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  1. I need to come up with a question for my business IA but just can't think of anything the business I am focusing on is a business called A-MAP helppp:( https://a-map.net
  2. Helloo there, I'm planning to do an EE on Eng A Lang and Lit and my tentative RQ is "How has the role and perception of women in Western 19th-20th century society changed through the lens of the appearance of women cigarette ads?" Is this specific/good enough? I'm also worried that my RQ is more suitable for an IA rather than an EE.
  3. Hey there, I have just met with my supervisor for the EE and he told me to fix my research question by making it clearer for the examinor to understand what I will be discussing in my essay. Here's my RQ: I tried my best to convey what I want to talk about in the essay but he told me that I need to use better words to clarify this part "work independently in their own context". I want to say that both books are meant for different audiences from different fields (one's for a poet, and the other is for the son of the writer talking about modern problems). What can I write to convey
  4. Hi, I’m doing my EE on the yellow wallpaper and the bell jar, but I’m having trouble formulating my question. Currently I have something along the lines of “How do Sylvia Plath and Charlotte Perkins use symbolism of the bell jar and the yellow wallpaper to represent female entrapment and mania”. It’s very rough and I really need some help refining it and also advice as to how I should go on from here. Thank you!
  5. I need to change my RQ a little bit probably... I know it is not good to make an EE of science without doing experiments yourself, but I won't change my mind. My RQ is Why are the physicochemical effects of celestial bodies important to generation of life? I will narrow the life, but I don't know if I should focus on a certain physical or chemical effect, since the information might not be enough. Celestial bodies I think maybe using one astro, or using more and comparing them.(I think Jovial and/or Saturnine systems). Would appreciate some help...
  6. Hey guys, I'm having second thoughts about my research question for my chem IA. I'm doing different catalysts (5) for decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. Does the underlined, red text sound too lengthy and awkward? I was wondering if I should group this into a range like " classes of compounds" but I'm not sure and just confused what to classify these names into. Oh, and for reference, my compounds are maganese oxide, iron oxide, lead oxide, potassium iodide and catalase. Any suggestions to help would be appreciated. Any constructive criticism would be awesome RQ:
  7. Hi, I am in dire need of help with selecting my math ee topic. I currently have in mind brachistochrone curves, but I can't think of a suitable RQ.
  8. Hi, Is my research question for an extended essay in economics to specific: "To what extent are hairdressers in *area* involved in gender price discrimination?" Please let me know!! Regards
  9. Hi guys. I just want to make sure whether this is a good knowledge question: "To what extent do ethics play a role in the justice system?". Is this a good KQ or should I change it to something else?
  10. I plan to do my Extended Essay on Economics, specifically price discrimination. Please share your thoughts on my Research Question and suggest how I can make it better.RQ : To what extent does the price discrimination that exists in the Cafes in Bukit Jelutong affects the consumer’s demand?I’ve noticed that the local Cafes where I live in, has a common practice of price discrimination for either students through student discounts or happy hours where any meals bought at a specific time is offered at a lower price. Being someone who enjoys these price discrimination, it has made me wonder how e
  11. Hello, For my school, it is required to put in two EE proposals as they need to sort out the teachers to the students. I currently have come up with an RQ for my first choice which is visual arts but haven't managed to get it approved as I need to draw a conclusion but I have no clue what to write my EE about, I have yet to consult my business teacher but I think I'm leaning towards looking at e-commerce. Does anyone have any recommended RQ? Should I look at the company my dad works for, its a company that deals with taxes and financial stuff. If anyone has anything that could help,
  12. I have recently finally come up with a research question for my physics EE: "Investigating motion-detection through IR-emission and reception, considering speed and qualities of the moving object." My plan is to put up an IR-emitting and an IR-receiving circuit. When the Infrared transmission to the receiver is broken off, it will signal this. My assumption is that this method will fail detecting motion of very thin and transparent objects, with a low refractive index. So my EE will basically be about finding the limits of this method of motion-detection. Any criticism? Any input? Thanks in ad
  13. Hey everyone, So I have started my research for my EE and I know what my topic is, it is the Sputnik Crisis, however, I am not sure about my exact RQ yet. Could you pls help? I would either want: how did the sputnik launch affect american confidence? or to what extent was the Sputnik an enduring sign of crisis in american confidence? Are these good, do u think? Thanks in advance, Eszter
  14. Hello! I am very interested in F. Scott Fitzgerald and his depiction of the jazz age through his different books. I've read The Great Gatsby & This Side of Paradise. I'm beginning to read The Beautiful & The Damned. Basically, I'm trying to figure out a way to tie all three books into a question. Ideally it would be all three but I can settle for just two books tied together. I know that many say that he has depicted himself within these books & that he has a very specific way of how he perceives and describes women within his novels. Please help me by leading me into the right dir
  15. For my Extended Essay, I want to do a character analysis about Sansa Stark, from A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. There is one line in the first book that pretty much sums up why the character is intelligent and strong in her own way: “courtesy is a lady’s armor” I love the fact that Sansa is not strong in a common way. People say she is not "badass" like other characters because she can't fight with a sword. So I'd like to write my EE on how Sansa Stark learns to use her abilities to stay alive and gain friends and allies through the series, but I don't know how I co
  16. Hello While I'm writing my EE on Visual Arts I'm not fully sure if I'm doing everything right. So my research question is: How significant is the influence of Tamara Łempicka's art on modern art? First of all I don't like the repetition of the word 'art'. I was brainstorming on some synonyms but just couldn't think about anything different. Second of all, is it enough? I mean is it really a research if I'm searching for various inspirations which were taken from this artist in order to create something new? I would be really thenkful for some feedback because it continuosly is o
  17. Hi guys, this is my first post and I would really appreciate if you guys could help me out with this problem. Here goes, so as you can tell by the title I'm doing my extended essay in business and management and I need help focusing my research question, my current question goes something like this : 'To what extent and how can red bull maintain its position in the market and combat the growing threat of competition?' , alternatively I've framed another question : 'To what extent can Red Bulls effective marketing strategies be attributed to its success in the market ?' , this one I made as a c
  18. Guest

    Research Question

    Hello, everyone! I read all of those necessary threads before posting this but I'm still confused about the issue I have regarding the research question of the extended essay. In spring, I started doing my EE on psychology with a research question which was indeed a question. But today I became inconvenient with it and noticed that I'm comparing two psychological phenomena and therefore I could use something starting with "A Comparative Evaluation..." or something like that. It is much better in my opinion because those phenomena are very similar to each other, yet asking whether the caus
  19. I'm a biology HL student and my IA is on the effect of temperature on lactase activity. I finished my experiment successfully and I have started writing the actual IA, but I am concerned about the research question. My research question is the following: How does exposing lactase to different temperatures affect its activity as a catalyst of lactose breakdown in regular whole milk, measured by change in glucose concentration? I feel like it is very long, but my teacher disagrees and wants me to add more information in it, like the temperature range, the exact kind of milk (fat % included
  20. Hi! I have been working on my RQ for my psychology EE for a while now and my supervisor seems to like it but I want feedback from people who have actually done one and has some experience (as this is my teacher's first year of EE supervising...) So if you have done it, or if you just have some feedback on it, please tell me so I don't sit there in the middle of summer regretting my RQ and being too deep into it to change it To what extent is Lucid Dreaming a suitable therapy to sleep disorders? Thanks!
  21. Hello, thanks for clicking here. I finally decided on a research question of my history EE, but I'm not sure if it is correctly stated and overally ok. The two possibilities are: To what extent was the Gandhian non-violent resistance a success/ an effective strategy in restoring peace in India? Thanks for any feedback!
  22. Hello, After I don't get good significant data results for my IA experiments, I decided to change it The new one would be: on leakage (area) and the affects on the volume of leaked (water) The experiment would be on the relationship gained fro measuring the leakage (very small like needle diameter) and the time taken and also volume loss of water. The initial volume of water would be 1500 ml. Therefore, the area of leakage would be the number of holes in the container. The physics involve would be atmospheric pressure and also rate of drainage (does not seem so physics though). Any c
  23. Hello, could you help me with my RQ? I decided to write about ritual slaughter (halal and kosher) in Poland, most likely. My RQ is now "Should the ritual slaughter be banned in Poland?" I know the question isn't very well formulated. Perhaps it would sound better with "To what extent.." rather than "should"? Or do you have any other ideas? Also, do you think it's narrow enough? I suppose it would be better to add some more details, right? Like, "religious freedom before or after animal rights?" Do you have ANY advices? Any feedback is appreciated.
  24. hey guys, so my business ee is something that relates to marketing and human resource. can anyone tell me how to structure a business extended essay? As in what must the sub-headings be? Starting from introduction... Thank you
  25. I'm doing an extended essay on Biology about plants responding to different pH solutions. So, my research question for my EE is "How external factors, such as different concentrations of pH from acidic to alkaline, effect the growth of crops like bean sprouts?" Please tell me if there is any improvement needed for my RQ, thank you!
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