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Found 7 results

  1. A friend of mine recently notified our IBC that he is worried that his paper is too similar to that of a sibling who had taken IB years before. He used his siblings paper to get an idea for a topic. he is worried they will run it through the system and find too many similarities and say he plagiarized. If you get caught for plagiarism is there a certain percentage that it must be for you to have consequences? i.e <15% Also, does the IB notify the college you plan on attending that you were caught for plagiarism?
  2. Hey, I am confused that the IA topic I am doing is basically copying. Since I am doing database (thanks to covid-19), I realised that I needed various independent and dependent variables. I could not find a topic and had constant rejections so my sir had given another classmate's alternative topic. I have a feeling that its mostly copying since when my classmate had given me the topic, he/she also gave me a research paper for this as a resource. When I had looked through the research paper, the research question was similar to that of the research paper, with same independent and dependen
  3. I've been generally panicking about things I've noticed in my IA (which has already been submitted ). I just noticed that I forgot to include an in-text citation for where I got my method from. I used Kjheldahl's method for analysing proteins, and while I gave credit to Johan Kjheldahl for making the method, I didn't state the source I found this information from in the body of text (it's in the works cited though). I also have several instances of using knowledge from the syllabus without citing it. Should I have cited my textbook? I need to put my mind at ease because I'm really worried it
  4. Hey, I was curious about the plagiarism in IB. This is a hypothetical situation: Suppose, I download an EE online, which scored an A, and I rephrase the content (overall meaning remains the same). Turnitin will not give a very high percentage of plagiarism, due to the rephrasing, and suppose I get a plagiarism of 20%. But if you see my edited EE and the original one, you can clearly see I have copied off of it. Since IB examiners won't be checking each and every online EE side by side, is it possible that I could get away with this? And another situation, suppose I downloaded my
  5. Guest


    So I'm in the process of writing my Extended Essay. I've completed my first draft and sent it to my email address to proof read it later. That's where I messed up. I sent it to another email address that I don't own, it belongs to someone else. Now I can't take it back and someone may have access to it. What are the chances that my essay will show up as a plagiarized essay? I'm pretty worried right now. Thanks!
  6. I don't have VIP Subscription, so I haven't read it and the link says it has only been downloaded 8 times. Regardless, from their thesis I know we will have a 80% similar methodology with the same aim. This is for a mathematics EE - is it risky to keep my same topic?
  7. I am an IB student that has 3 sciences, chemistry, biology and physics. My concern is regarding the format of the individual investigation. Can i use the same format for all 3 sciences or is it necessary to have a different format for each????? Also can i use some sentences from my other individual investigation????
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