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  1. a) Using diagrams, explain how a change in one of the determinants of demand might increase the price of rice and how a change in one of the determinants of supply might decrease the price of rice. This is the part a) question my tutor gave me and I don't get it. Please help xx.
  2. A lot of people get scared by the prospect of doing a commentary on something they have never seen before, but really, paper 1 isn't hard at all, and a 7 is relatively easy to get. What is required of you: You'll be judged on five criteria, each with five markband descriptors. The highest mark you can get is 25. The criteria and the requirements to achieve five marks in each are listed below. Criterion A : Understanding of the Text 5 : Excellent understanding of the text # perceptive understanding of the thought and feeling expressed in the text as well as some of the subtleties of the text
  3. Hey So I feel weird saying this (it feels super show-offy) but I recently recieved a 20/20 in paper 1 for my mock exam. A few people asked me to send it to them, so if it is of any interest, I'm more than happy to share (it's just a scanned copy of my hand-written essay but hey). It's taken two years to get to this point and now that I get what's required I don't find it too hard anymore! I know it's super close and people are stressing out about English cause it's so darn hard. Long story short, if you want my essay, PM me your email address and I'll send it to you (I chose
  4. Hi everybody, as we all know exams are coming up and I wanted to create a post where we could share suggestions on language A paper 1 and possibly paper 2. My language A teachers, unfortunately, have not been very helpful in telling the class how to structure these essay and I have a few questions. 1) What do you guys think of the linear approach? The structure I use in a paper 1 essay is analysing every single line and writing down something both for content and form (I also write an introduction with a hint to the main message and the conclusion with the main message fully
  5. Hellooooooo! I am currently revising for paper 1 and soon paper 2 in English A HL Lang and Lit! Do you have some tips for paper 1/paper 2 that you want to share with us who want a perfect 7 score in our exams? Let us all benefit from this thread! xoxo.
  6. Hi. I am a selftaught student of Chinese A literature. I have a question about paper 1. For paper 1, the literature analysis, am I supposed to write an essay on each of the two question? Or just one essay to ask two questions? It would be best if someone has a sample answer (better in Chinese, English is also fine) with examiners' comments. Thanks.
  7. Hello could anyone please check out this link https://www.google.ae/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwifg7SHycXLAhXDuw8KHZJSAV0QFggkMAI&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wuhsd.org%2Fcms%2Flib%2Fca01000258%2Fcentricity%2Fmoduleinstance%2F3040%2Fstyle_analysis_packet.doc&usg=AFQjCNEkAWWKLLq56FNnlepsWAWnhbQ8eA&sig2=Y7JjvpT6W_97iBd6jJTOmw&bvm=bv.116954456,d.bGQ I've been learning in school this format for the literary analysis in English literature and I just want to ask if it is good enough for a 7 or is there some better f
  8. hello, does anybody know what where the questions for the Psychology Paper 1 and paper 2 in the Nov. 2015 exams ?
  9. Criterion A (Knowledge and Understanding) is consistently a 4/5 whilst B-D are consistently 3/5. Do you have any ideas or advice that could help me in pushing up this mark?Am I right in thinking that I would be better served in focusing on pushing B-D up a point each? I generally write for all of the allotted time and write paragraphs centred around things that have appeared in the work in chronological order. Thank you.
  10. hello..i will be a future student of ib this coming august.and i just wanna ask .. is english a hl harder than bio hl..? I need to choose between this two subjects because i lack one HL. I'm soo scareeeed... of the decision I made.. because my friends who graduated from our school said "NEVER TAKE ENGLISH A. It will pull down your grades.." I'm so scared ! I need opinions from others!!! thnxxx
  11. Hey guys .. Did Anyone else find the P1 tricky?
  12. How do you guys think it went? Which Section B question did you choose? I chose Q5 from Section B.
  13. How did it go for you? and which text did you use?
  14. I was practicing some Chemistry P1 for the upcoming Chemistry final exam. I noticed that in the May 2008 Paper 1, it asked about the NMR Spectroscopy: "Which compounds show three main peaks in their H NMR spectra?", three choices of organic compounds were given I thought NMR Spectroscopy was part of Option A? Or is this just a case of the exam being outdated? I don't even know which of the core topics would include it originally.. They cannot include questions from Options into P1 and P2 at all, right?
  15. Hey everyone, Next Tuesday I have to present a maximum 15 minute FOA on Part 1 (Language in Cultural Context). I noticed that a lot of people did their FOAs in groups, but my class requires that we do it individually, and we can only do speeches (none of those presentations and other fancy stuff). So for my FOA, I chose to speak about the song "Can't Cry" by J. Cole since it does go into the details of the struggles and identity in the black community. I spoke to my teacher, and she thinks its fine and I should be able to do it, as long as I censor the lyrics. However, funnily enough, I
  16. I'm really suck on how to format my commentary. My teacher has said that NOT to structure it by the structure of the piece being analyzed by rather by the ideas. How would I group the ideas together and how would I separate the ideas? Also, what would be a good way of improving my general commentary, or just general IB English literature skills? Thanks guys!
  17. So im going to have my first formative assessment for my school (exam week) and i would like to ask a question (sorry if it sounds stupid, first time posting here) : For paper 1 , should i choose the two passages that our school did with us (Catcher in the rye & metamorphosis) for commentary or should i choose the unseen poem. Which one is more recommended and easier to revise/write for? Thanks so much in advance.
  18. I have only been able to find 2 or 3 online past papers for P1 - does anyone know any good sites for finding past papers?
  19. Hey Guys, Our teacher gave us the poem 'The Visitor' by Gibbons Ruark and after a discussion on it for a couple of classes she told us to write a commentary on it and turn it in on Monday, so I have the weekend to write it. The problem is, I have never done lit before, the closest thing to the commentary that I've done is the style analysis in IGCSE (EFL) so I have no idea as to what is the requirement. I've been searching all over the internet, but there are different answers. Some say that you make a thesis and then support it by exploring the effects the literary devices create while othe
  20. For paper 1 in HL English, is it complulsory for us to write a commentary on the poem? For internal tests, our English teacher says we can only do the poem for some reason, and he gives us a common paper for both HL and SL. Which is easier?
  21. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not we are going to get an answer booklet separate from the question booklet for English B (as we now do for the other exams). If not: For those true or false questions, if I mark true instead of false for example, how do I correct it? There is no space. Also, what do we do if we run out of space in the question/answer booklet? Any answer would be really appreciated! I keep on running out of space, and marking the wrong answers out of excitement
  22. Hi all, I am doing some unseen poetry for paper 1 revision. I was wondering if anyone could provide a helpful insight into this poem as I am finding it difficult to 'find a way in'. I think I understand it's non figurative meaning- it is telling the story of the creation of the world as portrayed in Genesis 1 in the Old Testament of the Bible. I think that this poem is getting at how the world was created with fault and there is a conflict between the regenerate nature (and afterlife) and disposable/limited nature of life. There are many techniques/observations (iambic pentameter/enj
  23. Hello, We've just started our written task on Part 1. & I have picked Gender. My text type is a fashion blog, showing how women speak and stuff. Can someone please help me in what to write in the rationale about a fashion blog please? Thanks
  24. Hello, tomorrow I'm having a mock exam on english HL- P1. Its the first time and im a bit scared about it. Any recommendations?
  25. hey, i posted a similar topic before but i'm doing it specifically on P1 now because i just went through the guide again. for the previous syllabus, they had to write commentaries, whereas we now have to write a literary analysis.: http://ibpublishing.ibo.org/live-exist/rest/app/flat-tsm.xql?doc=d_1_a1lan_tsm_1105_1a_e so i wanted to know the difference between a literary analysis and a commentary. and if someone has examples that would be even better. even if the analyses were your own, it'd be helpful. i found this but i'd apprectiate comparing more: http://ibpublishing.ibo.org/live-exist/r
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