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  1. Hey guys! I was going to start preparing for paper 1 but unfortunately there aren't many resources online So I thought this may be a good platform to share notes/ideas/tips for the May 2014 case study For example, the case study focuses on the conflicting leadership style of Susan and Martin quite a lot. That is a possible question, as is the comparison of the three options. Any other ideas? Most of us are not too familiar with this paper, so its best to get all the help that we can!
  2. Hey Guys, As you know, the case study for 2014 has been released! I looked around the forum and didn't find any discussions on this subject, hence I decided to create a new post. So feel free to discuss the questions and possible concepts that you think might appear on the Paper 1. I have also attached the case study for your referral. SO LET'S HELP EACH OTHER AND ACE THIS! Cheers. PS I found tutor2u.com quite helpful, so you might want to check that out!? 2014 Case Study - PAPER 1.pdf
  3. Are there any restrictions on the number of answer sheets handed in? I used 5 sheets for my math exam today, but my teacher removed the last one saying that max 4 are allowed (I don't get why they gave me the 5th in the first place). I don't know what is going on.
  4. Since Literature and Performance is hardly recognized and I knew no one would start a forum on it, I decided to do it myself To all the Literature and Performance kids out there, How did you find that exam???
  5. Hi! I am one mark away from a 7 in my hl chemistry and my teacher tells me I should remark, but I'm not sure I should. She gave me my components; I got a 63 in paper 2 and the 7 starts from a 66, and I got a 36 on paper 3 and the 7 starts from 38. I got a 7 on the practical work and I'm one mark away from a 7 in paper one, but these are not regraded. Overall, I got a 78 and the 7 starts from a 79. Do you think I should remark? Is it likely that I get raised to a 7? Thank you!!
  6. I am an IB student in Denmark and I am currently planning on applying to universities in Scotland and Ireland I want to know if Math studies is generally looked down upon, even if you are applying to the humanities/social sciences I am planning to apply to either English lit. or History courses at Edinburgh uni, St. Andrews uni, University of Glasgow, University of Dundee, Aberdeen uni and Trinity college Dublin Will universities prefer Math SL students even if they have a lower grade?? (it's likely that I will achieve a 7 in Math Studies) Thanks
  7. Hey Guys! In paper 2 where we are allowed to used our calculator, what extent are we allowed to use it to find the answers? Like sometimes, the question will give us a velocity equation and ask us whats the acceleration at a certain point. Although I could differentiate it and do it manually, I could just graph the function and find the derivative at that point, skipping working entirely. So how much are we allowed to take advantage of this? Also, when we answer in the exam, are we only allowed to write until where the lines end, or where the box ends? usually there will be
  8. Hey Guys! Most of the other specimen papers on this site deal with the G4 subjects, but none of them have specimen papers for Business. Could anyone share it with me if they have it?
  9. I am doing my EE in economics and I have to conduct an survey. The EE is about Externality so i have to conduct a survey. Now i need help in deciding what kind of questions should i ask in my survey. Can you help me come up with some questions for the survey Thanks for the reply
  10. We're starting our internal assessment now, and I think it's a kind of early as we haven't gone through all the topics yet. For my investigating I picked a question linked to Research and Development ( as it was the only one, I could think about), however we haven't really studied it yet. My question is How a company can organise Research and Development to improve the efficiency of the business, to stay competitive... any advice on what I should include for this essay? And how can I actually start the essay with a good theoretical framework?
  11. Hey guys, would someone please help me out in solving this math problem?
  12. Hey guys, I'll be taking my HL Math exams this upcoming week, and i'm pretty sure I won't be getting my IB diploma because of it. I can breeze through all my other exams. By the way, I have four HLs, which means they're are different requirements if I get a 2 or 3 in an HL. I've been doing some practice with past papers, but if you have any tips/suggestions on how to pass please comment below. Thanks!
  13. Hi everyone. My IB coordinator told me that the 150 hours requirement for CAS is gone from now on. If so, then what is the prerequisite for passing (or failing)?
  14. Hi everyone:) How did you'll find psych paper 1? In TZ2 here, my friends mostly found it easy but I found the 22 mark answers tough!!
  15. Hey guys! So I know there was a discussion started on this exam but that was in the general forum and I just thought that us psychology students should also have a place on this exam discussion forum! Overall the paper wasn't too bad, but I think i messed up a few dates here and there. The only trouble I had for section A was the stereotypes one. What did you guys write for that?? And for my essay I chose the: "Evaluate one model/theory of one cognitive process" - overall I feel this went alright but I'm scared that perhaps 2 studies were not enough?
  16. Does any of you have English B 2014 May Paper 2 (N14/2/ABENG/HP2/ENG/TZ0/XX)? Or is it even available? Needed for practice exam! Please! Thanks!
  17. I have looked everywhere and i can find most subject papers for may 2014 online somewhere! does anyone know where i could find German B HL paper 2? thanks
  18. Hi everyone, I just wanted to know how Biology went for you. Furthermore I wanted to ask whether anyone of you answered the question about amylase in section B. It was saying "give a NAMED example, optimum ph, source...etc" But what do they mean with named example? Thanks in advance :-)
  19. I have Math SL, Bio SL, Chemistry SL 2014 papers I need French ab initio 2014 and ITGS 2014 papers If you are willing to trade, comment your email address
  20. Hey!! I have to write an essay on the question: "Ethical judgements limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in both the arts and the natural science" Could you help me with ideas for a 1. Knowledge question 2. Knowledge claim 3. Few AOK Claims Thanks
  21. Hey guys, So how did everyone find it? What options did you all do? I think this might've been the better of the three papers, but the marks that they assigned for some questions were confusing I did Option E and Option H.
  22. Math IA Hello, I will be doing my IA to find the relationship between GDP and obesity. How can i collect my data for that? So far i have collected obesity and GDP of 7 countries but the math processing seems unknown to me. Please help me with the processing
  23. So I've chosen title 2 -“There are only two ways in which humankind can produce knowledge: through passive observation or through active experiment.†To what extent do you agree with this statement? I'm having trouble finding examples. I know this focusses mostly on the natural and human sciences, but can someone help me with examples of these in the Arts - especially Literature? The examples from the Natural Sciences are going over my head. I'm thinking of Economics and Psychology for the Human sciences. Would really appreciate the help.
  24. Hello IBers, I was wondering if anyone of you guys would be willing to review and provide feedback on my tok essay. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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