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  1. Well I'm new here and i was wondering if anyone could help me out. I am having my IB entrance exam on Monday and i was told that it would be on math and english; which would both be one hour. However i have a MEGA problem: I HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT TO STUDY ! If any of you have done IB entrance exams before, your experienced help would be really useful! All i want to know is: What sort of thing should i study for english and math?
  2. I moved to Psychology HL from Mathematics HL at the start of grade 12, and right now I have to catch up one year of Psychology HL, which the topics cover biological approach, cognitive approach, and sociocultural approach. I can self-study myself but I really don't get how we do the exams.. Do I really have to study everything? Or is there an efficient method of studying these topics? Like I heard something about the Learning Outcomes that can help with the exam questions, but I really don't understand it. Can someone please explain? Thank you!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is what I used to review the material on the digestive system, nutrition and the liver. The document is in french.
  4. Hi, anyone have any experience of this App? I like the idea of have questions and answers, especially as I use TI-nSpire too..but I don't want to fork our £5 for a duff app with little content. https://twitter.com/dpmathapps/ anyone? William
  5. Hi people! A friend and I are thinking about buying revision guide books for Biology and History, and I was wondering if anybody has bought books from www.osc-ib-com and found them useful and helpful while revision for their exams? Or you might’ve bought books from somewhere else? Anyways, do anybody know of revision books/guide that are worth spending money on? Thanks Laura
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a DP student and I'd like to help the MYP students revise, by providing notes for all their units. I've done most of physics, chemistry, Maths and Humanities, however I'm struggling with Biology as I don't take it. By the way, if you don't know MYP stands for Middle years programme and is the course before DP, offered by 1400 IB schools. The course content is pretty similar to IB DP. So, i'm wondering if there's some people here who take Biology and would be willing to write up some short notes, on the MYP Biology units. My friends did half of the units alread
  7. Hi everyone, I really need extra help with my preparation for the IB exams this upcoming May, but I'm looking for any tuition centers or whatnot that would let me take trial exams, as well as any good revision courses. Can anyone recommend me something like that? (tbh, since I live in Japan, I'd be grateful it would be somewhere close, like Hong Kong or somewhere like that, so if anyone knows anywhere like that, I'd be doubly grateful)
  8. Dear IB Physics students, Enjoy a quick but deep revision of the IB Physics syllabus: https://www.ib-physics.net/
  9. Hey guys, I've been looking around the internet and seemed to not find any threads or forums regarding the Computer Science may 2018 Case study where students can share note, so I just wanted to create this to help us share links and notes. If I am mistaken and a thread like this exists please link me to it, so I can be aware. Thanks!
  10. Hello Chemistry Students, I just made a comprehensive app for IB Chemistry post 2017-2018 Syllabus. The app is completely free and it has a lot of useful stuffs. 1. The app is only 3MB so you won't be losing a lot of space. 2.The app has most of the Syllabus content and plus detailed videos for every chapter and every topic. 3. Key terms and all definitions specific for every chapter. 4 If you feel confident enough, you can test yourself with PastPapers, Quizzes, and Tests right inside the app. And if any of you are having problems, you can contact me through the app at an
  11. Hello guys its now exactly 2 months away from the final exams! Our first exam being Business and Management. I would just like to know some tips and tricks and when to actually start revising (which I still have not started to do). I signed up for the Easter OSC course for business and management and I was wondering if anyone did it and how it is. I just created this page so we can all gather and panic for 2 months time.
  12. Hello, I currently have 5 months left until my final IB exams.. and was wondering what is the best way to revise for Spanish paper 1 and 2 in order to get a 7.. Thanks
  13. My teacher informed that my topic was not allowed in the subject area of literature. He also said that it did not fit into category 1 or 2, but didn't tell me why it doesnt fit. I was wondering if you all could tell me why it doesn't and what possible revisions I could make to make it fit. I've inserted a summary of my topic related to the subject guide....this is what he said doesn't fit into the guidelines summary.docx
  14. So in a few weeks I have my semester exams, I am in the 1st year of IB. Right now literally all I've been doing is praticing past papers rather than revising the subjects even though I know that's not the way to do it :/ (I find revision really boring lol) Can you give me tips on how to revise and when I should practice past papers? Here are my subjects to be specific: English HL, Biology HL, Chemistry HL Maths SL, Physics SL, French B SL
  15. Hey, I'm just starting the Diploma Programme this year and taking SL Maths. I was wondering if anyone had any study techniques, or any tips in general, in order to do well in the Maths SL course. Secondly, I'd like to know if anyone has any good resources to find Maths SL past papers online. So yeah, any help would be GREATLY appreciated, as I don't know what to expect, to be honest.
  16. Hey guys!! So as it is July, my November exams are only a few months away. Currently, my worst subject is physics HL. I find it really difficult to grasp (and memorise) all the different concepts and I'm slightly stressed out at the moment as the only topics I'm kinda confident in are topics 2, 3 and 4. So my current plan is to go through the Oxford textbook and take summary notes of each topic. Then after taking the summary notes I plan on doing questions for that topic. I'm not sure how effective this method would be, and it would also be very time consuming. Also I heard that the
  17. Hi! Does anyone have any really good IB revision websites links/notes? I'm starting IB this coming August and I just want to get a head start for some of the content as I have loads of free time this summer and not able to go anywhere. The subjects I'm planning to take are: English Lit HL Economics HL Psychology HL Maths SL Mandarin SL Biology SL Thank you (in advance)
  18. So I've been listening to a lot of podcasts whilst studying lately but they're all film related. Would like to prevent myself from getting distracted from too much entertainment. Anyone know of podcasts that cover topics in IB History and Physics? Would love to download ones that actually cover the syllabus. Feel free to suggest podcasts for other subjects btw! Might be helpful.
  19. Hey guys, May is coming up real soon. I am wondering, for those who got a 6 or 7 in Biology HL or those who are studying it right now, do you have any strategies in revising Biology? There are a lot of reactions, for example, photosynthesis, respiration, DNA transcription, translation, replication, clonal selection theory, myosin head and actin filaments..... (Personally, I can remember everything, but I am scared not writing all the details in the biology hl exam) Can you give me some advice please? Gracias
  20. So exams are coming and since the Philosophy mark scheme is so ambiguous, I think it'd be helpful to share essay plans (especially since we've all been taught in very different ways and have potentially covered different philosophers). My chosen text is Plato's Republic and my optional themes are ethics and political philosophy:)
  21. Hi! So exams are coming up, and I still have not found a good way to revise for biology. I am predicted a 5, but my results vary from mock to mock. For my first mock I got a 7, and for christmas mock I got a 5. I have been doing previous exam questions, and this is probably why my grade varies, as it depends on whether or not I have done the section B question beforehand. So what I am really wondering - what are your effective techniques for revision except prev. exam questions?
  22. Version PDF and WORD


    Hi, For those of you who use the Course Companion (Oxford) written by John Crane and Jette Hannibal, these notes are based on the textbook and on the units 2.1: Physiology and Behaviour and 2.2: Genetics and Behaviour. I hope you guys find these notes useful, I have worked quite hard on them! I have attached both PDF and WORD files for convenience. So that you may add to the notes should you feel something is lacking. I have also attached a document on practice questions, some of these are past paper questions, while some are from the textbook, however, I recommend that you practice t
  23. . D1.docx D2.docx D3.docx D4.docx
  24. Can anyone recommend good revision websites and worksheets please? The textbook questions aren't helping at all since they're relatively simple compared to the actual questions. Thanks in advance
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