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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I'm starting to work on my ToK essay and I decided to choose #5 since I'm not really interested in the other topics. I'm having trouble understanding this title and coming up with knowledge issues to discuss in this essay.
  2. Hi everyone! We haven't actually started really looking at the TOK essay titles in detail or anything yet, but I was looking at this one and I'm thinking that I'd really like to do my TOK essay on this title, and with regards to literature, possibly. If anyone has any suggestions on how to approach it, or just general things to watch out for, they would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Hi there, I have decided to do the above topic for my TOK essay. I just want to run a few ideas past you to see if they will be ok. Semi structure: Define Search for Knowledge Newton/Einstein (Science) Newton old Eintsein new Newton low speeds Einstein everything Geographical Models (Social Science) Boserup/Malthus DTM Changed to suit newly evolving patterns Time dependant English Rules (Language) Always exceptions So diverse hard to have simplified model Maps (Language/Social Science anyone know???) Simplfied but not precise To have full precise 1:1 scale needed Christianity (Religio
  4. Hi I am planning to start writing my TOK Essay on this topic (#3), and I thought a discussion or a little brainstorming would probably give me and everyone else who has chosen this topic a relatively good start
  5. 1. Consider the extent to which knowledge issues in ethics are similar to those in at least one other area of knowledge. 2. How important are the opinions of experts in the search for knowledge? 3.“Doubt is the key to knowledge” (Persian Proverb). To what extent is this true in two areas of knowledge? 4. To what extent do we need evidence to support our beliefs in different areas of knowledge? 5.To what extent are the various areas of knowledge defined by their methodologies rather than their content? 6.“There are no absolute distinctions between what is true and what is false”. Discuss this c
  6. I have chosen to do essay title number 9, which states: Discuss the role of language and reason in history. My main claim on this title is that when language is manipulated, it affects the individual's ability to reason. This is by the means of teaching (Canadian teacher will usually mainly teach the Canadian perspective on WWII, so other perspectives unknown) and by the means of propaganda (manipulative language controls the person's ability to reason, such as in North Korea, WWII in Germany, US and Canada). But I am having difficulty coming up with counter-claims without sounding redundant.I
  7. Hi! So I was checking out the different posts there are for the N10-M11 ToK titles and I haven't found any one regarding this particular title: 7. How can we recognise when we have made progress in the search for knowledge? Consider two contrasting areas of knowledge. I wanna write something on this but I'm stuck; I just don't know what to do or how to start. My ToK teacher doesn't teach us anything (we didn't even know we needed to have a journal and we never even had a "discussion" on any topic) so I have no idea on how to approach anything. I read the advice etc but I panic when I see the b
  8. Hey! I've chosen to write on the 4th prescribed title for TOK Nov 2010, May 2011. "To what extent do we need evidence to support our beliefs in different areas of knowledge?" I need some help with creating a knowledge issue for this topic. Does anyone have ideas? Also, I'm planning on using the following areas of knowledge: the arts, natural sciences, human sciences, and ethics. Do I need to reference any Ways of Knowing in my paper? Would these ways of knowing count as evidence, as mentioned in the title? Does anyone have a good definition for evidence? I was thinking of saying that it
  9. hi all, i am planning to my TOK essay on "There are no absolute distinctions between what is true and what is false. Discuss this claim" but i am struggling with the intro... where can i start??? please help
  10. Hello everyone, in my TOK essay I addressed History implicitly in an example I used for Mathematics. The title (below) says that I can only address two areas of knowledge. While the example was developed enough to where I found it satisfactory (I hope it is. ),I really didn't explicitly discuss the History aspect of it, but rather the Mathematical portion. The example is meant to be one for Mathematics, yet I labeled it as "History" Would the IB kill me for having more than two AOK's in my essay for the title below? I know it's different for every title, I'm just asking for a general rule
  11. for whom that chose to do the second prescribed TOK ESSAY Title: How important are the opinions of experts in the search of knowledge? we can certainly do a brain stroming here, what do you guys think ? what is the knowledge issue here? which areas of knowledge we can link to ? Cheers IB Bros!
  12. OK, so I decided to do this title. I know that I have to compare ethics to another area of knowledge (math, science, etc.) So what I ask for is..how do I analyze this? In my practice essays, I score super low (to the point where I cry) because of things like not "analyzing it" or putting examples and not showing how it supports my claim. PLEASE HELP. I'm really yucky with ToK essays and I need some pointers on how to score high on this thing! My diploma depends on it!! xP
  13. Hey, I am writing about vocabulary, and I am wondering if linguistics is language or human science. I want to take an example of a same word in different languages.
  14. Why is it so freaking difficult writing it? I'm sitting here with my outline and a blank word doc and for the last two hours I've written 300 words. And my teacher just told me like half of that is crap. Help!
  15. I'm writing topic #3 (Doubt is the key to knowledge...) and I'm looking for some useful quotations about knowledge/belief/doubt. My two areas of knowledge are psychology and ethics so if the quotation is by a psychologist it would be amazing. Any advice?
  16. I've chosen; How can we recognise when we have made progress in the search for knowledge? ; as a title for my ToK essay but it requires me to compare 2 AoK. I want to compare Natural sciences with Religion but it doesn't look like the IBO recognise religion as an AoK. So im trying to think of religion in terms of it's historical context. Would I be allowed to do this? Advice would be much appreciated.
  17. Hi, i actually finished writing my TOK essay, until one of my teachers totally scrapped it, saying it was all wrong. Could someone please help me with the above mentioned topic? I was wondering which AOK's i should be focusing on, as in my previously written essay, i haven't concentrated on any AOK's in particular. The examples are from a range of AOKs. Also, could someone help me with a way to go about writing my essay? Thank you. Your help would mean a lot.
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