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  1. I am willing to major in Astronomy/astrophysics, which is making me wonder if taking HL chemistry will help me get into better universities as it is more related to my major than business, but Business HL might be easier (I'm unsure of that). So what am I supposed to choose to have a higher chance at top universities? The subjects I'm taking are: Math HL, Physics HL, Business HL(which I'm considering to drop and take Chem HL and Business SL instead), Chemistry SL, English A SL, Arabic A SL
  2. My EE research question is "How does varying concentrations of CaCO3 affect the catechin levels of green tea", but I'm running into problems into how exactly to measure it. The basis for my question is to test how does varying mineral content of water affect the taste of tea, and in my research I found that CaCO3 was one of the minerals in water, and catechin is the main component of green tea which affects the bitterness and astringency (effectively taste). I wanted to use spectroscopy but the maximum absorbance for catechin is around 270nm, which is far lower than the machine I have ava
  3. I am looking for a Math IA topic that can potentially involve Chemistry, to incorporate my love for the subject into my IA. My idea would be to use a simulation and look at molecular geometry optimisation, however at first glance it seems a bit far-fetched, out of my league in terms of level. Do you have any alternative recommendations or experience? Thx!
  4. Hello Everyone! As I'm currently in the selection process of IB subjects, I was really wondering if I should take Chem SL or ESS Sl. I am a person that wants to major in political science, therefore I pay a lot of attention to humanities. However, I've heard that while ESS is easy, it isn't really the most appealing subject. On the contrary, I've heard that Chem SL is the easiest science course and it's quite manageable to get it as a humanities students. What do you think I should take?
  5. Hi! I'm currently taking HL Math AA, HL Physics, HL Philosophy, SL Chemistry, SL English A Literature, and SL French B and I'm looking to apply to T10 US schools (Brown, Princeton, Yale, etc.). I'm thinking of switching from SL Chemistry to SL Theatre, but I'm concerned that this will affect my chances at being admitted into a Top US university, because Theatre may be seen as an easier course in their eyes. Would this have an effect on my chances, with all else being the same?
  6. Please help me! I am supposed to design my chemistry IA, but I honestly have NO IDEA on how to even start. Chemistry is my worst subject and I have a lot of trouble in understanding it. I always try so hard on my IA's but I always end up making B's. I have to decide on one factor that affects the rate of a reaction to investigate in my design lab IA and this lab is supposed to be easily reproducible. Here's my IA guidelines: Aspect 1 includes: Formulating a focused problem/research question and identifies the relevant variables. Aspect 2: Designs a method for the effective control of the
  7. So I'm in DP1 and M23 and I'm having trouble choosing between HL Chemistry and HL Physics. I'm about 1 1/2 months into IB at this stage and I'm just so confused. I'm currently taking HL Chemistry, Maths AA and Economics with Global Politics, Spanish ab initio and English LangLit at SL. I'm looking to study economics at uni but I also have a small interest in Computer Science which I want to explore to see if it's for me. This would be my only science but it would be at HL. I've heard that Physics is better for what I want to do but I'm much better at Chemistry in general. I got a 9 for iGCSE C
  8. Hello everyone, I ran out of time for my Chemistry Internal Assessment and was advised to do the IA without any kind of experimentation. I would have to search data through the internet yet I don't know how to do it as I don't have any kind of experience in making this kind of work. If you could advise me as to what kind of topics I can look at or where I can find clear guidelines I would forever be in your debt:) Thank you.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm currently searching for chemistry ia ideas. My initial idea had to do with caffeine extraction from tea by titration, however I'm really confused about the method. I've mostly found procedures involving chloroform, which I will however not be able to use for my lab. I also came across a method that uses iodometric back titration, but there doesn't seem to be much info about it online... Does anyone have experience with this method, or has done their ia on a similar topic? I'm really interested in it but I'm concerned that it's way too complicated (i'm in chemistry sl and we ha
  10. Hello, has anyone there done an IA in chemistry about activation energy and could share some tips or their marks with me? I have a topic of What is the activation energy of the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in presence of catalase, by measuring the time taken for 10cm3 of oxygen gas to be evolved at different temperatures? Either at different temp or also without catalase and with MnO2? My justification, in brief, is that H2O2 is present in cells and catalase is needed to break it down so that it isn't harmful and therefore low activation point is important (an
  11. Does anyone have chemistry p1 or p2 questions specific for a certain topic in chemistry? I mostly have past papers but as I have not yet studied all the chapters in chemistry, I have a hard time trying to answer to the questions that combine knowledge from multiple topics If someone wants, I can send 95 questions with specimen answers related to Energetics and Thermochemistry
  12. For my Chem IA, would it be a good idea to calculate calories in different cooking oils to find which is the "healthiest" option? I am doing HL, so need some HL part of the course. I thought this idea had personal engagement and would be pretty interesting to calculate.
  13. Could someone please explain how I can use a database for my Chemistry IA? I just don't understand how I can use a database that is already focused on investigating something and then use it to investigate something else???? I might just be wrong about how I'm actually supposed to use a database. An example would help me understand (doesn't have to be chemistry). My chemistry teacher hasn't really explained how to do our IA and I'm running out of time.
  14. 6 downloads

    1. Stoichiometric Relationships.pdf Notes on the first unit of Chemistry
  15. 8 downloads

    2.1 Atomic Structure Notes.pdf Notes on the second unit of chemistry
  16. 4 downloads

    2.2 Electronic Arrangement Notes.pdf Notes on the second unit of chemistry
  17. I want to do my iA on aromatic compounds and I'm looking everywhere for a simulation programe that would help carry put the experiment. Anyone knows any simulations or how they work? I'm I supposed to know a specific software?
  18. 82 downloads

    Los cuadernillos de datos de Física y Química en español
  19. Hello. I've been trying to find a topic and research question for my extended essay but I have been unable to do. I have found an experimental technique in the calorimeter which measures energy content/calories and I want to measure energy contents in different foods but I do not know what I should investigate specifically and expand on this. I don't want it to be as simple as "as x increases, y increases". Testing out different foods and seeing which one(s) have the higher calories is way too simple and I'm basically stuck..Please help!
  20. hey! do you know any websites with practice questions for chemistry, apart from the official questionbank? something similar to revision village for maths? (can be even for pay, I'm desperate xd) thanks!
  21. Hey everyone! I've created this topic to discuss about tutoring in IB. I am currently nearing the end of the IB programme (year 12). Through the course, I have come to realise that three of my best subject areas (ranked from most) include: 1. Economics HL 2. Math Analysis and Approaches HL (Since the M21 batch will be the first trying out this new change to syllabus, I might cater to your needs the best if you're a M22 or later candidate. I could also let you know how the final exams would be like once I take it next year if you'd like ) 3. Chemistry SL
  22. I was recently doing some practice problems for my IB chemistry SL test and ran across this problem. "A 2.450 g sample of a mixture of NaCl and CaCl2 was dissolved in distilled water. The chloride solution was treated with excess AgNO3 (aq) solution. The precipitated AgCl (s) was collected, washed, and dried. The mass of the dried AgCl was 6.127 g. Calculate percent by mass of the NaCl and CaCl2 in the original mixture." (2 marks) AgCl has a molar mass of 143.45 g/mol, so I calculated that the amount of Cl in the sample was 6.127*(35.45/143.35) = 1.515 g Cl This means that toget
  23. Hey so I have a question. If lets say I do my IA in biology and follow an experiment that has been done before but I change a few things to make it my own? e.g the effect of temperature on seed germination but instead of copying the exact temperature conditions, I come up with my own. Is it plagiarism? Do you have to come up with your own experiment?I'm freaking out
  24. Hello, I want to do an experiment relating the properties of a transition metal complex to the wavelength of light that the complex absorbs, but I can't seem to find any data on the wavelength of light absorbed by different complexes. Are there any databases that contain this information or information related to the absorption spectrum of transition metal complexes?
  25. Hello, I'm doing my chemistry IA on paper chromatography of different colours of leaves. I really would appreciate a sample IA about chromatography that I can get the structure from. can you please share with me anything that might help? Thank you very much.
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