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  1. Hey guys, So I have a doubt about the tools I can use. So far it is, Ansoff Matrix, Force Field Analysis, SWOT Analysis and Decision tree. My questions is, can I make a proposed marketing mix for the business and use that as a tool? I was suggested it by someone but I would like your opinion on it, just to be sure. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I'm starting the IB in September. I want to major in Psychology and my subject choices so far are Bio HL, Eng Lang and Lit HL, History HL, French B SL, Math I&A SL, which leaves me with one more opening to complete the requirements. My school doesn't offer IB psychology anymore, and I suck at Chem so so I have to choose between Business Management and Economics. Which one should I choose? After reading the syllabus, textbooks etc, I was thinking of doing Econ because it looks more interesting, but I'm still unsure. Thank you in advance.
  3. On 28th April 2017, in BM paper 1, section B, the 10 marker question was (according to the data given and new data in section b) should john opt for the 3D printer. What should have john done please comment with the reasons
  4. Helloo!, I just just started writing my research proposal and I am kind of stuck in the methodology part. If I were to collect primary resources, should I stick with one method, like interviews. Or would it be better if I do more than one?
  5. Hey, My question for my extended is 'To what extent did the 2015 Volkswagen Emissions Scandal affect Volkswagen's Corporate Social Responsibility?'. My teacher keeps telling me to keep this research question even though I am not sure how exactly he wants me to evaluate how Corporate Social Responsibility changed after a scandal using business tools. Maybe someone could help me out with some tools : ). Thx in advance
  6. Hey! I'm starting my EE research. My topic is about the acquisition of Flipkart. For the EE, is there any analytical tool that is suitable for analyzing the acquisition? Besides SWOT Analysis, any tool suggestions are welcome (both within and beyond the scope of the syllabus). Thanks:)
  7. is business management easier then econ (both at hl) honest answers please i need help
  8. Hi, so I am planning on writting my EE in Business Management and I wanted to look at how trade/labour unions impact the productivity of a determined company. I dont know if this is a good topic and I am having a little trouble finding any specific theories, etc. to use in my essay. Please if anyone can help me with that and also by giving me some pointers of how to tackle the EE I would apreciate it.
  9. Hi, I was wondering whether I could use business tools in my SL Business IA that aren't in the Business Management syllabus for SL as well as HL. If necessary, the tool I intend to use is Porter's Five Forces Analysis. I do SL Business Management. Thanks :)
  10. Hello! I need to make my subject selections for DP soon and I'm kind of conflicted between taking Business management or English Language and Literature HL. Consider that I'm already taking double sciences (Bio and Chem) HL, and I was initially fixed on Business HL but I'm scared it will be too much. Can anyone tell me which subject would be more tolerable to be studied with double sciences HL?
  11. Is Business management fun? In my school everyone is complaining that its not fun. Also is Business and Econ a good combo?
  12. Could anyone predict what may come in business paper 2? (may 2018)
  13. Hey guys, can someone please let me know the format of the front page and the other content pages of Business Management HL IA? If possible, please show me an example of the BM IA format. Thank you!
  14. I'm in BM HL. My teacher is very inexperienced and doesn't know how to teach. I need to self- study it completely. How do I approach the subject? I have the Paul Hoang textbook, which I think if I do thoroughly will clear all my concepts. However, still I don't know how to write the answers properly. Any resource that you will sugges so that I understand how to write the answers? I basically consider myself without a BM teacher. Any help from you will be greatly appreciated.
  15. I'm in BM HL. Wanted to know how to write the long BM answers of 9 marks/12 marks Like in Economics, there is CLASPP- which stands for Conclusion, Long-term/short- term effects, Assumptions, Priorities and Pros and cons to use when evaluating. Is there any thing like this in BM like this? And how do you structure your answer?
  16. I basically wanted BM answers graded, evaluated and commented by examiners. My teacher doesn't know how to check the answes and I have been trying to find the graded answers from a long time now. If there is any study guide or any other resource in which there are answers with examiner comments, please let me know. Thanks.
  17. I am on the verge of choosing my subjects: Math HL Economics HL Comp Sc HL/SL Spanish ab initio English LangLit SL For my final subject, which subject should I choose to get into the finance field because seemingly Business Management is considered a soft subject by Ivy League and top UK Universities?
  18. For my Business Management EE, I have about 19 secondary sources and 1 primary source. However, many things my primary source said, weren't corroborated by any secondary sources. My secondary sources were mostly used to justify solutions and whatnot. My teachers told me that I should have a mix of primary and secondary sources that state the same thing, but I can't find any secondary sources talking about the issues I discussed about the company I chose. My EE supervisor told me this wasn't a problem, but here we are. Could this issue cause me to fail the EE?
  19. Guest

    BM EE Topic

    So I've decided to base my extended essay on Twitter and the rough RQ I have for now is "To what extent has the organizational culture and leadership impacted Twitter's growth? Can this meet the required criterias? Any suggestions?
  20. Are there any universities in Canada offer 50%+ scholarship for tuition fee (particularly on business management related course)? If there are, what are they and what are the min requirements to apply for one Thanks in advance
  21. Hi, im looking for topic ideas/RQ for my EE which im thinking to base of Business management. Any topic ideas will help! Thanks
  22. As the May 2016 candidates are expected to write a 20 marks essay on the CUEGIS concepts as part of paper 2, I have been looking for a solid guide in order to achieve a good grade on it. And therefore Im requesting your help. If any of you have any thoughts or maybe experience/ good notes that you have that you are willing to share, or maybe your teacher has taught or given you guys a guideline to follow and you dont mind sharing it, please bless me with your notes and wisdom.
  23. Hi, I have recently started thinking about my EE topic on B&M and made some points. 1. As a Korean, I think it would be good to write about one of the Korean companies like Samsung, LG, Hyundai etc. Then I want to compare one of the western companies in the same industry to make a comparison on how they used a different strategy for market advance and how the CEO used his leadership e.g. Samsung and Apple, Hyundai and Volkswagen - I'm also thinking about using only western companies cuz there might not be sufficient resources about Korean companies in English 2.
  24. My research question at the moment is: Should [Company] focus more of its resources on hiring graduates or invest further in expanding its technology offerings? I feel as though it needs better wording, as it to me it sounds like it has a lack of good terminology and is potentially too vague. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  25. Business Management Exam Prep: Need to Know View File I made this in September from a list that our teacher wrote on the board that the second year people needed to know/be able to use for their exams, I copied it down and made this. I've found it really useful and I hope you do too Submitter tickTOK Submitted 12/17/2016 Category Notes  
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