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  1. So I am fluent in Italian but have been brought up with English my whole life. I've decided to do IB because I really want to do languages later on. The only problem is I've never really analysed any Italian Literature texts before and if I would choose the subject I would have to self-study. As I'm technically not an italian native speaker would I find it hard even with a tutor? If I decide to do Italian Lit as my A Language would i be able to do it as a higher level subject?
  2. Hello everyone, I am studying self-taught Arabic A in school. I need to find an Arabic book that has similar global issues, plot and themes as the novel Burmese Days by George Orwell. My Oral exam is very soon so please I am in desperate need for help. The major theme in Orwell's book is imperialism. Any suggestions are very helpful!! Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone. First time poster here so sorry if I get something wrong! I've thought a lot about what I want to do for my extended essay and finally got it narrowed down to "something about religious themes and/or symbolism in CS Lewis' works". Obviously that's way too vague. My two questions are; 1. Would it be better to write just about the Chronicles of Narnia? On the one hand, books like The Screwtape Letters are too obviously about religion, but on the other hand, I don't want to make it too narrow and not have enough to write about, or seem too focused on his more popular work. 2. H
  4. Hey! I was wondering if anyone has the Prescribed List of Authors (PLA) and the Prescribed List of Translations (PLT) for English A: Language and Literature? Our English teacher left the school very suddenly, and we currently have no English teacher to turn to for any resources as of yet (I'm in DP 2)! I was hoping to get a head start on figuring out the subject myself, and it would be very helpful if I could get these two documents. I've been trying to find them online, but I can't seem to locate the files. Also, if you have any tips to learning English A: Lang & L
  5. Hello, I'm looking for an IB Arabic A literature online tutor . Does anyone know any?
  6. Does anyone have notes or study tips for Amharic (HL or SL)? The subject is under 'Language A Literature' and its on Wednesday May 10, 2017. Any websites, notes... would be useful. Thanks!
  7. Hello people 💕💕 May i ask, can i used advertisement video as my 'text' in writting ee under language A category 3? How i should use the video through out writting the essay? How would i treat the videos during the submissions of ee in the future? Through links or should i send also all the videos to ib? Or am i needed to somehow screenshot some needed parts from the videos and include them throughout my discussion in the essay?? Can anyone help me cuz i really confused rn 😭
  8. Anyone has taken Indonesian A1 Self Taught before? Do/did you take SL/HL? Any tips? and as for tutor, does anyone know someone who can help tutor me Indonesian? I am based in Singapore.
  9. I changed the subject of Extend Essay from math to language A in the September of 2nd IB, how to write reflection in this case. Should i write the first reflection about math, and then explain that i changed it to language A in the 2nd reflection. Or should i write explain it in the first reflection to make sure that the reflection shows how i work out the final job so don´t waste too much words on the first idea . Since my languageA is in Chinese, my math is in English. If i need to write the first reflection about math, should i use English or Chinese?
  10. Hey guys! So I am writing my last written task for Russian & Literature HL. And as it is task 2 I decided to make an analysis of an advert(s) and how they would change if the target audience changed. My question is: is it really allowed to analyze more that one advert-banner? Coz in the examples our teacher sent us, there is one analyzing a photo(single one), so I don't really know if this is okay to have more. I look forward to your replies^^
  11. Hello there! My IBs start next week and i have chosen English A SL.Now i'm a foreigner and I would like to know what more about the syllabus and how challenging it is,to maybe change it before it's late. Thanks for the info!
  12. I recently talked with my school for IB and they told me that I would have to do Italian language SL if I want to self study it. By Italian Language, what does that mean? Does that still include elements of literature?
  13. Hello! I am having my two last exams on the 16th and 17th (Spanish A Literature: Self-taught). It is my second Language A since I also took English A Language and Literature. Therefore, I was wondering if I can apply in Spanish A LIt the same techniques that I used for Paper 1 and Paper 2 in English A L&L. Do they have big differences? Which ones? Do I have be careful about something? Thank you in advance and best wishes on your remaining exams.
  14. Hello, I was curious about how strictly they grade the Self-taught exams paper 1 and paper 2? Do they grade it as strictly as English A, or do they take into consideration that we do not have teachers and we havent spoken the language for two years?
  15. hey everyone so, im panicking a little, because we had our interactive oral in my last german class, and now we're meant to write a reflective statement... but I have no idea how? Do i just write 'I thought this' and 'i realised that', is there meant to be any introduction or summary of the book or personal thoughts?? Im so confused! our teacher just said to write about what we learned about the culture and the time in our discussion, but we didn't really discuss that at all, more of the charakter traits etc. I mean i can write about the time as well its just that that will hav
  16. Hey, Currently I am half-way into my first IB year. Now, I am seriously considering if I should swap my French B HL course for Arabic A Self-taught: Literature. Why, you may ask? Apparently, the uni I am applying to requires Arabic A (within the Diploma), however, our school doesn't offer it. How difficult would a literature (SL) course be without much tutoring, keeping in mind I will get rid of French HL.. Thanks!
  17. Hi! My english teacher is making us do many passages in part 4. We are a class of 9 students and he is making us pickup chits with passages. He gave us 15 chits for an English Lang & Lit SL batch. Its just a pain to study all that and the curriculum document says we should do some 6 or 7 passages minimum. Do all teachers follow the minimum requirement or they do more passages than required? Thats so bad for students. Please help me so i can tell him.
  18. I saw other language discussions so I guess it's about time How did you guys do on your exam? I am HL and I chose the poem so I'm pretty sure I'm dead cause i didn't even fully understand what it was saying I think the texts this year are just super unfair for anyone who would opt for poems so yeah :\ for both HL and SL tho
  19. Hi guys, I'm writing this because of questionable things happening in my Language A literature class. As you might know, Language A HL and SL has separate criteria. For example, maximum descriptor of SL criteria in paper 1 and 2 is 'very good' while HL's maximum is 'excellent'. My class has HL and SL students altogether, and when we had assessment, my teacher give all of us grade accordingly to HL criteria. I'm in SL, and every time when I take paper 1 or 2, I always get 3 to 4 points deducted from my actual SL score. For example, if my paper is actually a score of 19, my teacher gave me
  20. Hi everyone, Now the May 2016 result is out..I received 43/45 for my final with two B's for my EE and TOK. And I received a 6 for Chinese A Literature and I am 4 marks off from the 7 boundary. The 7 boundary is 82 and the 6 boundary is 71. Do you guys recommend me to get a remark? Has any one done Group One subject remark? What are the chances for an increased grade? Thanks a lot in advance. PS:just to confirm: you can choose certain subjects to be remarked instead of the whole exam right? Cuz I am on the 7 boundary for chemistry and I don't want to r
  21. I was wondering if there is any major difference between English A (Lang/Lit) and the normal English A (Literature), both at HL. For the most part, forums were full of info about English A HL but not much on the LAL counterpart, which I would be undertaking in my IB course. Hope you can reflect on its difficulty as well.. Thanks!
  22. Is anyone taking Language and Literature in English? If yes, how are you preparing for it? :3
  23. Hi everyone!! I'm starting my 1st year of the IB programe upcoming September, and I'm just wondering, what are the best textbooks available for these subjects? HL: MATH CHEMISTRY HISTORY SL: ENGLISH A LangLit BIOLOGY GERMAN B Thank you for all your advice!! Sophia
  24. Hey guys! Emergency help anyone knows or is the person that takes Russian A lit and who lived in China??? Please please
  25. Hi everybody, as we all know exams are coming up and I wanted to create a post where we could share suggestions on language A paper 1 and possibly paper 2. My language A teachers, unfortunately, have not been very helpful in telling the class how to structure these essay and I have a few questions. 1) What do you guys think of the linear approach? The structure I use in a paper 1 essay is analysing every single line and writing down something both for content and form (I also write an introduction with a hint to the main message and the conclusion with the main message fully
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