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Found 21 results

  1. It has been about a year I have been studying IB in my school but my school doesn't have any Japanese teachers. Me and my parents have been searching for so long but we couldn't find any. Please help me I am in desperate need of a Japanese ab initio teacher.
  2. Hello all. I'm in the search for good quality student model woodwind instruments for the growing music program in my school. One of the biggest problems has been the type of glue used for the joint corks on the clarinets. They have not held up to the hot tropical weather. Any suggestions are more than welcomed. Thanks in advance. -Emanuel
  3. I'm in BM HL. My teacher is very inexperienced and doesn't know how to teach. I need to self- study it completely. How do I approach the subject? I have the Paul Hoang textbook, which I think if I do thoroughly will clear all my concepts. However, still I don't know how to write the answers properly. Any resource that you will sugges so that I understand how to write the answers? I basically consider myself without a BM teacher. Any help from you will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello everyone, I have this biased business and management teacher that only gives good marks to internals whose owners are her favorite (her favorites are the students that don't take private lessons). This is quite problematic because its easy to figure out the ones that do take private lessons than the ones who don't. So problem is my internal is with her and I'm pretty sure it won't get the mark it deserves (Ex. this one kid once got a 3 from her, but chosen as a sample so got raised to a 7). She always tries to justify herself by saying she's the "ol' mean examiner" that is only "ha
  5. My teacher said our topics were supposed to be handed in late september, and I did so, but my idea was rejected, and done so again after I submitted a different idea. The IA 1st draft is due Nov.28 and I have an experiment now, but I still feel like I should ask for her approval but I feel like she'd be upset at me for holding it off so long and she won't approve my topic or do so as a last ditch effort to get me to pass something in. What should I do?
  6. Hi everyone, I am currently a year 13 student and am so scared about my PGs. Before I went into an IB school, I used to go to another school that had an entirely different curriculum and was taught in another language, so I was new to the whole IB format and being taught in english. When I first came, I did pretty bad, but eventually improved and I would've continued to improve if not for my horrible mocks. I usually do good or atleast good enough on tests. I was very scared for the mocks and my study routine for it was just bad i.e secluding myself just revising. For example, my grade for bio
  7. Hi everyone! I have some questions and I would be happy if you can help me somehow. I am planning to become a French teacher for foreigners (high school, later on university teacher) (I am not French neither), what do you know about the "way" of becoming a teacher? What universities do you recommend? What about public relations? What subjects are better to take in DP for this? Is Business and management HL good for this?
  8. Okay hello everyone, The situation: History Class, the teacher and one particular student keep clashing. The teacher has an obvious dislike towards this one student, he might have a valid reason for this BUT he keeps "fighting" with this student during class time, the rest of the students are not being taught and are wasting their time. How should we as a class deal with this?
  9. Hello everyone, This is my first post here and to be honest at this point I am just desperate. I'm in my final IB year and in Economics HL and everything has been going fine however my econ teacher is atrocious. He firstly doesn't seem to know what he is talking about and he does not teach us properly so we wouldn't know regardless. We are helping each other a lot in our class and working by studying from the books because otherwise we wouldn't be able to learn anything but still most of us feel like there is so so much we don't know. However this year when he decided that we have to sta
  10. So apparently my school's Bio department has been marking IAs too leniently for the last 6 years. Every year they get marked down by approximately 8 points. Is there anything I can do to somehow put things in my favor? It's not looking too good for me at the moment. All help appreciated,thanks.
  11. I always complain about teachers. My school is new to IB so lots of the teacher don't have experience in teaching IB. Their instructions seem very vague to me but at the same time I am sure that they are having a hard time teaching this course as well. So I was just wondering how are the teachers at your school?
  12. I want to know how the IB physics teachers around the world are. Mine seems to be the most inexperienced teacher in the world, and that is only an overstatement. She skips parts of the book, asks us to study some of the more complicated parts by ourselves, makes formuls ten times more confusing than they already are and only reads over the book when she is teaching(her teaching method is to read the text of the book, skipping parts, sometimes addign extra parts and then complaining to our head coordinator). My IB head coordinator seems to believe that we are the worst IB students she has ever
  13. Hello all! I'm currently a junior and have my remaining classes planned out. But due to a packed schedule and my desire to take an additional science class during senior year (which is optional in my school), I've opted to take Biology at the higher level instead of having to take an IB elective course. The bio teacher in my school in certified to teach SL, but does he need a separate certification in order to teach HL? Have any of you chosen this route instead of taking an IB elective? Apologies if this topic was posted in the wrong forum!
  14. I have a question that you guys might be able to help me with. I know that I want to go to school and be a teacher but I can't figure out if I want to be a High school or Elementry school teacher. I have pros and cons for each but nobody in my family wants me to be a teacher because they think it's stupid. I'm just looking for other people's opinions on the matter, and what you might do. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. :3
  15. Hey everyone, I was wondering how much of the Psych HL syllabus should have been covered in the first year of study. Our teacher is quite inexperienced, and I'm worried that she left too much to teach on our second year. So far, we've learnt the biologcal, sociocultural, and developmental units of psychology. That's a total of 90 hours of teaching according to the IB syllabus (30 hours each), which leaves 150 hours of teaching for the second year, out of the total of 240 teaching hours in the Psych HL syllabus. So, how much of the syllabus are we meant to go through in year 1, and will we real
  16. Hi, guys well my teacher was in the hospital she had lung cancer and she was fighting but didn't make it... and I was wondering what is going to happen next ? if someone has seen a situation like this and by the way because she was at the hospital we ( not me) did our presentations and record them on a camera so that she could mark them from the hospital. But we haven't done our essay yet. Thanks
  17. Hello everyone, I am almost done with my extended essay, the thing is, I am doing it in Information Technology in a Global Society, a course that is not offered in my school, but it was certainly the topic I was most interested in. Anyways, I am looking for somebody that is well experienced in this topic (knows the theory, terminology, etc.) or can give me one of their ITGS teacher's e-mail that I can e-mail my questions to, as I want to know if my information is relevant to ITGS and is explained in the correct way relevant to this subject. Any help is well appreciated!
  18. Hi so I really need help. I'm nearing the end (started in August, ending in March) of my first year of IB and my English teacher hasn't really done anything in the past few months. We had a project at the start of the year to do with English-speaking countries and their cultures. She comes into every class, writes some stuff on the board, and then literally just stares at us. We have no idea what we're supposed to be doing, and usually have to figure it out ourselves. But I'm sick and tired of this and it's my HL subject. She gave us some analyzing questions for the exams, and I just used wh
  19. Hi, so I'm really worried, because I've taken English HL, and we NEVER do anything in class. The teacher just comes in and just stares at us. Her lessons (if you could even call them that) are so confusing, because we just seem to be "discussing" random topics that change every class. All of the students in my class are really worried, so we've decided to be proactive about it. What do you guys do in your IB English HL classes? What type of practice/homework do you usually get? It would be really awesome if you could help out!
  20. Forum, Please help me make this decision. I want to study economics at university, most likely involving mathematics (finance, econometrics). Should I get a teacher recommendation from mathematics or economics? Thanks, Kris
  21. The teachers in my school are getting me so agitated as of late, I just can't control my disappointment/anger/annoyance just overall negative attitude towards them and I just don't know what to do! My psychology teacher who teaches me both standard and higher level psychology will be leaving us in three weeks to go to another college and will be replaced by a inexperienced IB teacher, so we are forced to learn the options and the qualitative research methodology ourselves! I have been getting level 7's in Psychology recently mainly because I work hard myself but I rely on my teachers to mark a
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