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  1. Hello! I am currently going into my 2nd year of the IB diploma in which I will be needing to do a Math IA (SL AA) in the upcoming months. I am thinking about something to do with - omelettes and eggs as my favorite food - Music (perhaps frequency spectrums) - Currency exchange rates (finance / econ) - Stock market Analysis Are there any specific units that I should avoid or go for in the IA? (Functions, Geometry and Trigonemtry, Calculus, Number and Algebra, Statistics and probability) Thank you.
  2. Hey there, I have found and want to share a link to a good Math IA example that will be an excellent sample for those of you who are currently writing or will be writing your Math IAs on similar topics. https://www.studypool.com/services/27870431
  3. I am writing an IA on the math behind RSA encryption, but I am struggling to find topics in the SL curriculum that I can apply to RSA encryption. I was considering using perms and combs/stats and prob but I can't find that much info on either. Any help or pointers would be much appreciated.
  4. Hi, I am interested in finance, and was thinking about doing a math ia on pricing derivatives. Anyone think it is a good idea of do an entire paper on the black-scholes model? If anyone is doing a finance topic for their math ia as well, do you mind sharing with me, please? I am seriously stuck... Thank you so much! -- Lucy
  5. hi, if you live in the USA can you please fill out a survey for my Math AI (SL) IA! it will only take less than a minute, thank you sm Favorite Holiday Cookie
  6. I am looking for a Math IA topic that can potentially involve Chemistry, to incorporate my love for the subject into my IA. My idea would be to use a simulation and look at molecular geometry optimisation, however at first glance it seems a bit far-fetched, out of my league in terms of level. Do you have any alternative recommendations or experience? Thx!
  7. So I'm currently working on my IA project and I'm debating between using statistics and probability (AI and AA), calculus (AA), or a mix of both. If you're wondering, last year I had AI math and this year the class did a majority vote for AA (yes I know it's super weird but with covid, AI and AA classes were mixed together and they're pretty similar according to my teacher so). Anyway, my topic is how a cure for Alzheimer's disease would affect mortality rates in the U.S. and what that would that look like on a graph (or whatever math visual). I'm using HIV/AIDs as a reference since dementia c
  8. I have my first rough draft of my math IA due in one month, and I am having trouble understanding if my topic is too simple, difficult, or vague for a Math IA, I would appreciate some advice. NOTE; I DO NOT TAKE PHYSICS, NOR WILL I BE TAKING IT. I realise many people say I should take on a topic that involves physics if I don't take it or completely understand the concepts I am using from Physics, but I have no choice. My math teacher told me I can't change my topic, so I'm stuck with it! My idea was to maximize the success of a volleyball serve using the concepts of projectile motio
  9. Hey guys, My draft for mathIA is due in 1 week, and I have the topic but I haven't written anything. The reason is I don't know what to write about. I know I will be writing on the martingale method, and I have written a java script which simulates this method for 1,000,000 rolls of roulette on the American (double 0) roulette board. I can choose the initial bet and how much money I have at the start. Should I just write my IA on debunking the betting method? Or find the optimum starting bet based on the total balance? Or should I make a new betting method and write the cod
  10. Hello! I was interested in doing an IA around zero waste fashion designing like Yuima Nakazato's work, and looked into non-euclidean geometry and developable surfaces but all of them seemed to be beyond my course. Is there any topics I can explore related to fashion design that encompasses perhaps tangent lines to curves or standard euclidean geometry? Also I was watching a lecture and it was talking about flexibility? Perhaps I could also use that but I wasn't very sure of the concept. I hope someone can help!
  11. Hey, I am a Grade 12 IB student and I'm having trouble knowing where to start with this topic for my math IA. I was wondering whether anyone had done their IA on this topic and if they could send it to me, or if I could get any help with what to do?
  12. Hello! I want to do my Math IA on modeling infectious diseases, but I'm pretty sure that would involve using computer software (modeling programs) to solve the equations. Is that okay, or can I only do an IA on differential equations that I can solve by hand? Thanks in advance
  13. So my math teacher asked me to submit an IA topic by the summer break for the Math HL exploration. One topic I was particularly interested in was the hedonic pricing method, which is statistical regression technique that is used to estimate the market value of real estate properties such as houses etc. However, I'm not entirely sure if such a topic would be feasible as I'm worried that my IA may turn out to be more economics based than math based. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. Hello! Recently, I have come up with calculating the volume and surface area of wine glasses for my Math IA (I am in Maths SL). I am just wondering whether if this idea is suitable for Maths SL and whether if it shows personal engagement. Since this idea would involved relatively more heavy calculus as I am at SL level, would it show personal engagement because I am attempting to learn something more challenging and outside the scope of the syllabus? In my opinion, it is not exactly unique or crazy creative compared to the sample IA's I see, for example graphing cosmetic contact lens patterns.
  15. Hello everyone! As a part of my math ia, I am analysing the pharmacokinetic profile of a drug. A part of the pharmacokinetic profile involves finding the area under the curve of the medication's concentration - time graph. I think this area is meant to represent the total exposure of the drug to the paitent's body. This is what it says online as well. In other words, it would be the total amount of drug absorbed by the body. However, I'm not quite sure how this works, as the units used for the y axis (miligrams of the drug in each litre of drug - mg/L) are completely different from the x
  16. Hey guys, I made a post earlier and I did not get any replies. I am really desperate this time. Does anyone know or know somebody who will be able to give me some help on benford's law for my IA. I need to be able to understand the depth of it to write my IA and any help is appreciated. PLEASE ANYONE WHO KNOWS ABOUT IT, REPLY PLEASSSSEEEE Usually it is a topic taught in univeristy classes and commonly in economics! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR HELPING ME OUT (if anyone does....PLEASEEEE..)
  17. Madena

    Math IA

    I want to do my Math IA in correlation, and I'm planning to look into the correlation between drinking age and drunk driving accidents in different countries but I cant find any reliable source or efficient data at all! does anyone know of a website that offer such data? I'm also considering to look into the correlation between drug use and poverty or drug use and crime rate or something in that filed. Is that appropriate? And does anyone know of a database or website that offer such data? Many thanks in advance!
  18. Grac777

    Math IA Topic

    I’d like to do my Math IA on some ring music related, but I’m not exactly sure on what specifically. I’d like it to be relating to harmony or pitch but really anything involving music would be good. Could someone help me get some ideas?
  19. I have already written my Economics EE on what factors have caused public transportation ridership to decline in the US in recent years . My Math IA is currently on whether population density affects the ridership of public transportation in the US. As you can see, it is not the same topic but it is very similar and I was wondering if I was allowed to use writing from my EE (my own) and incorporate it into my Math IA. Would it count as duplication? Anything helps so thank you in advance.
  20. Hi, I was wondering if any one has any ideas for the Math IA that relate to scuba diving? I'm really struggling to find something... Or if anyone has done it in the past, what was your idea? Thank you!
  21. Hi, I'm supposed to be working over my math IA over the winter break, and I'm planning to do a stats IA to see the correlation between sleep deprivation and anxiety, since we'd be very familiar with the two things. By "anxiety", I'm asking specifically about feelings of worry, uneasiness, or nervousness to the point where it affects your ability to function. It can be anything from mild (ie: not being able to focus) to moderate (ie: feeling nauseous) to severe (ie: hyperventilating). So for the survey: 1. How many hours of sleep do you get on an average school night? 2. Do you experience any a
  22. Guest

    Math IA

    Can data sampling and its effects on statistics be used as an IA question? Or is it too basic?
  23. Hi My math SL IA is the correlation of a country’s health care spending and its rate of tuberculosis. I feel like this doesn’t have enough math. Is there any way I could add more math to it.
  24. Hello, I have chosen to do my math exploration on Non-Euclidean Geometry but i have a hard time finding a specific topic to explore. I would love some help and ideas of problems i could solve. i have thought of showing that the earth is round and also doing something with GPS signals. I am really lost, i just need a path to follow. Thank you
  25. Hi, I was planning on writing my exploration on Fourier Series and its application in music, specifically maybe showing the function of the overtones?? idk because I can't seem to find any good source that would examine this and although I see the link between these topic, I still do not see really the way it intertwines and my deadline for the first draft is in 2 days:) did anyone do their exploration on similar topic? is it doable? are Fourier Series even doable for math ia? please help me
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