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  1. Hello there! My IBs start next week and i have chosen English A SL.Now i'm a foreigner and I would like to know what more about the syllabus and how challenging it is,to maybe change it before it's late. Thanks for the info!
  2. So we have been reading "If This Is A Man" by Primo Levi and have been given the task of writing a reflective statement of no more than 400 words. This is the question we have to answer: How was your understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral? This is all we have been told and I dont know if it should be more about the actual text or the research I had to do for the interactive oral?
  3. Hey everyone! I'm doing my first Supervised Writing on Oedipus Rex in a few days, and I'm pretty bad at these kinds of things (in-class essays, literary analysis without preparation, etc.). I'm not planning to write my Written Assignment on the play, but I want to do well since I want to get practice, as well as a good grade (to raise my overall grade haha). Does anybody have any tips on how to do well in these kinds of situations? Any and all help is appreciated Thank you very much!! xx
  4. Hello, so my written assignment is going to be about Antigone. My current topic is "The role the loneliness of the character(s) in Antigone." So my question is what is better to for my essay?Do I 1- Focus on a single character such as Antigone/Creon and go through her/his loneliness throughout the play? or 2- Write about Antigone, Creon and Ismene and talk about their loneliness and how it affects specific actions they do? Any and all advice would be helpful. Sorry for the inconvenience and Thanks for the Help!
  5. Just a quick question. Does anybody know what a French B HL IA looks like? And if possible may you please attach a copy of a complete french IA? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I'm thinking to write my english A lit. WA on Szymborska's poems, but the problem is I have only 2 poems suiting my topic. Do you think it is enough to write 1200-1500 words on it? If it helps, my topic (not yet discussed with the teacher) is: ''The concept of innocence and evil in 'Hatred' and 'The Hitler's first photograph' by Szymborska'. Do you think it sounds ok btw? Thanks for any feedback!
  7. Guys I really need some help in my world lit essay. So I am analyzing the extent to which a character can be considered a symbol of the modern society. So this means I will be explaining the ways in which this character is a symbol and the ways in which the character is not. Is this allowed?
  8. Guys can you please help me out in my Written Assignment. I feel that I have a good topic in terms of content but the research question does not explicitly refer to any of the following key words: symbols, motifs, themes and role. Is it still safe to proceed with such a topic. I checked a few sample essays that scored a high grade and all of them used at least one of the above words in their essay research question. Since I am focusing on a character, I might not be able to include these key words into my RQ, but I will be able to explicitly refer to them in my essay. Also, is writin
  9. Alright so I'm taking English A: Literature for Group 1 subject and I got confused with its part 1, because in Bahasa A Literature we did the Writing Assignment (WA/WL) already... And we had to pick the topic on our own. So, I asked my teacher about English WL/WA topic... And he said that we had to do the reflective statement first, then the WA/WL and we are not the ones to choose the topic. Instead, my teacher will pick a topic for it and everyone will have the same topic. Is this true guys? Shouldn't you guys be the ones to choose the topic? Please help.
  10. When we write our Written Assignment, we have to cite page numbers where we got the information in the blocks of text itself (pg.5), (pg.7), etc. Do these page numbers count in the word limit?
  11. I've finished both my reflective statement and written assignment. My teacher's not been clear as to whether we have to have references and a bibliography or not. I haven't used any external references. Do I still have to reference the quotes from the work used ( A doll's House) and use other sites? Do I have to have a bibliogaphy? Please help, my final WA is due this week!
  12. Hello everyone! I have Chinese A self-taught, and I have to hand in both reflective statement and written assignment in 2 weeks. I am very confused about the word count for Chinese. In Extended Essay, Chinese and Japanese can have more words than the other languages (1 word=1.2 Chinese character=2 Japanese character). But I cannot find it in the Language A guide. Can someone tell me what the word count for reflective statement and written assignment for Chinese? Thank you in advance!
  13. Hi guys. I'm doing my World literature essay on The Cherry Orchard. My topic is 'How is Madame Ranevsky shown as a representative of Feudal Russia?' . Can someone give me a few guidelines or like a checklist on how to make a good WL essay?
  14. Hello, fellow IBSers! I am currently editing my first draft of my WL essay; however I am not sure if my question is good enough. I am doing it on Chronicle of a Death Foretold, and my RS talked about Vicario remorse, honour, and machismo. My current essay title is Vicario Remorse: The effects of Latin-American machismo in Chronicle of a Death Foretold and my 'question' is How is Vicario remorse depicted and to what extent is this a result of machismo? Is my question okay, or do I need to make it tighter?
  15. Hello, I did my Written Task 1 on the gaming debate, where I wrote from the perspective of a pro-gaming magazine article writer. I wanted to show a different perspective to the perspective and minorly how communities are created, how language in magazines are used, etc. For my Written Task 2 I started writing a film review on a movie - pretty much a normal review. There is not a lot one can vary in a film review, but can I just write a normal review on a movie? Do my topics fit the parts? I can't tell myself because my teacher didn't say anything but changes her mind whenever she feels
  16. Hello I am currently in the process of writing my first draft of my WL on Wislawa Szymborska's "View with a Grain of Sand". The title me and my teacher agreed on "The movement through the concrete and mundane to the abstract and complex, in Szymborska’s poetry." as my titel. The poems I am considering focusing on are Autotomy Conversation with a Stone Onion Museum Clothes Suicide Room Does anybody have any advice for me? I am honestly struggling starting with this. I would really appreciate your help. xxx
  17. Tough! Okay, maybe not that harsh, but basically: you have to find a topic yourself as this is something you are assessed on. We will happily critique the topics you've found, say whether they're great, rubbish or average and give you plenty of guidance if you ask for it, but we will not give you a topic to write about. It's part of your grade, not ours! Good places to start for searching your OWN topics are sites or books with notes on major themes and characters (e.g. Sparknotes!) which may inspire you. Main themes, characters and symbols are always excellent ways to start thinking about wha
  18. For my works in translation paper I was looking at Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen and I decided to analyze how Ibsen used the traits inherited by Regina from her parents to show that selfishness is necessary for success. I looked at all the traits she inherited from Alving, Engstrand and Joanna and how it lead Regina to be successful in the sense that she was able to escape the duty bound fate like Mrs. ALving. However, my teacher said this was superficial and read more like a thematic character sketch than an essay. I need to figure out how to go deeper with my topic or how to approach this topic (or
  19. Does anyone have any advice in writing a good introduction or thesis for an essay? In particularly, how to embed a thesis into the introduction. I have written my intro already and if anyone could give me some pointers on it, that would be great too! (maybe you could pm me?)
  20. Hi guys, first post here =D Im beginning my IB2 year in about 3 weeks and have managed to procrastinate most of the assignments i was presented with in my German Self-taught class. I have a question about what is expected of me for the 1200-1500 word essay that i have to write for the course. Every guide i have stumbled across has only specified that it is a literary task and that i have to formulate an essay title based on my part 1 books ( The collector of treasures by Bessie Head, Master Harold and the boys by Athol Fugard ). So I decided to pick the short story (Heaven is not closed) fr
  21. This is my current thesis for my WA: Tereza’s dreams are a journey from nightmare to resolution that allows her to reflect on her choices and accept her disposition towards heaviness. I'm solid on most of my paragraphs, but I'm really struggling to figure out how to approach my second paragraph. The topic sentence is: The dreams lead Tereza to come to terms with her disposition towards heaviness. I was thinking I could maybe go chronologically and start with when she isn't okay with her disposition towards heaviness and go from there. Does that sound reasonable? EDIT: I'm so sorry, be
  22. This would be our first IA. Through out the year we read 3 texts. We have to make a good question and answer that in our IA, but I cant figure what topic to choose and what question to answer. Do you guys have suggestion for me ? thanks Kafka on the shore No exit by John Paul Sartre The stranger
  23. Hi guys, I just want to know, is there anyone here who will read and comment on my drafts for stuff like WL etc? My teacher is adhering strictly to the IB one-draft rule and I can't find another teacher who has the time to read the first couple drafts for me before I hand in to my teacher. And I'm really worried that I wouldn't be able to write to the grade I want if my second time is my final work. So will there be anyone who will peer edit or something here, or is that against the forum rules, or is there any other way I can get help? The official marking criterias can be kinda vague. Thank
  24. So, my question is: What is the effect of the dual voice of Dante the Pilgrim and Dante the Poet in Inferno? How exactly should this paper be written? Is it an argument, or just research? Should it be in typical five-ish paragraph format or what? My Junior year ends in like 4 days or something and I have half of an outline done for this... Please help! #dead because my rough draft is technically due tomorrow, but you all know how IB is...
  25. Hello IBers, I was wondering if anybody would be able to read my World Literature essay and give feedback on it. It's a pretty short read! I feel like getting someone else to read it would help me a lot! Please leave a comment or a private message so that I know if you are willing to do this! Thank you!
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