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Found 20 results

  1. Hello all, I am a DP2 student from New Zealand undertaking English A Literature. In second half of last year, all DP1 English students uploaded their final Work in Translation (WIT) essay to the school and received a predicted grade. From what I heard, students are to upload the final copy of their WIT to the IBIS by themselves. I have heard anecdotes of students being able to edit their WIT after the due date set by the school (it's just that teachers will no longer provide feedback). However, our IB coordinator says that our teachers will check to make sure that we upload a copy that's iden
  2. I'm trying to write my WIT essay for higher literature, but I'm having trouble. My question is "How is Hanna portrayed as the victim in part three, chapter eight in "The Reader?"" If you have any points on how she's portrayed as a victim that'd be great!!
  3. Hey guys, working on my works in translation ( for final hand in to IB). In class, we talked about psychological setting briefly when discussing short stories. It was basically tone, mood and atmosphere. But im unsure because we only touched upon it. However, in my essay, I want to use it. I searched it up to clarify the meaning of this type of setting but can't find anything. Do you guys know what psychological setting is in literature? I want to know for sure. Thanks!
  4. Hi I'm planning to do my WIT Essay on Medea by Euripides, but I'm really struggling to come up with a topic. HELP ;-;
  5. Hi guys, I have to complete my Works in Translation first draft by Monday and after having written half of it I am a little worried on whether my topic of 'An analysis of different forms of conflict in Lorca's play Blood Wedding' is too broad or not worded correctly. I would be analysing the conflict between the families, conflict between ones' individual wishes versus societal laws and the conflict between nature and humankind. Can anyone assist me here?
  6. wondering if anyone can help me with a works in translation essay I'm struggling so so much! its on motifs in medea and I'm just so stuck Thank xx
  7. Hey there, I was wondering if anyone was keen to help me review some of the work that I have done for my WIT and EE maybe? I'm not sure, am I allowed to do that? Just send some work to you, you tell me if I'm totally going on the completely wrong track or if I'm going pretty okay? Also, is there a risk that if I do this, it will show up when they check my work with turnitin? Or will anyone plagiarise my work...? Thank you
  8. Hi guys, I have to complete my Works in Translation first draft by Monday and after having written half of it I am a little worried on whether my topic of 'An analysis of different forms of conflict in Lorca's play Blood Wedding' is too broad or not worded correctly. I would be analysing the conflict between the families, conflict between ones' individual wishes versus societal laws and the conflict between nature and humankind. Can anyone assist me here?
  9. 19 downloads

    My own notes made from a collection of sources, not only on the play itself, but also on Ibsen's stylistic features.
  10. Hello, fellow IBSers! I am currently editing my first draft of my WL essay; however I am not sure if my question is good enough. I am doing it on Chronicle of a Death Foretold, and my RS talked about Vicario remorse, honour, and machismo. My current essay title is Vicario Remorse: The effects of Latin-American machismo in Chronicle of a Death Foretold and my 'question' is How is Vicario remorse depicted and to what extent is this a result of machismo? Is my question okay, or do I need to make it tighter?
  11. Version pdf


    Reflective statement sample for World Lit. Full marks were received.
  12. Hi. I'm writing my WIT essay on Lorca's symbolisms and its representations of repressed groups in "Blood Wedding". I've written about Mother + Bride as repression of women, red/blood as repression of people who desire freedom/repression of 'sinners', Woodcutters + Moon as repression of freedom and individuals. I am aware that the Beggar Woman is a major symbol, however I've only mentioned very VERY briefly about her in my essay and my essay have already exceeded the word count. Is it silly to not write about the Beggar Woman? Thanks.
  13. I really need to get a high 7 for this assignment to make up for my horrible IOP score. So... Firstly, I really, really want to ace the reflective statement, so I'm wondering what's the difference between showing superficial development, some development and development of culture and context (see criterion below). A: Fulfilling the requirements of the reflective statement To what extent does the student show how their understanding of cultural and contextual elements was developed through the interactive oral? 0:The work does not reach a standard described by the descriptors. 1: Refle
  14. Hi everyone! So I am writing my Written Assessment Essay about the book Perfume, by Patrick Suskind and I'm having a really hard time getting started. I dont really wanna write about the stuff that i wrote in my supervised writing, which was about postmodernism mostly. I kind of want my topic to be along the lines of scent, and/or the constant comparasins made between grenioulle and other animals (the tick) My teacher is kind of lazy, and doesn't explain things very well. So I'm having a hard time choosing a topic, and I also don't really know what exactly the essay needs to contain. Thank yo
  15. Hey! Could anyone please help me with analysing this poem? I'm not confused about the overall message, i just need to go into deep analysis of it which im finding hard to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! The Poem is, The Answer by Bei Dao Debasement is the password of the base,Nobility the epitaph of the noble.See how the gilded sky is coveredWith the drifting twisted shadows of the dead.The Ice Age is over now,Why is there ice everywhere?The Cape of Good Hope has been discovered,Why do a thousand sails contest the Dead Sea?I came into this worldBringing only paper, rope,
  16. I'm working on my essay for Works in Translation and I feel like my essay is kind of off topic and I was considering changing the topic question. Does this question sound okay for an IB Essay? In what ways does Antigone give insight into the Ancient Greek Culture? My original topic was addressing the influence of culture on the play, but I kept referencing the text and interpreting the culture through the text opposed to how the culture influenced the work.
  17. Could someone please private message me if they would be interested in reviewing my Works in Translation essay on A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen? It would be helpful if you were familiar with the play. Hopefully within an hour would be great! Thanks in advance!
  18. Hi! I just need some feedback and help with my written assignment topic on 'Chronicle of a Death Foretold' by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. So what do you think of my WA topic: 'How is magical realism used in the novel and what is its significance?' Should I narrow it down to: 'How does Marquez's use of magical realism in the novel affect its narrative?' Even if you haven't read the novel, can anyone suggest what are some other impacts of the use of magical realism; what are some of its purposes? Also, are there any must-mention things that I should include in my essay? Thanks heaps in advance.
  19. I'm meant to be writing my WIT essay on my chosen text which is Miss Julie by August Strindberg, originally written in Swedish. The idea I want to discuss is how Strindberg uses his play to explore dependence between the characters, on the levels of both gender and class and as a representation of humanity as a whole. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to go about doing this, how I should structure my essay - should it be chronologically structured or should I do it thematically? HELP!!
  20. I am doing my WIT on We by Yevgeny Zamyatin. I need help deciding the topic. Actually, I've already written halfway through, and my general focus has been on religious symbolisms and allusions in WE. I've played around with ideas that WE is a biblical allegory of Genesis. I've also hinted that association of OneState with Christian allusions suggests that Zamyatin was anti-Christian (he was). I've got good sources to support both my arguments, and I imagine I could tweak it a bit to support any good argument. But I can't decide on anything concrete (it's a common problem with me). Any help wi
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