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  1. Guys, I am currently doing my written task and I am asked to write about the linguistic style of a poet. I have done it, but now I need to do my 200 words rationale. Can you guys explain to me about what I should write for the rationale? Like, why did I choose that poet and what else should I write?
  2. I'm writing a WT on Language and Power and I decided to write an apology. It's supposed to be an apology from a person who said some ignorant, insensitive comment about a certain group of people (and got a lot of criticism for). I'm writing it as a social media post where I can also write down comments and show different people's reaction to this person's apology. In my rationale, I said that I'm trying to show how apologies can be used to deflect accusations and evade responsibilities. However, my teacher told me that my WT is too vague and that she can't see a clear topic that I'm
  3. Hi, I had planned to pretend to interview Bob Marley to ask about his attitude towards English, creoles and pidgins, and linguistic imperialism. The issue is that I am supposed to show how his use of language express his identity and he speaks in Jamaican English, so I am supposed to write his answers for the interview in Jamaican English too? Any ideas if I have understood this correctly? I would really appreciate any help!
  4. I have English A and i must make my WT 1 on part 1 soon. I want to write a pastiche and connect it with topic 'Language and Communities'. I need a text i can use or a website where i can get ideas. Any suggestions?
  5. So, I'm a bit stuck on what to write for my written task 1. I've decided to write a speech, and it has to be based on Part 1 & 2. However, I'm not sure about a couple of things: What are some examples (general ideas) of speeches I could write based on part 1 & 2? How do I connect the speech to the part of the course I'm covering? Some of the topics I can write about are: English as a global language Varieties of english Journalism If you know of any sites with info on written task 1 I'd appreciate if you could share it with me.
  6. Hey guys! So I am writing my last written task for Language & Literature HL. And as it is task 2 I decided to make an analysis of an advert(s) and how they would change if the target audience changed. My question is: is it really allowed to analyze more that one advert-banner? Coz in the examples our teacher sent us, there is one analyzing a photo(single one), so I don't really know if this is okay to have more. I look forward to your replies^^
  7. Hey guys! So I am writing my last written task for Russian & Literature HL. And as it is task 2 I decided to make an analysis of an advert(s) and how they would change if the target audience changed. My question is: is it really allowed to analyze more that one advert-banner? Coz in the examples our teacher sent us, there is one analyzing a photo(single one), so I don't really know if this is okay to have more. I look forward to your replies^^
  8. I have chosen English A: Language and Literature(HL) and I'm going to write my WT1 based on part 3/4 of the IB course. And I have a few questions regarding this: Is dialogue as a text type allowed? I, actually plan to write a dialogue between two fictional characters. One of my characters would be a modern day protagonist (either from a book or a movie) and the other would be from a literary text (Miss Julie or Nora from 'A Doll's House'. I thought this topic would enable me to display the historical, cultural, psychological differences of between the women of today and of the 1870s. I wa
  9. Hey, guys, I really need some help thinking of a topic for my written task. I have no clue what to do it on. For part 1 we did language in a cultural context and recently we've read Hamlet, Songs of Solomon. I could really use the help, to think of a topic or something to inspire me. What have you guys done or what is something that I could do?
  10. Hey! I'm an English HL student and my first written task 1 is due... tomorrow! You guys have any ideas for a good written task in the topics Bad Language, Rhetoric, Bias in News media, Imperial Legacy or Translation, I would be, like, super grateful! Thanks:)):):)
  11. I am required to do a written task on love letters in Language and Literature Portuguese, but I have no idea how to make a written task on that. I need some inspiration and ideas on how I'm going to do this.
  12. Hello, I was wondering if there are any restrictions on the uses of fonts and graphology in general in written tasks for English A (Language and Literature). I'm writing a diary entry for my written task and I wanted to use a handwritten font for it. Thanks.
  13. I have to write the written task for my English A:Language and Literature course. I have chosen a topic from Part 1 of the course, Language and Power. I thought about taking the perspective of a political leader who talks about the perils of poverty and methods to alleviate it. My source is ttps://www.brookings.edu/research/what-are-the-presidential-candidates-saying-about-poverty-and-opportunity/ Now, my question is whether this is an appropriate source for the topic. EDIT- This could also be from part 2 of the English Language and Literature Course and more specifically from
  14. Hi guys, I'm in English A Lang Lit SL and I'm about to write my written task 1. So I'm decided to write an opinion column, yet for example if I choose to do something with feminism, which points are we supposed to include? Is the opinion column a critique of the stimulus material? Is it opinion on the chosen specific issue in general supported with facts? I'm just confused about how you can show your knowledge and understanding of a topic studied for Part 2, for example. Thanks in advance for responses.
  15. Hey guys, So I'm looking for a topic for my FOA and Written task. I'm wondering which parts I can use, since I already used part 4 for my written task and i can't remember about the FOA. What are the possible combinations of doing the two new ones if anyone can help me please? Also, do you have any idea where I could search for a topic since I'm really nervous that my topic would decrease my grade. Do you have any full marks examples? What is the best approach towards doing your FOA or written task, because i think that I'm doing something wrong and my teachers won't tell me? Any advice i
  16. hello all! I had a question while I was going through different texts for my written task. can we write a letter from a fictional character to another for our written task 1? for example, I'm planning to write on the movie and movel, 'the help', and I want to write a letter from Rachel to skeeter. is that possible? also, I need suggestions for the points I can include in the rationale for the same.. my deadline is 15th so kindly help me.. Thank you
  17. Guys, Can we do a WA which is in the form of an interview?
  18. Hi everyone, We were asked to write our WT1 on 'A Streetcar Named Desire,' and I wanted to ask whether there are any rules for text types we can write. Can we do a brochure or article? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  19. Hello guys, so I got a 5 (nearly a 6 as suggested by my teacher) in my HL English L&L for my Y1 final exam, but I am super worried cuz I need at least a solid 6 for English, since my other HLs are Economics and Chemistry which I am getting a 6 and a 5 respectively. I need a total HL points of 18, so I am aiming for a 6-7 in English, 6 in Economics and hopefully a 6 in Chemistry too. But for now, can anyone suggest how can I ace my internal assessments cuz I heard that for a 7 in English you need very strong IAs? We did one FOA already, I got a 6, any tips for getting a 7? (I am doing my ne
  20. so my first draft of my written task is due next week and i need help narrowing down my topic, it's: Meursault experiences psychological difficulties throughout the novel due to his unstable emotions and state of mind. is that even good in the first place?? pls someone helpmeee
  21. Hey guys, So I've decided to go with question 6 of the prescribed questions which is, "How has the text borrowed from other texts, and with what effects?". I recently found out in a youtube video that many disney movies are adapted from other texts and novels. so I thought of doing my WT 2 on how the disney movie Peter pan is adapted from J.M Barrie's The boy who wouldn't grow up. However I was wondering if this topic is actually doable cause it involves a novel that was not studied as part of our syllabus. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks
  22. Hello everyone, I'm busy writing my written task part 2, using the book 1984. I chose to work with question 2, which is: If the text had been written in a different time or place or language or for a different audience, how and why might it differ? I chose to write an essay on how George Orwell's '1984' would be different if it would have been written before the Industrial Revolution. Do any of you have some good ideas for me? I would love to hear them. Thank you all in advance!
  23. I have to write a written task in German A Language and Literature. I decided to defend the bavarian dialect, based on an opinion piece offending this dialect. By sticking to the third or fourth question (How and why is a social group represented in a particular way? Or. Which social groups are marginalized, excluded or silenced within the text?). But since I am bavarian myself, I am unnerved by the possibility of my piece being an opinion piece, since it could sound like I'm defending my culture, which I will indirectly do. However, if I use concrete evidence to back up my claims, would it be
  24. Hi pips!! I just wanna make sure... So, I have researched about Written Task 2 and according to my research, WT2 ONLY has to have the following: 1. Outline : includes the question, the section of the course, the text (e.g. novel, play) and the aim. 2. The essay However, my teacher told me that I should add an abstract of 200 words. Can someone please tell me if there is a need for an abstract?? Your answers will be greatly appreciated.
  25. I have used many ideas in my English A written task from other opinion columns. I'm afraid if I cite the sources, the examiner might think that my WT is not original and take away a few marks. For example, if someone had written " Have you ever seen a crying baby? Babies are aware.." Then I would write "If you have ever seen a baby crying, you will notice that babies are aware ....". Is this plagiarism? I am using the exact same ideas but just chaning the words a little. Can the examiners detect this? And what would happen if they find the opinion columns I have used?
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