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  1. Hi everyone, I've heard it is possible to get your exam papers reexamined if you feel there's a mistake. Is it so? How long does it take? I've also heard you have to pay for it? And finally, could your grades be lowered as well? Is everything reevaluated? Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance! ~mc
  2. 42 downloads

    My Grade A TOK essay answering the May 2013 session topic: In what ways may disagreement aid the pursuit of knowledge in the natural and human sciences?
  3. Hello everyone, I am one of those go lucky '13 IB student who lands on the year where everything changes. Amazing right? Anyways I have a few questions about what I need to do to get the bilingual diploma. 1. Can we get one if we write an EE in spanish? I already submitted it thinking 'yes' but I'm hearing that it doesn't count. Lack of information. 2. Im testing out in English HL and Spanish HL. English is my A1. Im not too familiar with the terms but that's my first language. What constitutes Spanish as being an A1 course? Also, does this mean that I have to read like 13 works in these 2 y
  4. I'm working on the TOK title paper, and I wanted to see what others think of this title. Title #3: "The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility." Evaluate this claim.No one in my class is doing this title and I need some help. I want to affirm the claim, and say that knowing something carries a responsibility to act to either prevent harm, uphold principles of integrity (in a case of lying or cheating), and/or to spread wellness. I have a definition in mind for ethical responsibility, but not for "Possession of knowledge" yet. I want to take this in the direction of Ethics
  5. What did everyone think of the exam? easy difficult?
  6. So, it is finally the 5th of July, which means that some lucky people get to hear their results today if their IBC loves them, and for the rest of us it's only a day away. So this is the thread everyone can post their results in and discuss them! Good luck!
  7. Are you about to become an IB student or are you considering becoming one? Here is a preview of how IB can look from the inside (watch video). My IB group in Mexico made this video which shows how was IB for us from 2011 to 2013. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xy7f1tEF0zw We had a great experience. We became a really united group and we helped ourselves survive the hardest moments. We had fun too.
  8. Hey, IBS, Here's the Skydrive link to all the study material I used for my ES&S exams in November. Hopefully they will be of use to those doing the exam in May. http://sdrv.ms/QmqhqJ I think the most useful folder is the Syllabus page; it has the course outline, glossaries, assessment statements, etc. It also has revision summaries for the entire course, which was compiled from the PearsonBacc, Oxford, and OSC Revision Guide books for ES&S. There's also PowerPoints, word documents, etc on certain topics. Enjoy studying
  9. Hi everyone, does anybody remember what sort of questions came for the May 2013 ITGS papers (1,2 and 3) Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, just a very general question for geo hl paper 3. How are you guys studying for it? Are you learning every topic or are you just learning a few main points considering we only have 2 questions to answer? Thanks
  11. Thoughts? Was alright for me, did question 6 on P2 Section B. Section A on P2 was very manageable. Bit of debate in my class on the final question, the one on precision and accuracy. I said it was both, but I'm unsure given how subjective a question it was.
  12. We just received our case study for the may 2013 paper 1 exam (about ball bearings). What do you guys think they might ask us?
  13. Are you supposed to write the number of the booklet on the answer booklet (e.g. 1/4 if you've written 4 and it is the first)? If so, I have a BIG problem, as I have not done it for any of the exams, and I've done 10 exams! I have looked at the front page each time, but haven't seen a place to write it, and the invigilators have not said anything about it... In addition, when I've started on a new booklet, I haven't written the question number again. What I suddenly thought of was that they are sent to be scanned, and if the string tag is taken off and the booklets mixed, it will make it EXTR
  14. Hey! I just did my only IB exams for this year, IB psychology papers 1 & 2. How did they go for you? Did you find them easy? What do you think the mark bands will be like? What questions did you answer?
  15. How did you find the exam? Question 4, which was about supply side policies was easy. However, the micro part was a bit confusing. Question 1 (which was about monopoly and legislation/regulation) was pretty hard, especially for a 15 point question. I mean, my book just talks about it in just three paragraphs. Question 2 was decent, with the part a question being just the tax diagrams with PED. However, I rushed in part b and ended up using the negative externality of production instead of the negative externality of consumption .... And my evaluation on the solutions of negative externality of
  16. I can't waiiiiiitttt forrrrrr IB to be over. My last paper is on the 21st of May (Math HL Paper 3)! I'm just curious to know everyone's after exam plans. From submission of last paper (well, you can't really do anything unless you're out of the room) to walking out of the exam hall to at night to one week, one month, etc. It can either be short term (walking out of room) or long term (life after IB before uni).
  17. Hey guys I am in a huge dilemma! As our options we have Option B: Physiology of Exercise and Option G: Ecology However I read Option A:Nutrition and health which I really love. Is it against the rules that I choose to write another option instead of G? It isn't in the rules. On the paper it says that I do 2 options not the ones we've done. Please answer!!! thank you.
  18. My exams begin next week: 2/5/2013: English P1 SL, Econs P1 SL 3/5/2013: Econs P2 SL, English P2 SL 6/5/2013: Physics HL P1 and P2 7/5/2013: Physics HL P3 (astrophysics, electromagnetic waves) 9/5/2013: Maths HL P1 10/5/2013: Maths HL P2, Mandarin Ab Initio SL P1, P2 16/5/2013: Chemistry HL P1 and P2 17/5/2013: Chemistry HL P3 (medicine & drugs, further organics) 21/5/2013: Maths HL P3 (statistics and probability Are there any revision/exam tips that you can give me that is catered to my subjects and schedule? Well, I kinda got away with understanding concepts for my previous mocks (to
  19. Hi, Im a May 2013 IB candidate and for my TOK essay i chose prompt number 6: "Can we know when to trust our emotions in the pursuit of knowledge? Consider History and one other area of knowledge.” My KIs are: To what extent is emotion a valid way of knowing When and under what circumstances can we trust our emotions For my history example Im using the treaty of Versailles and i was going to talk about how emotions were used in creating the treaty of versailles (e.g. france wanted revenge so they made Germany pay a heck load of money, also they restricted Germany to only having 100,000 troops f
  20. Hi all, I am doing the following ToK question: The traditional TOK diagram indicates four ways of knowing. Propose the inclusion of a fifth way of knowing selected from intuition, memory or imagination, and explore the knowledge issues it may raise in two areas of knowledge. Here is my essay structure: 1§ Introduce how imagination can be considered a WOK 2§ Argue for it being a WOK (differentiate imagination from other WOKS regarding what it offers that the others don't) 3§ Argue against it being a WOK (conflicts with other woks) 4§ Evaluation/Criticism (include conflicts with AOKS etc) 5§
  21. Hey everyone, I know this might sound stupid but I want some motivation. I have been working SO HARD for the past one and a half years, but now when all my IA's, essays, protfolios are due i'm slacking, started being lazy and i'm procrastinating like craaaaaaazy... i always tend to waste my time and keep myself busy from doing school work! I don't want to fail the IB! two years cannot go to waste just like that. Please motivate me and give me advice for revision Please no rude comments. Thanks!
  22. I feel great! Did my presentation yesterday and gave myself full marks, just because I can! How do you feel being done? Or how do you feel not being done?
  23. Hello everyone, for my TOK essay I have decided to choose number 4 and selected intuition for it. I wanted to start with analysing its connection to reason, emotion, sense perception and language and then take two areas of knowledge. I think I might take economics for human sciences and some other. Knowledge issues are also mentioned in the title so do I have to investigate the connection between intuition and knowledge issues as well? Do you agree with my plan and have any advice or any tips in general? Also what are your counter arguments and is it possible to conclude that it does not work
  24. So I have already written my ToK essay and its due in like three days.. Its pretty bad (well I think). I was wondering if someone who understands ToK will read my essay and tell me what is wrong with it. Help would really be appreciated. I'll email it to you if you are willing to help. please and thank you!
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