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Found 23 results

  1. I have huge struggle of creating my reaserch proposal for my Bussines Managment investigation! Can anyone give me some suggestio?
  2. My Applications and Interpretations IA is going to be an utter disaster. My biggest concern is whether I'll be able to take the exam if I don't turn in anything at all, because right now I feel like all hope is lost. I'm far too late to salvage it. How badly will it affect me both grades wise and exam wise, and if I absolutely must, what tips do you have for getting something put together quickly?
  3. I have my Pre-IB french interview at Victoria Park CI tomorrow! I know how to do an interview, but can someone please tell me what they will ask ASAP! Thanks!
  4. "To what extent was the cold war responsible for the separation between North Korea and South Korea?" is this too broad? please someone help how i should phrase my research question. I really do have interest and a lot of knowledge in this area (the Korean War) & (The Cold War)
  5. I submitted 1200 words TOK essay four days later (Aug 28, 2018) after the deadline. This deadline is not the ib deadline but its what the teacher set. The teacher was okay with me submitting four days late because the majority of the students did not submitted on the deadline. However, today Aug 30, 2018, I decide to submit reworked TOK Essay, specifically changing the introduction, evidence used and 200 more words, then I uploaded to the candidate ib website. The teacher was not okay with me reworking on the essay and told me to submit the previous one, so he rejected my essay I uploaded on t
  6. Hey guys! So I've chosen to do my EE about Gender Equality in Baha'i. I need to narrow it down however so I was wondering if anybody had any ideas of how I could do that or what I can narrow it down to! If you could help I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much!
  7. Hey! I need help with my question. I'm interested in doing something with Baha'i and equality or Wicca and the four elements. My question would be like these: •to what extent has Baha'i impacted the progress of women? •how do the four elements play a role in worship in Wicca? Please help if you can, really need it!! thanks so much!
  8. My IOP is next week and I don't know what to do. I wanted to do drawings showing the dynamic development of Marguerite, but I don't know how to present it. Like how do I open the presentation? and how do I close it? Please help.
  9. Hi! I have some questions about the EE. I am doing my EE in Spanish A Literature HL. I already have the books I want to analyze, my question and my supervisor accepted it. I want to analyze the use of setting of two different books. This is the research title nd the research question I want to work on: Research Title: Una exploración, comparación y análisis de los espacios diegéticos en dos novelas, Pedro Páramo y Cien años de soledad Research Question: ¿Hasta qué punto los espacios diegéticos pueden considerarse personajes en las novelas Pedro Páramo y Cien años de soledad?
  10. Hey, I need a Biology IA experiment for tomorrow. It needs to be something with mesocosms and I don't know what it could be because we haven't studied mesococms yet.
  11. Ok so my bio ia topic is about how temperature affects whether or not a enzyme denatures and causes my jello to become solid.... what do i do for my processed data........ and my calculations and stuff... plz help idk what to do and this ia is due like tmr so plzzzz help thank u!!!!
  12. Hello, I really need help with formulating a TOK k.q.. I watched this video and was very interested in the idea of concussions experience and our perception of reality. Do you have any suggestions for the knowledge question?
  13. Hello! I need help to collect my data for my mathematics IA. I am doing the correlation between GPA and sleeping hours. Could you please answer this survey? I really need more data THANKS! https://goo.gl/forms/Y3SnZ9LKPxFj2Ehg2
  14. Hello! I was wondering what supplies I should get for my first year of IB. My classes: -History of the Americas HL 1 -English 1 HL -Visual Art 1 HL -Math SL -Environmental Science Plus two other non-IB classes. Any survival tips are welcome as well! Any and all recommendations are appreciated! Thank you!
  15. hello, I just have a quick question about my ia hypothesis question, I want to know if its testable for ibo. I've gone through a series of questions already and would hate to have to start over because my questions isn't up to ibo standards or isn't testable. topic question: DID THE HOUSE MARKET CRASH OF 2006-2011 AFFECT THE US ECONOMY? or maybe DOES THE CRASH OF THE HOUSE MARKET AFFECT AN ECONOMY? (in case saying US is too specific or needless for math) I did plan on looking only at data from the US house market crash of the recent years , is that okay? I'm open to suggestions in additio
  16. hey! im about to start my extended essay, and I'm supposed to give my research question in by tomorrow but i am still alowed to change it. My research question right now is what kind of plants grow in the stampled areas of the forest vs non stampled areas and is there any correlation to the plants that grow (if two plants always grow together etc) I really do not think this is sufficient enough for an extended essay and i want to change it as it already does not seem appealing to me. i want to do something involving humans. ive thought of research questions such as, the effect of different
  17. Hey guys! I've seen YouTube videos of sample presentations, most of which are basically just screens of their presentations with their voice recorded. Is it possible to do this for the May 2016 batch? In my school everyone does it by standing in front of a projector and recording it themselves. Just curious as to whether we're allowed to just record the screen of our laptops using a software and talk over the presentation? Need a response ASAP as my presentation is due in 2 days, thanks!
  18. Hi! Right now, I am in Japan and working on my Geography EE. My topic is about the social and economic effect of nuclear incident. So far, I have collected: -Radiation measurement (3 surrounding sites) -Sales of special product in 5 years before and after the incident -Movement of people(population investigation) (youth dependent/old dependent ) -unemployment rate -photos -1.5 hours long interview to 2 farmers -about 10 articles I was supposed to do questionnaire as well, but I prefer not to do it since I have to leave after tomorrow. so my question is.. 1) Do I have to do
  19. Hello, I have to submit my topic and design for my biology extended essay by this Friday (tomorrow! ), and I have a topic and rough idea of what I would like to do, though I was wondering if I can get some advice and guidance for which way to take my experimenting. (an answer asap would be much appreciated ! ) So my topic is within the plant sciences and my research question is How does exposure to vibration and sound affect the growth rate of Raphanus sativus L.? *(Should I measure the growth rate, or the germination rate? would either be fine? and if they are, what would be the best w
  20. Hey! Can you PLEASE help me? I am in the process of deciding the topic for my E.E. I am going to do it in English (Group 1). My favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo, so I think I would enjoy writing about it for my E.E. The issue is that it was originally written in French and since my E.E. will be in English, I have to find a book written originally in English to compare it to (so it will be a Category 2). I was thinking of comparing TCOMC to some of Shakespeare's works since they share some elements. For example, the situation of Maximilien and Valentine is similar to that of Rome
  21. Any ideas for a topic in the EE for Economics? ASAP please
  22. Hi, I am currently doing 5 subjects at HL, but I was told that I heed to drop one or two in order to continue the course. I am doing at HL: Math Economics English B History Physics +Doing Russian A at SL I am planning to go to uni to study Economics, at the moment I am in the middle of my first year of Ib and predicted about 40-43 points at the end of it. Which subjects would it be better for me to drop to SL?
  23. Heyy everyone, So, I am writing my Economics commentary on negative externalities of consumption of alcohol and tobacco. As far as I know, I need 3 diagrams to evaluate and to support my argument. So far, I have only included a diagram about the negative externalities and the market failure. I need 2 more diagrams, do you guys have any ideas about what else I can talk about? Thank you so much!
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