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Found 13 results

  1. I am writing my ia on which out of two options would be the best financial decision for business xy and i need to make a fishbone diagram but about finance and i have no idea how or what that even means, can someone please help me
  2. Hello, guys! I am currently working on my research project in Business & management HL. I know exactly, that I want to investigate the relationship between staff motivation and efficiency of the company. I have already gathered plenty of information about motivation and efficiency, but I still do not have any company to work on. Can you give some tips, advice on how/where I should search for possible organizations and what I should take into account when making my choice? I am looking forward to your replies^^
  3. I'm writing my first IA draft and I realise that I am very wordy, or maybe I'm putting too many details in but I've only done my introduction and social factors for my STEEPLE and I am now up to 1034 words..? I'm thinking of just doing a PEST analysis instead, but I still want to do my SWOT analysis. So my questions are: 1. Do words count if they are in a table? 2. Do I need to define what a PEST/SWOT analysis is before getting to the details like we're supposed to in exams? 3. Is it bad to be citing information and statistics from a lot of other places other than the supporting
  4. Hello, For my school, it is required to put in two EE proposals as they need to sort out the teachers to the students. I currently have come up with an RQ for my first choice which is visual arts but haven't managed to get it approved as I need to draw a conclusion but I have no clue what to write my EE about, I have yet to consult my business teacher but I think I'm leaning towards looking at e-commerce. Does anyone have any recommended RQ? Should I look at the company my dad works for, its a company that deals with taxes and financial stuff. If anyone has anything that could help,
  5. Hello! I'm stuck with my business IA, which is essentially should _____ stay in the country that they currently are in? Or should they expand into another country? Does this topic work? Should I basically end up comparing the current country they live in to two other countries? I'm really confused as to what financial data I should even get from them. I have the majority of their data from this current year, but should I attempt to get data from several years prior? I'm planning on conducting a SWOT analysis, a forcefield analysis, and a decision tree, but other than that
  6. hey i need a research question i already have one but i need some help with it, what can i improve on it? we have a business and we just started its a cosmetics centre my question is How could company x increase their annual profit as a new business in a competitive market? i wanna go in that direction as i see it as an opportunity since they just started to write about it, what do i need to do to refine the question? or is it good already thanks a lot!
  7. Hi.... My proposal form is due in a week and i am a little concerned about how broad my focus is. I am planning to base my business EE on a small confectionary shop in Singapore and talk about its expansion in a particular area in singapore. In simpler words, you know how some questions have like the bit about should the firm expand within the country like more branches/outlets, i was planning to do it similarly but i examine a particular place like.... To what extent will the expansion of ................. to the commercial areas of Singapore help to ......................? My concern is
  8. I asked a similar question before, but need more advice, so here i go! I plan to pursue teaching/biology/opening my own business/working in companies related jobs Current Subjects Chem HL Bio HL Business & Management HL Chineses B HL Eng lang & lit SL Math SL btw I'm taking 4 hl's because I'm extremely good at chinese (obviously cuz im chinese), and i wanna get an easy 7, so I will need to take 4 Hl's. You guys don't need to tell me I shouldn't to 4 hl's because I have discussed this many time with my school counsellor. My Problems: I really enjoyed Business at igcse, so I chos
  9. So, hey. I just started IB like 2 days ago and my teacher asked me to think about a topic for IA. He didn't discuss or explain what should we do in IA or examples of topic that we can use for IA. Can anybody help me and my friends in class? Explaining about the IA and what should we do. Maybe examples of IA could help us Thank you, rhapsodysiscaa
  10. Hey guys For my Business extended essay I want to do a failure analysis of a local business that shut down last year focusing specifically on the marketing mix and competition . I met with one of the managers and he gave me most of the financial data I needed (Monthly Sales data , Profit and Loss Statement ,customer feedback , demographic of location , costing sheet) Some of the tools I'll be using are Boston Matrix Porters Five Forces Marketing mix My research question is currently What element(s) of the marketing mix went wrong for XYZ LLC in the U.A.E? Would really appreciate any
  11. Heyy, can anyone help me find the business and management question bank free download link online?
  12. Hey guys! I am currently starting on my business IA and I need some of your guys opinion on my recently thought Research Question. It would great if anyone could give me feedback on it. Thanks! R.Q: Should company X change it's organizational structure to assist with expansion?
  13. I'm on the look for good IB Business & Management books, and I am using the course companion published by oxford. (The pink book 2009) http://www.amazon.com/Business-Management-Companion-Diploma-Programme/dp/019915225X/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_b Well, I want to purchase another book as well for better resource (link below) because it's the latest one (published by cambridge 2011). Any one of you use this book as well? http://www.amazon.com/Business-Management-Diploma-Peter-Stimpson/dp/0521147301/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1345262334&sr=1-1&keywords=9780521147309 Recommendatio
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