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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys, I just discovered this forum as I was doing some research on my IB subject choices. I am really confused between HL Chemistry and HL CS as both of them are pretty good options for me and I like both so I was looking for some advice regarding my subject choices. Here's some background information: I'm taking my GCSEs in May. I wanted to pursue either astrophysics or particle physics in uni but maybe fall back on CS if I don't enjoy either of them I want to perhaps pursue a MBA in the future I'll be applying to US universities Good at math and logi
  2. Hello everyone, I’m starting IB in four months and I have one month left to choose my initial subjects. I want to study either biology, political science or anthropology in university (I know it’s a wide range of majors). What subjects should I choose? My initial choices would be: Language A: English German Ab Social and Cultural Anthropology Biology Maths AI Global Politics (I haven’t decide which ones I want to take on a higher level) Should I take up Chemistry instead of one of these? (sorry this was a long one)
  3. 49 downloads

    The file contains topics and material outlines to be covered in both chem HL and SL
  4. I was planning to do my HL chemistry database IA on the relationship between corrosion rate and pH level such as the difference between corrosion rate of steel when reacted with ocean water and rain water, but my teacher told me it is too simple and the answer is obvious. Are there any other factors I can or should add to my paper to make it complex enough? Or should I change my topic completely?
  5. Hello! I’m wondering if anyone has applied to Ireland , Medicine courses. I’m an IB student, my hLs are : bio, chem, eng, bm, and SLs : math and ssst. My predicted grade is around 36-38 (at least). Hoping to go to any uni in Ireland such as RCSI, Trinity, UCD, DCU. Any tips? Experience? Thoughts? THANK YALLLLL
  6. Hello everyone, I am currently doing 4 HL's but I need to drop one as soon as possible. Right now I am taking Math, Physics, Chem and Econ HL. I want to be an astrophysicist. I know that I need to keep Physics HL, I do not know about Math because even though I am strong at math, the teachers say that it will be very challenging for me and I will not be able to get the score I want, but if I drop to Math SL she said that the course would be kinda too easy for me not letting me develop my skills. I have to choose between Chem and Econ which one to drop. If I were to have Physi
  7. Hi guys/girls, So I am writing because I chose: - Maths HL - Physics HL - Economics HL - Chemistry HL - Spanish B SL - English Lang. & Lit. SL Although I believe I could work through this as I have quite good grades (not trying to be cocky), I think this will be too tiring for me... I was thinking of changing Chemistry for something much easier. I would like your opinion as well as a short summary on the following courses please: Geography SL, Business SL (I don't want to take Econ and Business but it's still an option), Computer Science SL (I
  8. Hello, i take physics SL, English A1 SL, Maths SL, Chemistry HL, Business HL, Arabic B HL, i was wondering if you could tell me the possible courses i can take in university with these subjects, i was sort of thinking of taking business as a course in university, but it seems very light considering what the good grades that i get, and i could take it anyways later. Thank you in advance
  9. Hi guys, I'm having trouble coming up with ideas for my lab. I'm really not all that creative, so I've been stressing about this. My teacher had given me an idea, but when I tried it, it completely failed, and now I'm extremely discouraged. I really don't know what to do. The lab has to be related to ionic compounds or covalent compounds. It obviously can't be too simple as well. I had originally wanted to measure the colour of a compound after changing it's concentration, but that was too simple. My teacher gave me the idea to use chlorides from group 2 in the periodic table, measur
  10. Hi there! I need some urgent help with my IA. Which I was never good at and am pretty lost right now. So basically, I was doing my IA and I was a bit confused with finding the equivalence point based on the data I have collected ( Note that this is a DCP and CE IA, the design is set by the teacher) I found the half equivalence point, since pH= pKa, i thought I was on the right track.. .. but there is one problem. My pKa does not register with any acid in the data booklet The correct answer would have been ethanoic acid (with a pKa of 4.76) I tried doing back backsolve with 4.76 but that was si
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