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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! I have a research area but I'm not sure if it's narrow enough: Switzerland's role in the Third Reich's Progression during WW2 I'm really interested in this topic, but I've found quite a lot of sources analyzing how Switzerland aided the Axis Powers, and I'm not so sure that it'll be original enough for an EE. Though there is definitely scope for me to accumulate different perspectives and form a strong conclusion. I'd appreciate any help or feedback!
  2. Kirsty2201


    I am trying to find sources for my history IA and I am having trouble finding them. My question is: “To what extent was the Hitler youth significant in the social Nazification of Germany?†I am planing to look at the role of Hitler youth, as well as control over media and the crushing of discontent. My history teacher told us to look for expert historians in that field but even then I cant seem to find anything substantial enough. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated thank you!
  3. Hi So basically I chose homosexuality in nazi Germany as my topic because I find it fascinating. But now that I'm coming to write my IA I am really struggling to find a good argument. This is my research question How significant was the persecution of homosexuals in the context of Nazi Germany? It is now too late to change because I'm already in the last week before our first draft is due... Anybody have any advice/ is willing to listen to my ideas. xxx Joey
  4. Hello! We've recently been given "Account for the structure of the Nazi state" as an essay question to prepare, and I'm not sure how to structure the essay. I'm not asking for you to structure it for me - rather on what an "account for" question is asking for. I'm more used to "to what extent"-style questions, so I'm a bit confused. Thanks!
  5. 89 downloads

    These are the notes I made during class on the History Topic of Single-Party State Rulers. These are on Hitler. They are quite long so I don't recommend you use the to study for your May exams... But they're good to then make more summarised notes out of. I hope it helps!
  6. Hello, I was thinking of ways to narrow down my Historical Investigation topic and Initially I wanted to write about Hitler's influence on Himmler's rise to power but I found it too difficult to research. Now I am thinking of "To what extent was the Waffen-SS responsible for failure of Operation Barbarossa?" Is it too narrow? Too overdone? Impossible to argue? Thank you.
  7. Can anyone recommended some good historians/schools of thought for the following topics: Cuban Revolution Russian Revolution/Stalinism League of Nations WW1/WW2 Spanish Civil War Nazi Germany I figured that this would be useful for others to have as well, so that we have a wealth of secondary sources to draw from for revision purposes
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