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  1. Hey everyone! My economics HL paper 2 went surprisingly badly, for example i mixed up one word for another and therefore didn't answer the question at all and will most likely get 0 (unless they give some points even if you talk about the wrong stuff; do you know if they just give you 0 points if you talk about the completely wrong things or do they give you at least some credit if the response is otherwise good?) But yeah paper 3 is tomorrow and im planning to do much better. I was REALLY hoping for a seven from eco but looks very unlikely, although do you know around how many marks you shoul
  2. How did you guys find paper 2? It was harder than paper 1 But ok!
  3. I did Option E - Neurobiology and Behaviour and Option H - Further Human Physiology Did anyone think it is odd how there was a complete 6 mark questions simply on cocaine and its social effects? I was expecting something on behaviour (which i frankly would not prefer).
  4. I chose question 1 in paper 1, which is about perfect competition and oligopoly, quite straightforward. In paper 2, I was unsure about question 1 regarding how the government would intervene into the market of vaccination, so I decided to do questions 2,3,6. Unfortunately, my answer was not on the right track for question 3 (crowding out effects). So what do you think about paper 1 and paper 2? I think paper 1 is easier than paper 2, I should have answered question 1 in paper 2 instead of question 3...
  5. Hey guys hope you had a wonderful christmas break and wish you a happy new year. i was just wondering about the Eco exam in may 2011 paper 1 and 2. I just want to see which paper people found harder and which questions in paper 1 and paper 2 did most people choose. Even if you remember the topic which you wrote about please feel free to post. thanks guys
  6. Please do not post on this tread untill 24 hours after you sat this exam! I am trying to remember what number 3 was for the french sl paper two. Any help that you could give me would be appreciated. I have a good idea, but i cant remember it specifically. If you remember what it was and it is after tuesday may 24th please help me.
  7. I thought some of the questions in the multiple choice was odd. Like the one where we had to state which cell was most like the leaf mesophyll layer. For paper 2, I thought the data response was alright but the structured factual recall was since there was ecology. For section B, I did questions 5 & 8.
  8. Hi guys, could anybody who did Ovid for paper share some tips and tell me which section was used? And for paper 2, which texts did everyone do?
  9. For paper 1, I did the question on the financial crisis. For P2, I did the questions on structural unemployment, the one on the effect of YED on LDCs, and one other one I can't remember at the moment. For P3, I did the question on current account/Philips curve, the one on exchange rates, and the one on development. Overall, I found all three papers extremely long, but highly manageable. What'd you guys think?
  10. So what did you guys think? I felt the test was pretty easy, no questions were too difficult. The funny thing is how long it took me to name 3 fossil fuels. What do you think the grade boundaries will be this year?
  11. What did you guys all think of the first paper? My thoughts. - Didn't expect gender inequality to come up again - Migration was foreseen as it didn't show up on specimen paper - Seriously ecological footprint again? Overall fairly straight forward.
  12. How do you all feel it went? Paper 1: I felt that texts A and B weren't too difficult, but I know I got the true/false one about the penguins wrong. The text C stuff was much harder for me, I'm pretty sure I got the matching ones wrong and the last question about the overall purpose. Section B wasn't too hard because text D was fairly easy to understand, I just think my tone was off because I didn't talk about my own experiences as much as I should have. I hope I included all the points though. Paper 2: Not bad prompts at all, I chose question 4, the email to friends about forming a music grou
  13. How did everyone find this paper?
  14. Hi everybody! What do you think about this year's higher level Spanish B papers? Personally I think that Paper 1 was one of the easiest I've ever seen, mainly because Texto C was much easier than usually. Probably Texto A was the hardest....WEIRD. Paper 2 was also okay, I like writing diaries and interviews, and both was offered, so coooooooooool. The only thing I fear of is that last year 88% was a 7, and that paper was not this easy. What's gonna be now? 95%???
  15. Hey, so how did everyone do overall in HL History, If you have your results breakdown information what was your overall scaled mark
  16. Cmon my dear friends... Let's discuss this TZ1 paper 2 of maths... Didn't like it too much... Section A generally good but section B a FAIL... Does anyone remember any of his answers? 1st question about this triangle: I found the side 13.9cm and the angle 34.1 degrees. In the question concerning the eggs (probability) the expected value was 240*0.05? Also in the normal distribution question I think k was somewhere in the +1 s.d region and I found it to be 29.3...
  17. How did you do? I think it was great!! P1 was easy and P2 had a great section A! I said that the stem cells were in interphase and that the other two processes were DNA replication and protein synthesis... I choose 5 and 7 to answer from Section B... I had sort of a difficulty in answering the question "which processes lead to genetic variation of the sperm of an adult male"... Should I describe the process of spermatogenesis??? Competitive and non competitive, differences between oogenesis and spermatogenesis and IVF were really easy! I am predicted a 5 but I think that was a 6!
  18. How did everyone find paper 1, i had to sit mine in may too
  19. How did everyone do? I think I did alright, considering I had to learn a whole new optional unit the night before the exam!! But it went really nicely and I was sure about almost everything. My optional units were Medicines and drugs and Human biochemistry.
  20. Alright, so all of you bravehearts- how was it? I solved all IB Math HL past papers for the new syllabus (from May 2008), and I found this years paper 1 to be the toughest of the lot! (TZ 2 here)... What are your thoughts? Expecting a sub 85 grade boundary for a 7 in paper 1?
  21. Hey guys! I was just wondering how did everyone go with their Italian ab initio exams, I found part C quite difficult with the story about the old grandma!
  22. How did everyone find German HL? I found it incredibly difficult in paper one. There were no grammatic questions using small words which I studied for loads. I don't think I wrote enough for paper 2... I think I was about 40 words under, how much do you think I'll get penalised?!
  23. Which questions did you do and how did you find the paper? I studied a lot for Italian unification and it just so happened that it was the first time in the history of the IB when a question on Italian unification required the knowledge of German unification also. When I read it, I was already thinking of how I would retake the exam in November. However, luckily, there were a few very open-ended question that I took advantage of. At the end, all 5 of my essays were on Hitler I did: 1. The impact of Wold War I on the domestic affairs one country (Germany) 2. The effects of The Great Depression
  24. So how did everyone find this paper? Personally, I had decided on doing the literary options earlier on, although the options were a bit catastrophic for the books I'd chosen to study (Great Gatsby, Of Mice and Men, and Death of a Salesman); there was nothing at all about religion and only very little stuff about the character development option, so I was a bit forced to write on passion. I wouldn't say it was my best text ever but not terrible either
  25. It's way past the 24 hour limit for all the papers, and only the HL papers have their own topics, so I thought I'd begin this... What did everyone think?
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