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Found 15 results

  1. 19 downloads

    I've put together advice for how to SPECIFICALLY write an IB Econ essay for Papers One, two and three. Theres also a list of equations you'll need in Paper Three IB ECON 2022 Syllabus.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Biological and Cognitive SAQ.docx
  3. Hi, So, IB Psychology has a new syllabus starting from the May 2019 exams, and I just wanted to ask if any of you could tell me one study in the chapter: Thinking and Decision Making. Thanks.
  4. Hey guys, so obviously the paper 1 for the IB history has changed. That much I have down, on tests using that format I'm getting 7/7 almost every time now, but now that I've mastered to some degree the paper 1 I have realized I'm terrible at Paper 3. I was hoping you could share your secrets to paper 3 success, I'll share anything I've found helps, but I really have no idea how to get over a 4/7 on the paper 3 right now. Create a very brief outline (5-8 Minutes) Briefly; Breakdown Question Construct thesis Topics for paragraphs
  5. Hi, In how much detail do we need to know the pressure-volume graphs and isothermic, isobaric, isochloric and adiabatic processes? All the old past papers have a big question on it in paper 2, but the new specimen paper doesn't. Is this due to a syllabus change or do we still need to know it? If so, what exactly do we need to know about the topic? Thanks!
  6. Greetings IB Maths Community! So considering the removal of the Matrices Topic from the Maths HL from 2014 onwards, does this mean that one cannot use matrix methods for other question types in the exams anymore? (Would a matrix method be included in the markscheme and/or the examiner mark the matrix method?) This is primarily concerned with using the matrix method for: - Vector Cross Product [to shave off working times] - Solutions of Linear Equations (Three Equations with Three Unknowns) [---> Honestly, the row reduction method is such a pain (unless, mayhaps someone can create a reli
  7. Hello all, I'm starting my second year of DP next year, and I want a textbook for SL Physics to work with. We don't use textbooks in my class, but last year I had a hard time without something physical to refer to when pre-writing notes. I need something to help me prepare for the exam itself. I was going to go with the Oxford book here but I don't think it's for the new curriculum (though I could be wrong). I've also read lots of mixed reviews about it. I don't want to drop upwards of $50 on a textbook that won't help me. (Not to mention I need one for chemistry too, that post is here.) My
  8. Hello friends! I'm starting my second year of DP soon, and I want to have a textbook for HL Chem to work with this year. We don't use textbooks in my class, but last year I had a hard time without something physical to refer to when pre-writing notes. Also, I'd like to have something that's IB-specific. I have a Barron's study guide for general chem, and it's very good (my favourite brand for all study guides), but I need something to help me prepare for the exam itself. I was going to go with the Pearson HL Chemistry book here but it doesn't look like it's for the new curriculum. It's the b
  9. Version pdf


    Japanese (practice) written assignment on the topic relations specifically about marriage trends and finding a partner in Japan received 18/24
  10. Hey everyone, I have a question regarding the textbooks I Need for the IB. I'm taking These subjects: English L&L HL Chemistry HL Biology HL German SL Geography SL Maths SL Which textbooks and study guides do you recommend for These subjects ? Also, I'm not entirely sure if I should even buy textbooks now, because I heard that some of my subjects are affected by the Syllabus Change ... Are there any textbooks and study guides for the new syllabi yet ? And do you think it is worth buying an "old" textbook if the new one isn't out yet ? Thanks
  11. Hey, Like many of you I've been doing past papers for the maths exam on Tuesday however I haven't done many questions off the new syllabus only the ones on the specimen paper and they seemed kinda' strange. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can practice new syllabus stuff because I'm kinda' clueless !! Also I don't really KNOW what's new, I just know that there are no matrices tbh.. ( I know shameful) I've seen some videos from this guy who has gone over the specimen paper but that's about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp7LFC4nUTs Also do they seem kinda' hard or is it just
  12. Hey Guys, I was just looking at my Physics and Chemistry Syllabus Guides, and have realised that they were published in 2007 and are suitable for "First Examinations 2009". I am in my first year of IB, with exams in November 2014 and was told that we are studying the new course, from which the first batch of students are going to be doing their exams this November. I am pretty sure that indicates that my guide booklets are outdated. Does anyone know if the syllabus has changed for subjects other than just Maths and English? And where can I get new guide books from, because these are the only o
  13. Hi, Does anyone have any resources for Economics HL Paper 3 (First examinations 2013)? Thank you
  14. So i heard there was something changed regarding the World Lit into something called the reflective statements or something I'm not really sure.. Can someone please help me out?
  15. I'm on the look for good Economics book (new syllabus). My teacher is new to IB and my school. He barely know about the new syllabus, thus we ended up using the old 2007 economics book produced by Oxford (the blue one Jocelyn Blink & Ian Dorton course companion). I'm taking Economics HL and the worst thing is that my teacher is totally new in IB and the school. Cool isn't it? Anyways, I need your recommendations/ reviews about the economics books (new syllabus), please do share any informations/links about it! Here are the books that I have as options to make purchases on: 1. Economics for
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