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Found 20 results

  1. Dear all, I shan't beat about the bush. If I got a pound for every time I heard the words "didn't have a life" (or something to that effect) in relation to IB, I could probably buy my whole textbook list now. So, tell me about the daily life of an IB student! Now is the opportunity to pour out the thoughts and musings deep within your heart! Did you consume a lot of coffee? Did you learn to survive on three hours of sleep? Did your mental and/or physical health decrease? Were you incredibly stressed? Was your social life on hold or even gone? Was it all worth it? This is a factor in the pro
  2. Hey guys, I am doing my IA on this topic: Correlation between GDP and Life Expectancy of a country Any suggestions? Regards, Kenneth
  3. Hello guys, so I am currently in year one of IB diploma and in the middle of it, I have to move away to another country. I know that it will somehow affect my study and it will be really stressful for me. I have to change two of my subjects cause the school im moving to doesnt offer the subjects. Im also stressed out because in my current school, we haven't start our EE and IAs yet but the school I am going to started theirs already. How can I be able to cope with this? How am I be able to catch up in a new environment?
  4. Hey I live in the Netherlands started DP1 this week and I was wondering if any European students that were also doing the IB wanted to create a study group. It would be cool if we took similar subjects so that we could help each other out, and I think it doesn't matter really were in Europe as the time is either the same or 1 or 2 hours difference Anyway if anyone is interested hmu. My IB classes are the following: Chemistry HL Biology HL English A Lit HL Geography SL Spanish SL Math SL
  5. Last night I just dreamt of failing my TOK presentation...
  6. Hey! How are you guys? Sometimes I just sit and think that my days are passing unmeaningfully. Yeah, I go to school, I study, I play games, I do a lot of stuff, play a musical instrument, etc. but I feel like I'm not doing aught. Does anybody else feel that his/her life's days are passing and he/she feels that he/she did nothing by the end of the day. Sometimes, I wonder, 'Is this how it's always got to be?' I feel like whatever I'm doing is meaningless. All in all, I don't think I always feel happy, even though everything's alright. Can you suggest some things to make your day more intere
  7. I am expecting a 2150+ in my SAT and am doing physics, chemistry and economics at higher level and maths english and hindi at standard level. Which universities should I think of applying to and which degree could I apply for?
  8. Just write things only IB students say! : I can't go tonight, I have to study. Will that count as CAS? I would kill myself, but I don't have time for that. I got so much things to do, but i don't know where to start and I'm running out of time. I'll just wake up early to finish the assignment. I REALLY need to start working in my EE. Extra(?): In Math HL test: Leaving your calculator at home is like leaving your first born at the gates of Hell. I know they are pretty lame, that´s why I hope some of you can come up with good ones
  9. If I am asked to list the functions of life carried out by all organisms (including unicellular organisms like Paramecium and Chlorella), would the tasks of the 7 functions be the same in all cells? For example, if I know that most metabolic pathways happen in the cytoplasm in Chlorella, is that fact apparent for all cells? Also, just to clarify, are prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells greater than plant and animal cells? For example, can a prokaryotic cell further specialize into a plant cell? Or are prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells completely different than plant and animal cells? Thank you.
  10. Hi! I will start the "real" IB in a couple of weeks (have been in PDP the past year) and I don't live at home with my parents, so I have to cook everyday, wash, clean, shop etc while I have homework, tests etc. The past year have been manageable, but I want to have some tips since it probably will be a lot of studying during these years! Does anyone have the same experience and/or any tips?? Both about how to be efficient with cleaning, cooking etc and how to manage all the things to do
  11. Hi. I'm doing an outline of my TOK presentation and I'm facing some problems. I would greatly appreciate if anybody could answer my questions. I have already chosen one real life situation which I find very interesting and complex enough to take 10-15 minutes of speech. I don't really think I will be able to find a RLS which is as complex and interesting and deals with the same Knowledge Issue. In fact, I have been searching for a while and this is the only one I've got. Due to this I was wondering whether it's possible to discuss only one real life situation. Will I get a very bad mark i
  12. Good afternoon World, I am currently in the full two-year IB diploma programme and am currently achieving very mediocre results. I have managed to moderate my failure by achieving rather well in the TOK essay, Language IOPs, Extended Essay and the majority of my Internal Assessments. I currently take the following subjects: HL Chemistry HL Economics HL English L&L SL German A SL Mathematics SL Physics I am currently suffering the most in HL Chemistry. Luckily, I am applying to universities in Germany, therefore I only start applying once my final IB results come out in July, so I will not
  13. Hey everyone My friends is having this prob . Im totally sympathy with her. But with other helps may probably lighten her problem . Would u mind to share any of ur opinions ? For example : ur classmates look down on u cause of ur lowest marks in class for overall subjects . U lose ur confidence to speak up in class and give opinions , u turn to be a taciturn student , u cant do presentation well in class due to all causes . U cant even focus in class and end up stuttering too muchh when speaking in front of people even ur own friends . All of those negative attitude is too different with the
  14. Hello Everyone! I need some help picking out what Labs I'd like to do for my lab reports if anyone has any ideas to suggest please do I dont know which ones are the most relevant for IB and usually my results don't turn out that great, so I need to repeat all the IAs are due at the end of the month so the sooner I finish the better ! Please and thank you
  15. Hi, I need help with my tok oral presentation (urgent) I have to find a knowledge issue about "succes in life" my topic is "Are rich people more likely to be succesful in life? " ( i know it's a bad topic, but i can't change) or if someone could shape my topic to a more TOKy thing, it would really help ty anyway
  16. Basically, this is to all the stuff we sacrifice as IB students. Let's try mentioning just ONE thing you sacrifice for IB. We all sacrifice a lot more. Starting with me, I sacrifice family time because of IB.
  17. Since we have such a mixture of countries, cultures and personalities on IB Survival, I was really interested in knowing how your day usually goes! Here's how my day went today (it doesn't have to be right to the minute- I'm just procrastinating here): 7:00- Alarm rings 7:10- Convince myself I have ten more minutes 7:30- Wake up shocked at the time. Ponder about Einstein and Relativity. 7:30 - 8:00 - Get ready for school 8:00- 8:15- Grab an assortment of things lying around my room (socks, headphones, eyeliner) 8:17- Check time on my phone. Mentally curse at myself for taking so long to get
  18. Recently I have began to discuss and look into religion just from all over the world. I consider myself a Roman Catholic and with the help of my father (Who is a theologian) I have come to a couple of conclusions. - Modesty - Humility - Thinking for yourself - Experience Those are my personal conclusions to understanding beliefs of others... It all is still a little confusing to me but I am interested and would like to hear the religious views if all of you people.
  19. So I just took my IB Biology midterm on Monday, and I checked today...and got a B on the midterm. My teacher said not to worry about the score, and to focus on the predicted IB scores we would have gotten if this had been a real IB test. So I would have gotten a 7, but it's the B that's making me feel horrible. I got a B 1st marking period, and I fell into a slight depressed like state for a couple of days, and vowed to never to get a B again, so I worked my butt off 2nd marking period. 2nd marking period was wonderful, as I never got under than a B for a test, set curves often (and unfortunat
  20. Hi, This isn’t really a question or query, it’s more of just me writing down and expressing a dilemma I’ve been thinking about. Please share your thoughts. Just some quick background stuff/what sparked this thought: I got my IB results a couple of days ago and I was disappointed to say the least. I was predicted a 41 and only got 34 but that’s not the point of this. Needless to say I was pretty upset. Another point I need to mention is that like many others, Oxbridge was my “childhood dream” and after being pooled, I was rejected by Cambridge, on my birthday as well I might add. With a 34, I
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