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Found 9 results

  1. I have been researching topics for a while now and have come up with an idea that I like. My idea is to investigate the effect of the angle of attack of a frisbee on its trajectory/displacement. The topic would include investigating how lift is generated, how torque comes into play, the temperature and pressure of that air. I have seen a few extended essay exemplars and their topics seem much more complicated and advanced. Do you think my idea is suitable for an EE?
  2. Hello. While reviewing the different types of extended essays one can do in physics, or for that matter, any Group 4 subject, I came across one type of essay, called a survey, which involves comparing two models of a particular physical phenomenon. I wanted to know how exactly does one "compare" two theories. For example, my extended essay is on the Mpemba Effect, and I have gone through a few papers regarding the same topic. Do I compare and analyse data from each of those papers, or do I conduct my own experiments while referring to the experimental data in those papers?
  3. Hi all! I'm planning to write my EE in physics but I don't really have a clear idea of how to work with the topic I'd like to cover. My teacher will only be taking 2 students & there are more than that planning to write theirs in physics so I'm kinda in competition with them to find stuff out ^^" SO if any of you guys have some suggestions go ahead & let me know! I'd like to work on something related to prosthetics seeing as I'd like to go into medical engineering sometime later on so any ideas in relation to that topic would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!
  4. Hey fellow IBers, I recently decided to do Physics as my extended essay as it is the subject I definitely find most enjoyable working on. I came up with the idea of basically investigating the relationship between the varying size of a hole in the side of a box containing water and the rate at which the water comes out. I'm not quite sure of exactly everything I'm going to investigate, I'm more primarily concerned if this topic will be enough to get me to 4000 words without having to BS anything. So, what do you guys think? Will this topic allow me 4000 words or will I have to edit it a bit or
  5. Im really worrying about my EE!!!! Im afraid I may fail IB! Please help. I need a Physics EE research question!!! Suggestions plz! If IB survival doesnt permit EE topic suggestions......... it doesnt have to be a title just Ideas would be fine.
  6. Do you guys think that "Spectral Analysis of a solar cell" is a good physics EE? I'll analyze the energy output of a solar cell as i input lights with different spectrum into the cell. Suggest a way to improve the experiment if you can? Tnxs
  7. Do you guys think that "Spectral Analysis of a solar cell" is a good physics EE? I'll analyze the energy output of a solar cell as i input lights with different spectrum into the cell. Suggest a way to improve the experiment if you can? Tnxs
  8. Hi, I am completely new to this and have no idea whether I will get a response but here we go anyways... ... I am currently in the process of writing up my Physics Experimental Extended Essay looking into the Ancient Chinese Spouting Bowl. Specifically related to Resonance. I do not fear not reaching the word count. However I fear that the topic is actually lacking formula. Is this going to be a major concern when I hand it in? Any feedback would be much obliged. Thanks in advance
  9. Hello guys i am a new member here. I am planning to do a Physics EE based on Airsoft guns, but I am confused on which one should I do. Either: "To what extent the bullet drop of an Airsoft Gun is only based on the FPS of the gun" or "To what extent does the projectile motion changes as the weight of the bullet varies when the gun is fired at a certain angle" I actually fancy the second one better compared to the first one due to the 'complexity' of the question and the first one seems really obvious. However if I do the second one, how am I supposed to measure a projectile motion of a small BB
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