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Found 15 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    The Effect of Different Wavelengths of Light on Phototropic Response in Rudbeckia hirta .pdf
  2. I'd asked my Bio teacher if I could do my IA on the effect of music on plant growth and at the time she'd said yes, but after I submitted my information sheet she said that it was an idea with a shaky foundation and that I need to turn in a new idea ASAP. Please help!!! I was thinking something along the lines of photosynthesis..... I don't know, I'm just really confused right now. Is there anything I can do that's relatively simple but not like, utter trash?
  3. Hey there! So I need some help... My Biology IA is investigating the effect of light wavelength (i.e. colour of the light) on the rate of photosynthesis through leaf disks. I'm doing this by putting filters (cellophane) over the light. However, I'm kind of confused as to what my control would be! Would it be the light simply without a filter (white light)? Or literally no light (so in the dark)? I feel like it would have to be without the filter because with no light the control would just be testing the effect of light on photosynthesis rather than coloured light! Please Help!
  4. Hi! I am planning to do my Bio IA on how do different light intensities affect rate of photosynthesis (of a pondweed, idk specifically what species yet) IV- light intensity. I aim to place the plant away from the lamp in various distances (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 cm) DV- CO2 uptake by plant (measuring pH of water) OR counting bubbles of oxygen produced in/per one minute OR measuring oxygen produced by using a gas stringe 1. Is it necessary to have a lux-meter to measure the lux of the light intensities? Or will just stating the distance of the plant from the lamp be eno
  5. Hey guys, so a few weeks ago I came up with the topic for my Biology SL IA: "the effect of salinity on the amount of oxygen produced by photosynthesis of elodea", but I don't know if it is an acceptable topic, given that one of the prescribed labs was about photosynthesis. In it, we didn't use salinity as a factor, only light and CO2, but I'm not sure if I should do something that is not related to photosynthesis at all, or if my topic is alright given that we didn't try that factor in the prescribed lab. Also, spanish is my first language so I'm writing my IA in spanish, but while lookin
  6. So I'm currently planning on doing an experiment that uses an aquatic plant, measuring the rate of photosynthesis with different light intensities. Dependent Variable: Number of bubbles produced (rate of photosynthesis) Independent Variable: Light intensities Is this too simple for me to score a high grade? All suggestions/improvements welcome!
  7. I need to write an exploration lab for investigating rate of photosynthesis by either measuring production of oxygen by counting bubbles or by measuring increase in biomass of plant. I cannot find any guidance on the internet on exactly how to plan any of those methods. For example, If i will measure increase in biomass i don't know for how long should i keep the plants under the light source or which plant to use or under which type of light source to put it under etc. Please help!
  8. Does someone know where do i can found a method to measure the rate of photosynthesis?
  9. So for our design lab, our teacher has been telling us to do something about "factors that affect photosynthesis" (if I'm not mistaken, we don't have a sheet or anything yet, she just gave us a really quick heads up.) So I was thinking of manipulating the wavelenghts of light using coloured plastic. I'll have a plant and a small beaker of water underneath a bell jar, or overturned beaker, with the plastic covering it. After a while I'll be measuring the the pH change of the water, to see if it's more acidic or basic by then, and tie it back to how much CO2 was used / O2 was released. I'm not s
  10. Version PDF


    The following is a draft/idea for a Biology IA. It has been created along with an IB examiner and focusses on the investigation if Carbon Dioxide is necessary for Photosynthesis.
  11. our teacher told us to write a report on the change in light in photosynthesis using color filter paper... how do i write a report for that? what should my variables be? thank you
  12. Guest

    Photosynthesis Notes

    Version 1


    These were the notes I used to study for the photosynthesis unit in HL biology.
  13. So the dreaded photosynthesis lab is upon me, and I think i know what i am doing. I just need your guys's wonderful insight and review on my idea. So i will be manipulating the light intensity levels to see how it will factor the photosynthesis rate in Amazon Sword Echinodorus amozonicus). I will use sodium bicarbonate as a carbon source and will keep a controlled amount of 5g of baking soda in the experiment. Then i would carry out the lab, having 5 trials on a specific light intensity, then another 5 trials on another light intensity, and so on until i can get in 25 trials (5 different light
  14. I was wondering whether or not it would be worth my time to do a lab where I experiment with the color of light and its effect on photosynthesis. My idea is to take different coloured gels and place them in front of a lamp and see how long it takes for leaf discs to rise. I would probably use something like baking soda or dish soap to remove the oxygen from the leaf discs. My thought is that as the light from a controlled source passes through the different coloured gels, photosynthesis would occur and cause the discs to fill with oxygen and rise at which point I would record the data and move
  15. I'm doing a photosynthesis lab in which I'm taking 5 different lamps, putting 5 different colors of cellophane (red, blue, yellow, green, purple) over the bulb to change the wavelength of the light. A beaker full of water will be placed below after placing a plant in the water so it's fully submerged. Then I'll use probes to measure the pH every 10 minutes. This is a 5x5 experiment so I'll have five plants per lamp. What I'm wondering is what type of bulb should I use in the lamp and also what type of plant I should use. Really I would think any plant would work and I think UV bulbs would work
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