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Found 9 results

  1. i'm in my second year of ib and up until now I had been very unsure of what i wanted to study in university i'm quite interested in food science and nutrition so I think i may want to go towards those subjects in university. Some prerequisites state that i need to have taken one science at HL and I have only taken chemistry at SL, obviously i cannot change subjects now because I am in my second year and it is too late do i have no chance of being able to study this subject in uni?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is what I used to review the material on the digestive system, nutrition and the liver. The document is in french.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Note for D1 - Nutrition!
  4. Hello all! I am currently in the summer between the first year of IB and the second. Over the first year I came up with the title of: How has the globalization of food in Thailand affected the health of the population in terms of non-communicable diseases such as heart disease and diabetes? I am interested in studying medicine in university in the future and decided to do a medicine related EE in geography as there are no experiments required (unlike the group 4 sciences) and it provides a different aspect of medicine, and I decided to focus it in Thailand as I live here and know the cult
  5. Hello all, I would really appreciate any help with this issue. For my CHEM ia I'm really interested in diabetes/ sugar levels and what factors could decrease its presence. I don't know exactly what to do for it, can someone advice me with things that could be related back to ib chemistry?
  6. Hi all. I have been told to come up with a subject and a rough research question for my EE. I spent the whole day reading and having classes about the EE, and I have decided that I am going to be writing it on Biology. I already know that this subject is quite hard to get a good grade on, however it is the only topic in which I am passionate about enough to write my EE. (I am not willing to change subject or topic). So far I have a few rough ideas on what I want to do: Specific diets and their impact upon heart problems Something on hormones Why certain vitam
  7. Hello guys, i will choose my subject soon so i need to know what subjects will help me to study nutrition. if you know anything about it please help me thank you!!
  8. We have to write a design lab on the topic of nutritional effect on the body. once weve handed them in the teacher will select the best 5 to perfrom. these experiments have to involve the use of people as subjects. I'm having a really tough time coming up with ideas. These are some ideas I have, though I am not very pleased with them and there not very specific: The effect of the amount of carbohyrdates (like rice) intake on how tired you feel a certain nutrient's (don't know what nutrient) effect on body temperature Eating more of a certain food and its affect on our saliva content. or pH? f
  9. Hi guys, My Biology EE topic is due in in a few days and I am stuck for ideas! Any suggestions for topics/experiments/research questions? All help and feedback are appreciated! My ideas so far.. - Marine pollution [ie sewage] and effect on plants? (which aspect of plants can I measure in the experiment?) - Differences between Asian and Western diets and how this has an effect on health [which aspect of health can i focus on? and is this too broad? how will I conduct an experiment on this?] If you know of any interesting research areas that I haven't mentioned I'd appreciate all suggestions! Th
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