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Found 23 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    economics test2 ch2 and 3, 2018.pdf
  2. Hey! A quick little post to kindly ask if any of y'all could fill out this form for my data collection for my Biology IA. All you have to do is complete a small online colour vision test and then add your result. Thank you ahead of time for the help! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfxh562qoHj7CO0XPgMwOVFrkjR1ZvDGwMublGAkQ3opAGFYw/viewform?usp=sf_link
  3. I am an Australian and American citizen studying in HK and I am interested in universities in Australia and the UK. Do I need IELTS for that?
  4. Guest

    Failed IB experiment

    Long story short, I did a bio extended essay, messed up the experiment, instead of isolated colonies I got a single weird blob. No data collected. Failed the experiment. Am I allowed to use external data to support my arguments?
  5. I took my Paper 2 for History today and I messed up because I picked two questions from the same topic when the instructions say to pick them from different topics. ARE MY CHANCES For THE DIPLOMA GONE. I KNOW I AM BEING DRAMATIC BUT I ALMOST STARTED CRYING, BECAUSE LIKE TWO YEARS DOWN THE DRAIN ALL BECAUSE I FAILED TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE GIVE ME HOPE!!!!!!
  6. Hi there, I am in IB Y2 currently and I have a major problem with my German class. During the first year I had a German teacher who never had done IB before, was about to retire, and didn't prepare many materials for the class. We ended up doing 3 out of the 5 core topics, but not writing down or learning really anything throughout the year, except a lot of talking about it. Fast forward to this year and a new German teacher, and she tells me I am supposed to be on a C1/C2 (advanced/native speaker) Level but telling me I am at a B1/B2 (intermediate/upper intermediate) level cu
  7. Hey everyone! I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but since I'm doing my extended essay in biology, I thought that the people here might have a better idea of how to answer my question. Basically, for my experiment I have two groups of plants (7 plants in each group) that were subjected to different conditions and I measured their mass every few days. I have used this data to graph the average growth rate for each of the two groups (I graphed some other stuff too, but this is irrelevant). I also compared the final mass/yield of the plants using a t-test. I was
  8. hey everyone. I´m almost done with my bio IA. It´s about the effect of coffee on the germination rate of bean seeds. I feel that it was a pretty simple experiment. I had 5 different containers. 10 seeds in each one, with different concentrations of coffee (I watered them with it), with one control group. The dependant variable was the days it took the seeds to germinate. The problem tthat I have is that I don´t know which statistical test I should use for the analysis. I did the ANOVA test but the result seemed...off. I don´t know if that was because ANOVA is not the right tool to use fo
  9. Okay, my chapter 2 exam is coming up now... I am just wondering what to expect most on the test, because I heard that there are some concepts in the new IB curriculum that are less important than others. So far, I have learned: Atom Theory(model theories), Nuclear Reaction, Geologic Dating (Decay), Electromagnetic Spectrum, Continuous Spectrum, Rydberg Calculations, Electron Configuration, Calculation (Wavelength, Period, Frequency), and Ionization Energy. I have heard that there is more focus on the concept-based subjects which requires explaining, but I want some reassurance.
  10. I am doing my Biology IA on the effect of using your dominant and non-dominant hand on reaction times as a response to visual stimuli. If any of you has some spare time, could you do a very quick reaction time test, which will take maximum five minutes, to provide me with some more data? All you have to do is visit this website: http://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime You do the test twice, once with your dominant hand and once with your non-dominant hand. Every test consists of five reaction times. Once you do it, could you please post them for each hand for me? This will mean 1
  11. Hi I'm gonna start the IB in a week. I wanna take Math SL because I'm gonna do Business at uni level, but I have to pass a placement test to get into the class. Does anyone havy any idea of what the test could look like, the type of problems, what I should be revising? Thanks!
  12. I did my math IA in SL, and next school year, I will be in HL. I want to take the SL math exam while in HL but I heard that this is bad because it won't count in my overall IB score. But if I take the HL math exam, I will have to do the IA all over again in the HL level; which I do not want to do. Is this true? Can I take the SL exam in HL math and my IB score will not be negatively affected? My teacher says yes but some students say no.
  13. Hi everyone, how are you? I hope you all are good ^^ Some information about me: Ghanem is my name, 19 years old from Syria came new to Sweden. My entrance test for applicants to the international baccalaureate diploma programme on Friday, March 18, 2016 To be honest I am so nervous and don't know what to do, what to study, how to start So please any informations could help, books, old tests, advices, websites, docs..etc I will really appreciate it ^^ Thanks for this amazing forum, wish you all the best
  14. Hello everyone! I am writing the entrance test for the pre-ib program at Bayview SS this month! I got all E's and a 93% average on my grade 7 report card. I have a good recommendation as well. I am really worried for the exam itself. I am very good at the language arts and math, however I do not go to a French immersion school, and I feel that I do not know too many enriched words. Anyone who has taken the test....what was the French component like? What type of questions? What do I need to focus on? Can you recommend any study sources? What was the hardest part of the test for you? What sho
  15. I had a question about the ib anthropology sl test. What is the consequence of spelling an ethnographers name wrong... (Bourgeois instead of Bourgois) and writing the wrong publishing date of an ethnography... (1996 instead of 1995). I mixed it up since Veiled sentiments was 1986, so I said 1996 for the first ethnography and 1985 for Veiled sentiments which was also one year off..... MY essays were really good and I wrote a lot and answered the questions... Thanks!
  16. New Bitmap Image.bmpHello Everyone, I am new to this forums and is really happy to be here. I would like to request some help on a test question that I have completed yesterday, but found out I have completed the question incorrectly. The first box is not attached to the second box, and will fall if a force is not applied. The question being: What minimal magnitude of force is required to prevent the left box from falling down, when the friction is u=0.5 between the boxes, and with a friction-less surface. I got 530 with two sig figs, from finding the Force of gravity the left box exerts, the
  17. Ezak

    STEP prep

    Heya! I can't be alone in taking STEP in a couple of weeks, so I was thinking of having a STEP prep thread where we can help each other out!
  18. So... As many of you probably already know, many universities don't give credit for SL courses, whereas they give credit for AP. I take Psychology SL, and I was wondering whether you guys would advise me to take the AP test. I know that in reality, if I really need to do a lot of extra studying for it, I probably won't have the motivation for it. Would you say SL covers most of the material needed for the test? Our psychology teacher, who also teaches AP, said that he used to say that IB students are well prepared for the test, but then many students failed and he doesn't say that any more. I
  19. Does anyone know the standard sizes of test tubes and beakers commonly used in labs and experiments? I have a biology lab on photosynthesis and for the design portion, i have to specify the sizes. I know im probably going to use a 250mL beaker, but what are the test tube sizes?
  20. Basically...I pay attention quite well...like in my business class, i understand all the concepts and like...i dont always need to revise because i know how to use it and all...but....when it comes to tests, quizzes, and semester exams, I KEEP ON FAILING....the highest i've ever gotten is a 4 T_T Any tips on how to improve? I think that my writing seems superficial...maybe i'm not explaining well enough /: how can i improve?! need help T_T PLEASE!!!
  21. Can you do a statistical significance test on data that is percentages, if so which kind? Thank you
  22. So I had my chemistry SL IB test today... And I starting writing and answering the questions when we weren't supposed to. :/ When we were supposed to just "look over" the test before writing in it, I started writing in it and the IB coordinator told me to stop when he saw me...what will happen to my IB mark?? Will I get a penalty? Am I not gonna get my certificate if I passed? Is this going on some permanent record?? I'm so worried. T___T If you're wondering why I started before we were supposed to, this is why: for this test you get extra paper and graph paper to write on if you need it. Ever
  23. Aleeeeksa


    Can anyone give me old questions on math sl logarithms tests ?
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