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  1. How did everyone find Arabic B SL/HL Paper 1?
  2. Hey everyone! I hope everyone has been surviving their exams this week! I think it has been over the 24 hour period for the paper 1. So let's get some discussion! How do you think it was? Which questions did you choose?
  3. Hey guys, we're allowed to discuss P1 now and P2 tomorrow! I loved the questions, they were brilliant, especially the complex numbers one in q.13. Initially, i must admit I didnT' really see how to answer them, but then it just struck me and BAM. Really high hopes on this paper, thinking about 113/120. (Got my stupid graph wrong because I forgot the minus at the second derivative. Jesus.) I found the question abotu the sequences werid, where you had to find r, which was only 6 marks. Because I felt it should have been more than 6 marks. Finding the pattern, simplifying, seeing that (r-1) is a
  4. Hey guys, I have a question regarding the English A Lang Lit Paper 2 in TZ1. I've written the paper in TZ2 and was wondering what kind of questions you had? Were there any on context dependency, timelessness or different interpretations? I am asking because I have to write the paper again for German next week and I would be interesting to know how the IB approaches the paper. Thanks in advance
  5. How did everyone find the exam, everyone I've spoken to found Paper 2 absolutely horrific! Thoughts?
  6. Does anyone have the grade boundaries for Sl math tz1, and sl french b?
  7. Paper 1 was okay. I thought paper 2 was pretty hard (at least compared to previous years). What did you think?
  8. Hey guys what kind of questions did you get yesterday for spanish b sl paper 2? What was the health option? Thanks in advance!
  9. So what do you guys think? I found it harder than usual and very tricky mostly, but overall not as good as expected. Last part of last question was pretty diffecult although i got the gradient 1/3.
  10. Hey there, 24 hours definitely passed for paper 1, and I will just wait, but Paper 1 was just pure hell. Agree? I answered 1 and 3. I would have answered 2 cause it was dead easy, but I was not really confident with market failure, just yet.
  11. Hey! How did you guys find the HL paper 1 and 2 from TZ1? I thought paper 1 was pretty good and paper two was alright as well! I did questions 6 and 9, anyone else do those?
  12. Finally the 24hrs are up; I've been dying to ask you guys your opinion on paper 3. I was counting on it to be easy, to make up for my massacre in paper 2, but I was let down. Am I the only one who found Astrophysics super-duper hard? It was nothing like the past papers! I also did medical physics, which was okay apart from the x-ray question, got really confused.
  13. How did you guys find it? I'm really happy with my performance Think I got a 7. Only thing that bugged me is how much genetics they included in paper 1 and in paper 2! I didnt study that topic really well. But overall I found both papers easy. Which questions did you do in section B? I did Q6 and Q7.
  14. How did everyone find it and which options did you do? We were all taught only Human biochem and Modern analytical at our college, and being a physicist I detested revising biochem as you had to learn SO MUCH! Consequently I had no idea what an iodine number was, but actually it wasn't too bad. Analytical had some weird questions in it such as the why do compounds with C double bonds absorb IR radiation, just blabbered on about pi bonds abit although i swear in reality it is due to molecular changes in polarity, but couldn't see how to relate the two! The H NMR one I found slightly odd as well
  15. What options did you choose guys? I picked D and E (Medicines and Drugs and Environmental). I think it was pretty easy, the only doubt was in one of the last questions of option E, about the ionic equation for Hg and hydrogen sulfide, but managed to do it.
  16. Hi guys, do you remember questions from you exams which could concern; - Calculus - Trigonometry - Complex numbers - Vectors - Integrals I am having my mock exams next week ( probably based upon exams from this year ) and I would like to prepare somehow. I would be extremely grateful for any help/hints ! Cheers
  17. Hey guys, how did you find the Series and Differential Equations paper 3?! It was amazing in my opinion. The best out of all three math papers. There wasn't even one question where a convergence test was needed apart from the interval and radius of convergence one. The only one I definitely lost marks on was the one with the summation from 1 to infinity of (n^2 * x^n)/(2^n), when it said find the sum of the series given that x= -0.1. Did anyone manage that?
  18. Did anyone here do Paper 1 today?
  19. Soooo...How did you find this year's exams?
  20. Hi all, i hope you all did good on ur exam. What did you think about the questions? I found section A and B easy, while sec C i little hard, especially the 12 marks question. And in the 9 marks question, do you use the data from the "total" or just the 5th year? That confused me alot although i chose the 5th year because it highlighted the word ONLY. And when i raed that anna got hit, i felt i little bit of joy inside me hahaa
  21. Hey guys, im revising for my philosophy mock exam and I was wondering if any of you took the actual exam in May 2013 and could tell me the questions for the core theme, ethics and political philosophy so I can write some practice essays to prepare for my mock. Thankss!
  22. How did everyone find it ? I did the MDG question and seriously mucked up I think
  23. Thoughts? Was alright for me, did question 6 on P2 Section B. Section A on P2 was very manageable. Bit of debate in my class on the final question, the one on precision and accuracy. I said it was both, but I'm unsure given how subjective a question it was.
  24. Hey guys. Discussion about Paper 1! I think all the questions were pretty straightforward. I found it weird, though, that it was all theory, and no Java whatsoever! I'm guessing they kind of fused this exam with the new syllabus. I only found the boolean expression quite ridiculous. I don't know why they felt compelled to write it in such a way. I could figure out which symbols were AND, OR and NOT, but that way of expressing it definitely wasn't in the syllabus. My teacher told me that they shouldn't have written it like that, as well. I was also wondering what you guys responded with to the
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