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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, I am in despirate need of help. My maths teacher has said that she set the maths IA draft deadline for the end of the school term nd has said that of we do not meet this deadline anything we hand in later is considered a final draft and she will give no feedback on what we submit. Is this allowed? I wasn't aware of the deadline and have also had Philospohy, Biology and ESS IA's at the same time as well as the EE draft to be handed in and the TOK exhibition AND mocks the second week back of september. Any feedback would mean the world to me!!!!!
  2. To what extent can technological advancements be used to measure the difference between progress and change in natural sciences.
  3. I want to switch from Spanish SL to chinese AB intio but its almost been a year. My ib coordinator says that I cannot switch because I am heritage of china although I cannot speak, read or write chinese??? Also she says that there needs to be 150 hours of teaching meet before the end of the year. To my knowledge I heard you can take an online course on top of the course at school to fulfil the 150 teaching hours. I don't see why I cannot take AB Initio chinese. Could someone please clarify about the heritage thing thanks.
  4. I'm really struggling to figure out an EE topic for this subject. I wanted to do my EE on greek mythology but all the topics I come up with are too broad and I can't seem to narrow it down. Plus, I'm still a bit confused about the requirements for the EE in this subject because it's not offered at my school, I have a mentor who has taught some Greek but they aren't really around much. I'm worried that I might do the EE entirely wrong and I'm still not entirely sure if i needed to know greek or latin in order to actually do this subject. I just really need some help in narrowing it down and if
  5. Hi, my name is Kylie and this year has been really stressful. I transferred into the IB program 4 weeks late so the first quarter was me doing makeup work while keeping up with the work given. The first quarter is ending in two days and my grades are very bad, ending with 2As, 5bs and 1 C in HL BIO. I’m scared I’ve made a mistake and I won’t get into a good college since this is a big difference from my previous grades:( I did go to a very prestigious vet camp at my local university and work at another very selective program at the museum down town, so I’m hoping those extra curricular‘s will
  6. is business management easier then econ (both at hl) honest answers please i need help
  7. Hey all who sees this... My general topic for this Extended Essay is Chinese propaganda. I can't find a way to formulate this generalized and broad topic into a more confined research question and topic. Any suggestions? I need some help
  8. I can't devise a good procedure for my ee experiment in biology. Research Question: How are the allometric characteristics of radishes (Raphanus raphanistrum subsp. Sativus) affected by different levels of pH? What would be a good design to experiment this idea? I will be measuring root to root ratio, root diameter vs PH, leaf length vs PH, Leaf legnth vs leaf width Please and thank you!!!
  9. YA99

    Math IA Question

    Hey guys, So Im a Math SL student and my IA is going to be about the Birthday Paradox. I already have the stuff in mind about what I am going to do but I want to add more, so please add any suggestions you guys have. What I have so far: Discussing the Birthday Paradox itself and the math that is behind it. To compare the theoretical way of finding two people with the same birthday to a real example which is done by a survey. See how many people it would take to find 3 people and 4 people with the same birthday. Thank you so much.
  10. Hi, so at my school we just started the EE and we need to decide on a topic by next week. I really want to do a literature EE regarding Edgar Allan Poe's works, but apart from that I'm not sure what to focus on (I don't want to talk about all of them, just a few). Do literature EEs typically compare two subjects or ideas, or are they formatted a different way? And do you think an EE on some of Poe's writings has potential to be a good topic, or should I scrap that idea?
  11. Hey there!! I'm in pre-Ib now. Need to choose subjects for IB. I'll say directly, I'm pretty good at Math, but I need to decide if I take Math SL or Math on Studies. The problem is that I'm also taking Chemistry HL and English A SL(and I'm not a native English speaker) So I'm afraid that it would be too hard. And also I don't really need math in the future. I wan to go for a jurist or marketing manager. They don't need math on SL, to take you to the university for above said courses, right? Looking forward your advices
  12. Hello! I'm in pre-IB now. Before 1 March I need to choose my subjects for the next year. I thinking of: English A SL; German B SL; Psychology HL; Business and Management HL; Chemistry HL and Math SL. I'm not a native English speaker, that's why I'm afraid that English A would be too hard for me. I'm also not sure about chemistry (though I'm good at it now, but it's pre-IB, so I think it doesn't count) I was thinking to take Math on Studies instead of SL(to make my life easier), but someone told me that it would be better to take SL, because a lot of universities look at your math level, even
  13. Hi IBSurvival Members, I am writing an extended essay in economics, on the proposed deregulation of universities in Australia, allowing them to set their own fees. The only issue is that it it hasn't been approved in parliament yet, although I am pretty sure it will be. Since it has not happened yet, and my extended essay will be based on the consequences of the legislation passing, do you think that I should stick with this topic, or will it be too hypothetical in nature and is not advisable? P.S: I am pretty confident about the topic and the primary/secondary sources for this
  14. I'm writing my EE right now and there are things which I want to include which come from my own knowledge (basically just stuff that people know, for example "WWII started in 1939"). Can I include it in the essay without a reference? Because I didn't get it from a book or anything, it's just something I already knew. Thank you!
  15. Hey guys, I could use your help for my tok presentation I am doing it on the mozart effect but i am kind of lost in the ways i could talk about it. I know that I will include a few researches done on it, and do a few real life examples but i was think about showing nature or nurture? what do you guys think?
  16. Hello all you kind and awesome people in for IB! I'm a junior in IB and guite frankly I'm doing s**t. My progress is low, my half year report sucks. HL Econ: 2, HL English Lang + Lit: 3, HL History: 4. That adds up to HL 9 which means that right now I am failing IB. I created this thread to ask for Help, for kind words and for comforting. This is a place for people like me and people who are doing better to share wisdom, knowledge and help one another. :excl: :help: :help: :help: After turning my WT1 in this Thursday, I just got a teacher note back saying that I received 0.00 out of
  17. Hey guys, so I've roughly chosen my research question to be: Calculating the variation of drag coefficient of a badminton shuttlecock during the period of one parabolic trajectory. Do you guys think it's a viable question? And if so, can you please advise me on some approaches to take that would be a good idea? I have one idea: Take a video of a trajectory and plug the video into Logger Pro 3 to find the varying velocities. Do you guys think that data would be sufficient for the calculation of the drag coefficients? Please help, I want to get started with my essay as soon as possible
  18. i am a student from HK, and will be taking IB exam 2 years later. i am currently struggling with the subject choices so if any of you can give me some advice on my subject choice that would be great! i would like to study food science in university current subject choice ---------------------------------> want to change to: Eng lang lit , music, maths SL Eng lang lit, chinese lang lit, maths SL chinese lang lit, biology, geography HL
  19. Hello everyone, So I got this question in my Math HL class and I really cannot do it! Can anyone help me please .. John's sock drawer had 17 blue socks, 11 yellow, 9 orange, 34 green, and 2 brown, not sorted by color. The light bulb has been burned out. John cannot see what color the socks are. How many socks does John have to take to be sure he has at least two socks of the same color? Explain your answer Thanks
  20. I recently decided that I don't want to do my EE on English, but Psychology. I'm interested in the abnormal psychology, particularly with disorders such as anorexia, depression, bulimia, etc I want to study something that I can write a lot about. Potential EE questions: 1. To Analyze etiologies in terms of (biological, cognitive, and socio-cultural ) factors of anxiety disorders, 2. To what extent is an eating disorder more likely to occur in a girl as opposed to a boy? 3, To what extent are Americans over diagnosed and over medicated when it comes to depression? To narrow i
  21. hey, can you guy please help me find an east to do, quick to submit topic for my math ia easy to do**
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