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Found 10 results

  1. I've done research on some universities in the UK to study Veterinary Medicine but none of the ones that I've come across specify if I should take AI or AA, the only requirment being Maths SL and/or the grade (e.g 5 out of 7). Some don't focus on the overal points out of 45 but more on the individual grades of subjects. I've spoken to a few teachers, they said AA would be a better option as it'll give me more opportunities for universities but after receiving my prior knowledge test we did during induction for DP, I did not get a high enough mark and so my maths teacher doesnt recommend A
  2. Hi, I’ve been thinking about my maths IA and I would like to do it on area optimisation. I would like to relate it to city/urban planning. I was wondering if there was anyway to use inscribed and circumscribed polygons in a circle to show area optimisation and then using L’hospitals rule to prove the proof. How would I relate this to city/ urban planning? And would this work as an IA topic ?
  3. I am in need of changing my maths IA idea as it was too simple. What would be something that I could do for my IA with football (soccer)? I am more than capable of getting my own data by playing, and I should be ok with any areas of maths. Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, So I'm currently doing a practice math IA for maths SL and I need help! I chose the topic to do exponential growth and decay and I'm investigating the growth rate of bacteria however, I'm a little stuck. So basically, I've already got the formula for exponential growth of bacteria but that's pretty simple math and idk what else to do like do I just plug in numbers bc that's kinda boring and way too simple. I was thinking about investigating the effect of glucose-salt levels on E. coli bacteria to extend the topic but I don't really know how to do that and all the websites I'
  5. SO I have been doing maths SL since the beggining of the year (I'm on grade 11/Year 12). I really want to study Design and Product Design in Uni and was wondering if I need SL for Design/Product Design Courses. The reason I want to drop to Maths Studies is for the simple reason that Art, Design Technology, and Maths SL takes most of the time. This decision is stressing me out as I'm scared Unis would reject my request for my maths studies. I don't think I ever got more than a 4 on maths SL. Any suggestions? My subjects are: Visual Arts (HL) Design technology (HL)
  6. Guest

    Regretting taking SL Maths

    I am regretting taking SL Maths in the IB. I have always been the top of my class in terms of maths. I am half way through grade 11 and started looking for possible fields I would be interested in studying. I know its late but I have been completely blasé about school until recently. I was looking into possibilities of studying engineering or physics and every university requires HL Maths. Currently I am taking: HL B&M - HL Physics - HL Chemistry SL English Literature - SL Maths - SL German A I currently have a 92% average on the 3 tests so far in maths and am regrettin
  7. Hey guys! My year was asked to think about ideas that we would do for our maths exploration, and I've been searching for the past week for any ideas. I have a few ideas, however I'm not sure whether they'd be sufficient for SL Maths. Also, one huge problem I have is that I might have a stimulus, or a general idea I'm interested in, but I'm a little unclear on what I should do to explore further. We'll get to ask our teacher for feedback in about a few days' time, however I want to get your feedback as well so that I can make changes asap So my ideas are: 1) Cyclic pentagon - I wa
  8. Hello all , I am a student who is in IB2 and who has recently decided to take up HL Maths due to the fact that I believe I made a very wrong decision by taking SL Maths due to the fact that HL Maths is more or less required everywhere in the UK for engineering. The reason for this very bad decision was mainly due to the fact that I was encouraged to get as much points as possible not focus less on requirements for courses. I have now been told by the HL Mathematics teacher that I will have to sit a test on the 13th of October for Complex and Imaginary numbers and I will be able to join t
  9. I am a student in IB2 with Physics HL, Chemistry HL, English HL, Economics HL. Maths SL and English SL and I have always dreamt of becoming an engineering particularly a mechanical or electrical engineer. I know that many universities in the UK would not accept me because I do not have HL maths however what is the case in the rest of the world such as Canada, the US and rest of Europe? Could anyone who was in the same shoes or is in the same shoes as me help me out ? PS: I know I am at a disadvantage in the UK for having taken SL math so it would be appreciated it that was not reiterated for
  10. Hi, I was just wondering whether anyone could tell my why the standard deviation formula is sometimes over (n-1)? I need to know for my IA. Thanks so much in advance!
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