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Found 7 results

  1. So I'm doing a math EE and I my topic is stress on students and their coping habits. My problem is with the topic of my EE, I'm concerned about it because with the evidence and data that I've collected for my research, I'm not able to actually calculate any math with it. So I've come to the conclusion that I need to change the topic entirely to allow me to do some actually math in my data. I remember reading somewhere that math EE's can revolve around statistics and so my research that I've collected are mainly just statistics on student stress but I cannot do any actual math with it because
  2. So I'm in DP1 and M23 and I'm having trouble choosing between HL Chemistry and HL Physics. I'm about 1 1/2 months into IB at this stage and I'm just so confused. I'm currently taking HL Chemistry, Maths AA and Economics with Global Politics, Spanish ab initio and English LangLit at SL. I'm looking to study economics at uni but I also have a small interest in Computer Science which I want to explore to see if it's for me. This would be my only science but it would be at HL. I've heard that Physics is better for what I want to do but I'm much better at Chemistry in general. I got a 9 for iGCSE C
  3. Hi everyone, I just started year 12 this week. Unsure of what I wanted to do in the future, I chose HL Chem, Bio, Econ and SL Eng Lang Lit, Chinese B and Math AA. Now that I have had at least one session with each subject, I'm really starting to doubt my choices. Firstly, I dont really know what career would require the 3 HL's that I have chosen. I know that Chem and bio would be good for medicine but I believe that HL Math was important to have as well. Furthermore, I dont have any desire to study medicine, nor do I think that I am smart enough for medicine, and to do well in these subj
  4. I want to do my IA on calculus or differential equations but any idea i have (e.g. Game theory, SIR modelling) is too simple for AA HL and i want to score full on exploration. I did consider Riemann Hypothesis but it seems like differential equations score well, and I'm a mediocre HL student. Anything about differential equations that lies within the scope of math AA HL?
  5. Hello! I'll be starting the IB in August, which is very exciting, but there is one thing that has been on my mind lately: my subject choices. Our choices had to be made a few months ago. During that time of choosing I decided to go with 4 HLs. At first my intention was to take the three subjects which were English A Lang. and Lit. Biology Chemistry But, because history has always interested me, I decided to add it my list of HL subjects. A reason for my choice was that I had this idea that getting a good grade in HL History is easier due to the fact that Paper 3 in the
  6. My Theatre SL class is doing our PPPs this month. As part of my supporting material I have costume designs for my characters. To add some authenticity I want to add fabric swatches to show what the costume would be made from. I was wondering if there is a specific way that IB wants us to attach fabric to the paper or if they would prefer us not to add actual textiles? I have asked my teacher but since this this is her first year teaching IB she is unsure about IB's specific preferences. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. So next year I'll be going into IB and my school requires HL European History and HL English. Currently, my plan for next year is: HL History HL English HL Biology (my school doesn't offer SL Bio) SL Physics Year 2 (I started SL physics this year in 10th grade; my school doesn't offer HL physics) SL Spanish SL Math So here's my problem: I really, really want to take HL math. I've always been really good at math and it's always come very easily to me. I've never gotten anything less than 100% on any of the exams in Algebra 2 and Geometry last year was basically the same thing. My elementary sch
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