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  1. Hello everyone, I am studying self-taught Arabic A in school. I need to find an Arabic book that has similar global issues, plot and themes as the novel Burmese Days by George Orwell. My Oral exam is very soon so please I am in desperate need for help. The major theme in Orwell's book is imperialism. Any suggestions are very helpful!! Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I’m new to IB survival so I’m not sure that i post this in the right place!! So I’m IB and i decided to do my EE on english b category 3. I am considering doing it on a book which has symbolism in it. I searched a lot of books and found out that animal farm by George Orwell is a good one. However i am not sure if it is over done or not! Can you guys help me? The deadline is on next week!!
  3. Hey guys, I’m new to IB survival so I’m not sure that i post this in the right place!! So I’m IB and i decided to do my EE on english b category 3. I am considering doing it on a book which has symbolism in it. I searched a lot of books and found out that animal farm by George Orwell is a good one. However i am not sure if it is over done or not! Can you guys help me? The deadline is on next week!!
  4. Hey, does anyone happen to have Biology 4th Edition IBID by Minka Peeters in pdf? The one that is on the ibdocuments is only the "extras" for this book and I really need this book, it's not available in my country, I believe, and due to coronavirus, there are no international parcels coming so I can't really order it I would be grateful, thanks!!
  5. Hello, I am looking for the online version of the Mathematics for the IB Diploma Standard Level published by Cambridge University Press. Does anyone have a google drive link to it? Thanks!
  6. Which books are you reading/did you read for your Literature course? (English or other languages) Which one was your favorite?
  7. So I will be doing my Extended Essay on either China's Cultural Revolution or before it; specifically, either the Red Guard, the Wuhan Incident or the Hundred Flowers Campaign. But I'm wondering where I could find primary sources. Are there any specific websites or books? Any online archives that I could access? Any pictures, newspaper/magazine articles, etc. from the time would be really useful! Also figures and statistics (of anything) would be great, but it's difficult to find them, especially for individual cities. I'm not sure about this, but I think that the Chinese
  8. Hi! I took literature because I love to read and I am good at analyzing texts. I created this topic to open a space where we could share what we are reading (in class and outside of class/in our free time), what are our favorite books, favorite genres, favorite authors, book recommendation, and everything you would like to share. I took English A Lit HL and we read: Persepolis Woman at Point Zero (loved it) A Doll's House The Great Gatsby All my sons Death of a Naturalist (poems) That's it so far. In my free time (IF I CAN EVER FIND SOME FREE TIME,
  9. Hi all, I'm doing physics HL and I am looking for the answers to my book. I am using the Pearson Baccalaureate Higher Lever Physics 2nd Edition. I searched for the answers and I can't fine them. Can someone please tell me where to find the answers.
  10. For english A1 in extended essay, for the book, do you know any good ideas? Thanks for your time.
  11. Urša

    History book

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could recomend a useful textbook for the history of the 20th century (or more of them)? Mainly for single-party states, WWI, WWII...
  12. I start grade 11 in September and I'm going into Math HL . I'm really good at math but I still want to prepare myself for this course. I can't seem to find any syllabus on the IB website and I'm not sure other syllabus i find on random websites will be updated or accurate. Anyone know where I could find an accurate syllabus or maybe pdf versions of books? Also, any other tips for preparing for math HL? And anyone recommend a graphic calculator? edit: literally minutes after posting this i found the syllabus http://highered.colorado.gov/academics/admissions/PLA docs/Mathematics (GT-MA1)/IB
  13. Does anyone know where can I buy IB books in London? In possibly low prices. The best option for me would be to order all books online and then pick them up
  14. This book , the numercials are quiet tricky and hard .Guys help , my exam is next week .
  15. Hello everyone! So for my Group 4 Project, my team decided to base our project on Agatha Christie book 'and then there were none'. Chemistry: identification of poisons We need a few m,ore ideas for Physics and Biology. For Biology, we thought about maybe investigating how the concentration of seawater affects the decaying of a corpse. For Physics, we thought of building that metal contraption the Judge uses to kill himself in the end. However, I feel that the Physics idea might be a bit too wild. Any other ideas for Physics, chemistry and biology? I would really love any sugges
  16. Hi guys, Does anyone have the pearson book for physics HL? If so, do you mind sharing the answers for option C - Imaging? I only have the pdf version of chapters and it'd be great if I got the answers too!
  17. Hey guys, So, I've been studying for the Economics Exams and also been reading a book called "Economics: The User's Guide" by Ha-Joon Chang. There are a lot of things that are covered in the syllabus as well as some useful contextual information like working hours and levels of inequality in different countries. I'm wondering if it will be useful if I put down these data in my answers for paper 1 (and possibly paper 2) if they are relevant to the questions. The mark schemes, as my teacher says, are at times overly simple and don't include any understanding of the contexts. Thanks!
  18. Hi guys, I'm starting my first year on IB and I've decide to study Computer Science SL in spite of not having a teacher who is IB prepared so I'm going to be on my own :'(. Here is the only place where I can ask my doubts: 1. Where can I find the updated syllabus/guide for the upcoming 2 years? 2. I've been reading forums and older guides and I don't know whether or not the case study is only for HL, if it isn't, is it the same for both? 3. Which are the recommended books (from IB or personnal experience) for SL 2015,2016. Thanks in advance for your support and collaboration. PS: Sry if
  19. So I have just handed in my first 2000 word draft of my EE to finish off the year, and my teacher has said that I'm going strongly, all is good, I'm sitting on an A-B level so far. This was encouraging, until I read several examiner comments online saying that commonly done, overanalysed, dystopian books are not so likely to score highly, and supervisors should encourage their students to choose newer works to study. Heres the thing; I'm doing Brave New World, which is SUPER over analysed. It is my favourite book ever, I have so much to talk about, and I haven't gone and read any other essay
  20. Hello, Which book/s do you guys recommend for the IB Further HL course? Thanks
  21. Hello everyone, I would like to know if anybody knows where I can buy an online or hard copy SOLUTIONS MANUAL of the following book: - Mathematics Standard Level. 3rd Edition, 2nd Imprint. by Fabio Cirrito, contributing author: Patrick Tobin. I live in Canada, so it'd be helpful if it could ship over here. Please help ASAP, thanks. Entropy_Reversed
  22. Someone else created a "least favorite book" topic, but not only do I love two of the books people listed as their least favorite, this "least favorite" approach seems to pessimistic to me. I absolutely love Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and Emma because the characters in both are so well-developed, and the plots of both are interesting. I really enjoyed reading Shelley's Frankenstein. What books do you like? Why?
  23. Hey, guys) I'm having IOC on this book in 10 days and I would like to discuss this book with you. What is the role of fire in the book? I can see that it is a contrasting imagery, since it is a cause for destruction (we can see a lot of references to it) and the only source of light. However, when the child says 'we're carrying the fire', I could not really get what he means by that. You could say that it stays for 'life' and all that but why would McCarthy write about the destruction? Also, if you have some other useful notes on the book (imagery, tone, allusions), could you please share it
  24. I forgot my Math studies textbook. I am in urgent need of an online version of the book. Does anyone know where I can find the textbook online? or someone please upload their CD online I am gone for few weeks and I can't study for math at all
  25. HIIII , so i'm going to compare a book(the rape of Nanking) and a movie(the city of life and death) regarding the Nanking Massacre in 1937. I have troubles in section D about the analysis part. I understand how the criterion wants us to "demonstrate our understanding of the issue in it's historical context", I don't really understand that part. So, Like what do we need to include in the Analysis section when i'm comparing these two sources? Please help!!!!!
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