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  1. Hello there, I am currently struggling a bit. In only a few weeks time I will have to hand in the formula, with my chosen subjects for the IB. But the thing is, that I am really indecisive. The subjects don’t really interest me as much, and I am fairly neutral. And I don’t have the slightest idea on what I would study in university or if I would even want to study abroad. But what I do know is, that I couldn’t see myself going for a scientific of medical profession ever in this life. I was thinking about choosing these following subjects: HL: German, English,Geography SL: Mathe
  2. Hi. I need some advice. My IA is about fungi so I have some data for growth over time for two conditions of one abiotic factor. The groups of the fungi in one of my two conditions (they took 2 months to grow bc of various reasons) have no growth of the fruiting body (thus no data). Thus it seems silly to use a statistical test since I know which condition was the *best ( growth was limited by lack of control of other variables) Any advice? Will this limit my chances of getting 7? I worked too much on this and now there is no data for 1 condition, just a load of qualitativ
  3. Hey I would like some advice on whether choosing SL or HL for IB biology.
  4. Hey, so it's that time of the year where IB Year 1's are getting ready to do their Group 4 projects as well as preparing their IAs. I'm totally stumped on what I want to do, but I do know what topic (Ecology) I really like working with animals but due to ethical reasons, I'm limited to what I can do with them so the teacher suggested to mainly work with plants. I would like to do something interesting with them but I need some help generating a solid idea. Help would be much appreciated, so if you do have just an idea or specific topic let me know
  5. Hello everyone! I'm going into the 10th grade this year, and am planning on doing the IB program 11th-12th grade. In the future I am hoping to be a pediatrician, so I was looking online for what IB classes you should take in order for medical school. Most sites said Biology and Chemistry HL. I like chemistry a lot and am hoping to HL in that, but I'm not so sure about biology. So, first of all, would HL biology be necessary for medical school? Also, if I did do HL bio, would it be important to take biology this year too? (Pre-IB) I'm currently signed up to do physics, and I did biology in 8th
  6. (Still in construction; last edit: 30 April 2017) Hello there! What inspires me to write this long post is because of numerous questions I got in my inbox are mostly about "How to revise for Biology?" or "How do I get a 7 in my Biology HL/SL?" So here we go. Why should you trust me for this post? I have studied Chemistry HL & Biology HL, which I am a stressful little double-science student potato. The most insane thing I did was to get my Biology from 4 from the beginning of Grade 12 (IBDP1) into a 6 in my IB finals in Grade 13 (IBDP2). I would like to share how I really revise for B
  7. Hey! Well, I just wanted to ask how you felt about Paper 1 and Paper 2. I think I'm... "alright"... with Paper 1 but Paper 2 was HORRIBLE! I admit I haven't studied almost anything but I've checked some past papers and remember some things I read.
  8. Hello guys. I was wondering, how do you cope with combining SL and HL material? i find it annoying while making notes that SL part is in the front of the book, but for the HL material I have to look at the back of the book. I am asking about biology, but actually it may concern any subject.
  9. Hello fellow IB people! In a couple of weeks I will start IB1, and I feel like I should be preparing but I really don't know how and where to start. Are there any online study guides or materials that I should run through before I go to my first class? I forgot to mention that I'm taking A Language SL English B HL Economics HL B&M HL Environmental Studies SL Math Studies I want to be prepared for the first week, especially for Economics, so please, feel free to share tips, websites and experiences. Thank you in advance BTW, I'm thinking of
  10. I'm taking the IB Biology SL exam next month and want to hear from others who have already taken it or are planning to. I'm not really sure how many days in advance I should be studying or from where... My school has a really low average for Biology tests, a 4.3, and I got a 19/24 score on my IA. I really want to get a 6 or so, so I know I have a lot of work to do on my own. Any tips?
  11. Hi, I'm an pre-IB student and I'm considering taking Maths HL. Other subjects I'm taking are: Polish SL, English B HL, Chemistry HL, Psychology SL and Biology, but I'm not sure yet wether on SL or HL, it'll depend on my maths choice. I'm a good student at maths, I get only A's, I took part in many competitions and did quite well in few of them. My teachers say that I will probably manage to finish Maths HL but I personally think I do not have a chance for anything better than a 5, which will not be enough for my university entrance requirements (i'm thinking about something like engi
  12. Hi people! I'm currently setting up my Bio SL IA, I wanted to work with red wiggler worms and see how food affects the population growth. I had already an idea of what I was going to do, but I was planning it would take around 1 -2 months. My teacher says that she is not sure if my experimental work can surpass 10 hrs, as the guide says that's the time we have to work on it. So probably, I'll have to change it. What do you guys know about that? Could it happen? Or can I stay? Thanks!!
  13. Hey there, I'm in the process of coming up with the method of my Bio IA and I really don't know how to do it. I want to measure the chlorella population growth in three different water sources at the same light conditions. Does anybody know enough Bio to help me? What apparatus would I need for it and how could I do it? The aim is to show what water is the most polluted. Thank you, LuisDa Molina Rueda.
  14. Hi all, We have to submit our research question for our Biology (SL) IA's tomorrow and I have no idea what to do! I'm interested in enzymes and photosynthesis but anything I have come up with is too simple, broad or complex. Can you guys please help me think of a RQ? Thank you so much.
  15. Hello survivors I'm currently at an impasse. Is it smart to take Biology HL as a 7th subject if one is unsure of what they would want to do in the future? I've been asking a lot of my friends in school and even some teachers and I always get the "do what you're interested in" answer. But I am interested in all of my subjects but I just have no clue on what I want to do in the future. I understand that you're not really supposed to yet at my age; however, subject choices in the IB do limit your choices for what you can apply for in university. My subjects are: Math HL, Physics HL, Finnish
  16. I have mock exams coming up in the next couple of weeks and could really use the practice! Am happy to trade May 2014 exams if needed, or exams from other sessions. Thank you!
  17. Hello everyone, I am a IB student in Sweden and very interested in studying medicine. My subject choices are: English A LANGUAGE & LITERATURE HL, Swedish B HL, Math SL, Chemistry SL, Biology, HL, Physics SL. Since most SWEDISH medical school require all natural sciences atleast at SL, I have to take a non-regular diploma Swedish universities also requires Swedish as a first language and to fulfill this criteria I'm going to be doing a Test for that called TISUS. The problem here is that I'm not sure how hard English HL Language & literature is and I'm pretty worried that I
  18. 30 downloads

    This is my outline of the Biology SL strands which I thought may be useful to some
  19. I am having a hard time writing a good and complete Biology Lab Report /IA and I want to ask for some help on this matter... I believe I have the basic structure: Introduction/Background, Aim, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Raw data, Processed data, Conclusion, Evaluation. However I am bad at writing good hypothesises, conclusions and evaluations and I don't know what the IB wants to hear. Any advice? Useful links? Example? I am in my first year and I'm taking Bio SL but I stubble every time we get assigned a new IA so I really want to turn it around and get really good at writing them. Tha
  20. So, I need to do a lab report for next week. My teacher advised me to do it based on a data based. We did a lab with a database long time ago and I do not remember how to work with it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would also want to have my lab in the topics of Homeostasis, Option G Ecology. This lab is very important because we might send it to IBO. Thanks in advance!
  21. I'm trying to decide what science to take in the IB diploma program. It'd probably make the most sense to take ESS (Environmental Systems and Studies) or Biology, since I'm not good at math, but I don't find those subjects very interesting and, from what I hear, they're very content-based (involve lots of memorization and such). I'm going to take HL English, Art and History, which are also heavy with content, so I don't want to be too overwhelmed with having to memorize stuff. I think Chemistry is really interesting but, like I said, I suck at math. It's not that I don't like math, I'm just no
  22. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place because I've only been here a handful of times. (What is a handful anyway? lol) I have to have IA Topics by Monday for my class. I'm willing to do anything that isn't expensive to do because my family is struggling financially so I don't have money to do a project that requires 20 plants or whatever. I'm in Biology SL and will take it again next year because I'm not testing out this year. I don't mind because Science is really difficult for me and I tend to stumble a lot and have to study harder with that subject to get anything in unlike Math or Econom
  23. For my group 4 project, we were testing to see which door handle at our school had the most bacteria, which types, etc. HOWEVER, the person in charge of collecting data killed all of the bacteria by spreading it on too thick and letting the slides sit for too long. We have very little data. I know that it is fine that it didn't work out, but I have no idea what to even put for the data collection portion. The lab is due tomorrow. help me please!
  24. I will apply for retake in biology including doing again the IA in biology. Therefore can someone please explain me what is the process regarding the lab reports retake? Where will I conduct them again? Which new lab reports will be sent? Due when? Do I need to write them all over again? Or the superviser will tell me which lab reports to improve like in May session?
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