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Found 25 results

  1. I do English A language and literature HL and i am flunking bad.. i am really considering dropping it for English B HL. will it affect my chances of attending a good university? please help!!!! i'm dying right now. my current subjects are: English A HL L&L (2) French B HL (6) Economics HL (7) Bio SL (5) Psychology SL (6) Math SL(4)
  2. Hello People, I am currently in grade 12 & am an IB certificate student, Would I get accepted at a culinary arts college if I have 4Sl's & 2 HL's
  3. Hello everybody, I want to ask you for advice. I am currently doing the IB DP, and my subjects are Czech A (SL), English B (HL), Economics (SL), Physics (HL), Chemistry (HL) and Math (SL). I was thinking if I should do the IB certificate instead of the diploma. I want to work as a chemical engineer, and so the languages and economy are useless for me. I've heard that in the IB certificate you can choose a number of subjects you want to do, so I would choose high levels physics, chemistry, and math. Our school does not teach HL math, which is why I have just SL. I've also heard that you do
  4. Hi, I'm a partial IB student who's doing IB only in English and History. I've already been accepted into university, but I'm worried that a bad mark in my History exam will affect my university admittance and that they'll revoke my offer. My question is, do universities care about IB marks that aren't diploma? Thanks!
  5. I am currently taking the IB Certificate Program. I was wondering if taking the IB Certificate program can get me into Universities in Canada? Would you be able to help me answer this question?
  6. So right now in school, we're choosing our DP courses for next year. However, I am still unsure if I will be taking the full IBDP or just IB courses I know a lot of you will tell me that the IBDP is worth it and stuff, but I'm a pretty competitive swimmer (I swim around 9 times a week) so managing the IB as well as all my co-curriculars just sound absurd to me at this point. On top of that I would be having to do the EE, CAS, and TOK which I'm not particularly interested in, to be honest So my main question is will I still be able to get into a (RELATIVELY) good university by doing partial
  7. Hi there I've just learned that our's school's IB policy only allows us to do up to 4 certificates. Otherwise, we're to do the full diploma. As of right now, I'm doing World Religions (2nd year), french (2nd year), English, and HL chem. Next semester, I'll be doing HL Bio, HL Chem (2nd year), SL math and University prep Canadian Law. I'm practically doing ALL courses as IB. I'm kind of REALLY stressed, because I'm not quite sure if I'll be able to handle this. My marks (mid-term) were higher than I had expected, but I've have to put in much more time and effort, and I've had to "sacrifice" m
  8. I have a choice between the IB certificate and repeating the grade. I am planning to do international relations for the my undergraduate degree. Please could you tell me what to do.
  9. So I made the horrendous mistake of taking an IB class that I knew had a terrible teacher. Don't get me wrong, this teacher knows a lot of information, but they have not taught my class ANYTHING. All of our grades are simple daily grades and crap. Took literally one test the whole year. Of course, my school does not allow changing classes after the first 10 days of school and I regret it badly. If you asked me right now to outline the three main principles in the BLOA, all I could tell you is that one of them had something to do with animal testing. Good news is that it's only an SL course,
  10. Hi guys, I'm interested in doing 3 ib certificates: bio hl, chem hl, and physics sl, (since my school doesn't offer physics hl), for grade 11 next year since I want to do sciences in ubc after I graduate. I am still going to obtain my high-school diploma doing regular courses, and then am going to have IB certificates on top of it. I'm not sure if the full diploma is right for me, and don't understand how a course like French ib can help me when instead I can take a regular French course, get a higher less-stressed mark, and be able to spend more time on a course that I'm actually interested
  11. Hi guys, I was thinking about doing 3 IB Certificates, Bio HL, Chem HL, and Physics SL (since my school doesn't offer Physics HL) for grade 11 next year. I want to study sciences at UBC after I graduate, and I'm not sure if the full diploma is right for me. I would still complete my regular high school curriculum with the IB certificates, and I'm not sure if I should stick with my plan or do the whole IB diploma. Is my plan ideal? Will I benefit more in university if I do the whole diploma? Will universities recognize that I did IB certificates? I just don't see how courses like IB French and
  12. hi guys, so im gonna start off by saying that my school doesn't offer AP, and only IB. I want to apply at UBC for a bachelor in science and then try to get into med school. However I don't think I want to do full IB. Although I'm a straight -A student,I don't want to spend my last 2 high school years drowning in school work, and I have a lot if extracurriculars that I want to do. So I was thinking about only doing IB in science related courses. This is how my grade 11 schedule would look like: IB Chemistry HL IB Biology HL IB Physics SL French 11 Math Pre-Cal 11 Ch Psychology English Spare I
  13. Hi, I'm a grade 10 student currently in Canada, and I need some advice! My school doesn't have pre-IB so I'm taking normal classes right now and my marks are: Math- 96% Science-98% French- 93% English- 86% Socials- %99 I want to take Medical when I grow up or something in the sciences, so I decided to take IB next year. However, I'm not sure if I should take IB certificate or IB diploma. If I take IB certificate, I would only take all IB sciences, and if I take diploma, I would take Chemistry HL, Biology HL, Phycology HL, English HL, French SL, Math SL, and TOK. But I don't know what to pick!!
  14. Hi guys! I am in a crisis here. SO basically I have been offered an opportunity to go to South Dakota (SD) as an exchange student for one year, I won a contest so everything is paid for. The big problem is that when I come back I won't be eligible to do the second year of IB as a diplomat candidate, I will be able to acquire the certificates. Do you think I will be eligible for scholarships in the US as a student with certificate? Do you think going is worth it? I really want to go but my parents hate the idea because they think that with the certificates I will have no future What would you
  15. Why take the whole diploma course if you can get some in certificates instead?
  16. I am doing the full diploma but what I am not able to get 24 points at the end of grade 12? Do I get the diploma with my grades on it or do I get an IB certificate?
  17. Hi Guys, Recently, my brother decided to pursue IB certificate with economics HL, Physics HL, Math SL, Chemistry SL, and English Lang and Lit SL. I was wondering if he is doing the right thing. It is of any use to take certificate? Will he be disregarded by colleges?
  18. Do people in IB certificate program have to do CAS?
  19. Hi everybody, I have a question: What is the minimum number of subjects can one have in order to complete the IB Certificate instead of IB Diplomma? Thank you in advance.
  20. I want to study in Germany. But I read from one forum that german universities dislike IB Dioloma students so I worry about it. Also, There aren't many information that I can find. +I am learning German , not fluent. Furthermore , I am considering change to Ib certificate, because I feel like I do not have time to study German. I am doing, Mathematics, Language A and Biology at HL & English B, Economics and Spanish ab initio at SL. I am from non-English speak country and started learning Spanish as I started IB. But from this summer my interest in Germany university got bigger so I ended
  21. Hello all, So I've had all summer to write my EE on ITGS and kinda messed up by not doing it. The first draft is due in on the the 20th and I'll probably rush myself into finishing. However, I am thinking of dropping to the Certificate program because I am struggling with Biology HL and I'm not in any way thinking of pursuing a career involved with Biology. The only reason I chose it was because my school was only offering a limited number of subjects and it was the only one I could pick. So my real question is, have you got any information about universities that accept Certificates while app
  22. Hey guys I live in Canada and want to apply to Waterloo for university (maybe engineering or math or something financial). I just finished my grade 11 year (full first year of IB done). I just got my historical investigation back evaluated and I bombed it....like lvl 3 bombed it. I dont understand how I did so bad on it...my average in the course is a high level 6 and i tried really hard in the Historical investigation. I feel like since waterloo doesnt give any good incentive for I.B Diploma students I should just drop to Certificate so get less stress and can get higher average. In my school
  23. hello everybody I'm having second thoughts on carrying out the IB diploma program these days . what I don't seem to understand is why I should be working so much on the requirements of the diploma program when most American universities only give credits based on your exam scores. Why not just take the individual exams and get their certificates? I would love to hear your opinion and your reason for taking the diploma program. P.S. I'm an American citizen and will study in Florida 99%
  24. Hey guys, I'm enrolling in 11th grade IB classes next year. I have a good idea of which HLs I want to take, but I absolutely detest the two subjects in the other two categories. My school only offers History and Business & Management for Group 3, and my only option for Group 2 is Spanish. I can't stand grinding out history papers and I can't even speak my native Chinese well anymore. Do colleges specifically look for the IB diploma or do they look at the individual IB classes? I enrolled for my classes already, but I can still change them up until July. This is what I signed up for: Englis
  25. Hi everyone, This is my first time posting on IB Survival, and I am in a pretty urgent situation right now. I hope some of you guys would be helpful enough to guide me through this situation. I am a high-school student in an IB school taking the certificate program, and I am currently applying for universities in Canada. Although everything seemed to be fine, I noticed that I was stupid enough to not look closely upon the general admission requirements of each school. The schools that I am applying for include York, McMaster, UT, UBC, and Waterloo. Today I just found out that only UBC accepts
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