  17. Hello, I will be starting my first year of the IB in January, and I'm not 100% sure about my subject choices. You see, I want to study medicine after the IB so I'm thinking of choosing Biology HL, Chemistry HL and Language and Literature HL. I'm pretty sure about Biology and Chemistry, but i'm doubtful about about the last one. On the first group I can choose between: -Literature in Spanish -Literature in English -Literature and Language in Spanish -Literature and Language in English So my question is, what do you do in Literature and Language? And should i choose it or just stick wi
  18. So I wish to take two subjects in the Arts (Theatre and Film) but apparently I can't take two arts subjects? Also, do I need to do examinations for either of these subjects? Apparently I don't for Theatre but I'm not sure for film. Also, I will be doing the Film course online. I am asking because I am planning on moving to a new school next year for my second year of IB, and the school told me that my subjects will be quite difficult to catch up (Physics HL, chem SL, bio HL, english HL and spanish SL, maths SL) BUT possible if I am willing to put in a lot more work! However... -English we
  19. Hey guys, Here are the subjects I plan to take: English Lit. SL Mandarin SL Economics HL/SL Physics HL/SL Math HL/SL Comp. Sci. HL So my problem is in choosing what subjects I should take for HL. I'm not really sure what I plan on taking for uni but it's either going to be in computers/engineering or economics/finance. So among Econ, Physics, and Math, which two should I take as HL and which one should I just take as SL? Thanks!
  20. Hi, I'm on the verge of finishing my tenth. Now I'm gonna take IB so imquite confused which subject should I choose from sciences group. I don't like any science subject and that's the biggest problem.but I wanna do well at the end so what I need to know is which sciences is easiest in terms of getting a 7. I'm gonna take Sl and I don't want my career to be in science field. So any suggestions which subject I should choose? Thanks in advance☺
  21. Good afternoon people of IB survival, you have saved me before and now I need your assistance again. As I am a procrastinator, like most people who frequent IB survival, I have left one more thing for the last night. I have been asked to choose my Maths SL exploration question and must deliver it tomorrow. I want something football related and using IB Maths resources I have come up with: Does sacking a manager improve results?Do Premier League wages predict league positions?Now, which one do you think will be easier to write more on? Which one will be easier to find information on? and Wh
  22. Short intro: 10th grader, planning on doing HL: Math, Physics, English A Course ; SL: German A LangLit, Economics, Chemistry My question: What exactly is the difference between the 'Literature' and the 'Language and Literature' courses? (Especially in English A). I understood that the 'Literature' course is very literature focused (and analysing, etc.) but then what exactly do you do in the language and literature course? I looked at the each syllabus but still did not quite understand what exactly the difference is... Thanks for replies
  23. I really confused to choose my last SL subject. Since now I'm think to choose math, bio, economic for SL. However, i think econ is not that important to learn. What should i do? Should i change it into another subject, likewise, history? Please help me!! I solely left one day to give this decision. Thanks
  24. Hi everyone! I've decided I want to do IB and my new school offers some main subjects. Could you help me select what is best to get into a university for a double major of Hospitality and Psychology? Even though my first language is Vietnamese, I do not enjoy it. I can read books like Jane Eyre and The Catcher in the Rye so I'm thinking of English Literature HL. Do you think I have the ability to study it? I've always loved French but know so little of it so I'm going to pick French Ab Initio. Business and Management HL, good? What is the main difference between Economics and Business an
  25. Hey ! So I'm in 10th grade and I need to choose another subject from group 3 to replace art because I hate it. My decisions would go to Economics or Business And Management, but the problem is I can't choose. I'm in the co-curricular Business class already but it is completely different because we are just running a school store we opened. My major role in the class is basically taking care of the money, because i'm experienced with that, so everything about finance of the store. I love it, but still i don't know what to choose, i love finance, marketing, management, everything related to prof
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