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Found 16 results

  1. Do you think I can write my EE in physics about the comparison of exoplanets based on their habitability (which also based on many different factors)?
  2. Can anyone explain the difference between these two formulas? I am thinking of doing my math SL IA topic on time dilation so I need clear understanding on these. I know that one is the time dilation formula derived by using hyperbola and the other one is the famous time dilation formula, but I'm not sure how they are related to or different from each other. (I'm also not too sure how the first formula is derived since I don't have the knowledge from advanced algebra.)
  3. I want to study astrophysics at university and my IB option choice deadline is in a few days. I am debating between taking SL Chemistry or Theater Arts. Currently I am planning on taking: HL Physics, Maths, English Lit SL Economics, Spanish B, Chem/Theater The problem is that I love both chemistry and theater equally and consider myself to be pretty decent at both. I am not willing to drop any of the two because I thoroughly enjoy both so now I don't know what to do as I don't require either of them for studying physics or even astrophysics at university level. (I am takin
  4. hello everyone. I am trying to choose which subjects to have in a HL. I know that I have to take HL physics, that one is sorted and decided. but i am wondering if I should have math HL. the career counselor of my school tells me that I am capable of doing it, but my credits would decrease as it is a really tough subject and that is the important stuff. but I also know that I might need to have the knowledge for what is thought in math HL. i really do not know whether is better to have a 6-7's on math SL or to take it HL and to have 4-5's but I would know more content. help please. i need togi
  5. Hello everyone, I am currently doing 4 HL's but I need to drop one as soon as possible. Right now I am taking Math, Physics, Chem and Econ HL. I want to be an astrophysicist. I know that I need to keep Physics HL, I do not know about Math because even though I am strong at math, the teachers say that it will be very challenging for me and I will not be able to get the score I want, but if I drop to Math SL she said that the course would be kinda too easy for me not letting me develop my skills. I have to choose between Chem and Econ which one to drop. If I were to have Physi
  6. What subject combination at HL and SL are the best to become an astrophysicist, especially if you are looking at a pretty high level university like UoT?
  7. Hi all, I've been looking at the grade boundaries for IB Physics and have noticed their is no distinction between grade boundaries for different options (relativity, astrophysics etc...) in paper three. Does anybody know why this is, considering there are distinctions made between options for Mathematics HL which 'level' the playing field if one option was easier/harder than another. In this vain I'm thinking that it would be advantageous to go for astrophysics as it is by and large considered the easiest topic, however it'd be great to hear from people's past experiences of the op
  8. Hi, everyone. Later this week I'm going to start the EE and I'm desperately trying to decide what I want to write about. At first, I thought about doing it on Geography or Maths, mainly because my other HL subject, Physics, requires a lot of experimentation that can get dull and tedious. Plus, I didn't feel very passionate about many of the topics that people used for their EE in Physics. Until I realized that since I was a kid I was always fascinated by space - it's, in fact, one of the reasons I chose to do Physics at HL. I decided I might write my EE on this, but thinking about how co
  9. Hello, I just wanted to seek some help from students or past students on some EE stuff I have been struggling with. I am sorry if this posted in the wrong forum or place, please correct me If I am doing anything wrong. I am doing my EE on physics, and specifically I would love to be able to do something in Astrophysics. I have been reading some exemplar EE's and seem that most experimentally-based essays tend to score higher. Having said this, I would like to do an experimentally-focused EE on Astrophysics. However, problem with this for me is finding a topic and the time I have
  10. Hello So right now, I am student in grade XI with my end of year exams in may and my final IB exams next year. Recently we were asked to submit our subject choice for our Extended Essay and I chose physics simply because I have a deep love of the subject and I wish to work in this field later on as well. So I have been quite excited for the Extended Essay and I had a lot of discussions with my physics teacher as well in this regard. I wanted to do my extended essay in Astrophysics, specifically related to calculating the mass of Galaxies, however, this would have been a highly theoreti
  11. I am wondering, where, when and how do we apply astrophysics in real life?
  12. Hi IBSurvivors, IBWarriors, IBAlumni, IBTeachers and Future IBWarriors :$ Can someone recommend excellent/classic must-read books for an astrophysicist? All suggestions are welcome, from textbooks on the subject to best-sellers written by authors such as Carl Sagan, Neil DeGrasse Tyson etc. I just want a bucket list of stuff to read in my 3 month break. Also, please suggest some TV shows/movies on anything close to the subject!! I particularly like Cosmos: A spacetime odyssey (hosted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson). Star Trek/Wars are of course the classics. Thaaanks !!!!
  13. 68 downloads

    Here is my detailed IB physics HL notes that I took during my IB years. This part contains notes for 2 HL options (Astrophysics & Relativity). Hope it is useful for those taking physics
  14. "Does Kepler's third law apply to objects with highly irregular orbits, such as comets?" I have access to an observatory, so I can actually do an experiment with it, and none of my physics textbooks are willing to say whether or not a comet will follow Kepler's Third Law. It will follow the first two. I suppose I could focus on a specific comet, since ISON is up right now (and observable) and I know somebody with a physical database of some very old observing data. However, my supervisor, while great in pointing out resources, doesn't know much about the EE... Feedback?
  15. Hello everyone, I'd like to do an extended essay for astrophysics, and after some time I narrowed down my topic to the stars. My idea is to determine the age of the milky way using hubble's constant. Or, I suppose the age of the universe would also work, as that would be going all the way to the big bang. My problem is that I have seen one Yahoo! Answer that basically answers the age of the universe in about a paragraph, and although I would like to do a data-based essay and figure out Hubble's constant myself, I don't know whether or not it is far too simple or not. We will do Astrophysics as
  16. I am in IB1 but in the summer i shall have to make the choice of where i want to go and what i want to study. Up till now i have always wanted to study marketing, but that was something i was just good at, liked and is what my teachers told me that i should do. Now i have an interest in Astronomy and it is something i always just enjoyed reading about or learning about. This is why i thought of doing astrophysics, now we get to the complicated part, i did not take physics ever before in my life so that would mean i would have to do an foundation year physics, also my maths is not good enough t
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