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  1. Hi, I was wondering what grade and points I need for my Tok essay to pass TOK overall because my teacher gave me an E on the Tok exhibition which I couldn’t understand why. I already submitted my tok essay but I’m not confident at all about the essay.
  2. Hey guys, I really want to apply to some top universities and I plan on studying MechE or ECE in the future. I am currently taking: Math HL Physics HL Economics HL Chemistry SL English LangLit SL Spanish ab initio Are these subjects fine for applying to good universities? Thanks for your support!
  3. This is quite a long story but I'm going to make it as short as possible. So when I first got my EE form, I put English Literature as my subject and put my two suggested supervisors who are both familiar with the subject. However, I was given a completely different supervisor who bases her teaching on VA. Though she told me I can focus on any subject like History, English or VA since she majors on them on the first meeting I had with her. Moreover, the DP Coordinator a few months ago, asked what subject my EE was and I said English whilst I had already submitted a VA EE. I don't really kn
  4. Hey everyone. I've justed started my first year in IB and I switched from chemistry to art sl. I only have a teacher for half of my lessons everyweek, and since i've just started I'm very confused. I have no idea where to start or what I should be doing. I'm also seriously confused about what I put in my process portfolio, like do I just explore random topics, or do i start a project and explore within that project. I'm already 5 weekds behind, so I need help pretty badly hahaha Thank youuu
  5. Do IA's get marked more harshly if the subject you're doing it for is HL instead of SL, or is it all the same marking scheme?
  6. Hi everyone, I'm going to start my first year of IB in the fall, and something that has confused me is the Extended Essay. What can I write about and what's off-limits? I know that you have to pick a topic that relates to the subjects that you take in IB, but can you write about a topic that relates to a subject that you aren't taking? The classes that I will be taking are: Math SL Biology SL Spanish B SL History of Americas HL Visual Arts HL English Literature A HL Thank you!!! 😁
  7. So, I have recently started looking into extended essay topics and I'm not really sure what to do. I'm focusing on history and so far I've come up with the idea to focus the essay on how the rise in political power of the Roman Catholic Church in medieval England affected the lives of the people. But, I'm kinda hesitant on this topic as I'm not sure if this topic would be good to write 4000 words on. Any suggestions on how I could expand upon this idea???
  8. So, recently, my teachers and my CAS coordinator has been urging the IB classes to choose a CAS project to do. However, we're all in a frenzy because we don't know how to split ourselves up or what to choose. I was just wondering what the minimum and the maximum amount of people are needed to do a CAS project. And, if starting a blog giving advice to other students may be considered a CAS project?? At this time, any advice will help! Thanks, A Confused IB Student
  9. Hello! I am an IB Year 1 student, and I am aiming to pursue either Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. As of now my subjects are HL Math, Physics, Chemistry and SL Spanish ab initio, Economics, and English LangLit. I was wondering if it is possible to either drop chemistry and replace it with computer science HL, or make chemistry an SL subject, and make Economics an HL subject. How would this affect my application for top universities? Would they prefer HL chemistry for what I want to do? Or is it perfectly fine if I make it SL, or change it with Computer Science HL?
  10. I'm aiming to study either in the US and UK, and hoping to try and apply to some top universities. Thanks for all your answers!
  11. Hey everyone! I am currently in Grade 10 Pre-IB. I'm just wondering how conversions work next year. Does it vary from school to school? I heard that HL Chem conversions compared to Bio are a lot higher so I'm wondering which one I should take next year too. Thank you!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of an EE in theatre. My school hasn't introduced the EE yet, but I thought it'd be better to plan ahead a little bit so that I don't get overwhelmed by the work. Are there any restrictions on the theatre EE topics? Do we have to do it on a specific practitioner/tradition (as we do in the IB Theatre Syllabus) or can we do contemporary works as well? Any other advice regarding a theatre EE or the EE in general would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Hi! So I've reached the end of the Pre-DP Program, and I'm constantly thinking of real IB. I honestly don't have any idea of what to expect for my next two years in the IB Program and that's why I've turned here. I was hoping for just a general idea of what the program is like in comparison to the Pre-DP program, and what I should expect? I also would like to know what school supplies I'll need. Is it the same general stuff I used in Pre-DP? What size binders do I need? Things like that. These are the classes I'm taking by the way: - HL English - HL Psychology - HL History of the Americas
  14. I received my IB grades recently and my predicted grades were 27 but I got a 21. Its reaally low and I know it. I also appeared for SAT my score was 1840 (CR: 560 M:700 W:580 Essay:8). I also appeared for SAT Subject test recently and I'm expecting around 650 for Math I and Physics. I used to be a good student in IGCSE though; 2 A*, 5 A and 2 B. When IB started I was under the impression I'll be able to work everything out as the year will progress but apparently, I devoted a lot of time for the Internal Assessments. Hence, the screwed up scores :/ Anyway, now that I've cleared that, I'm loo
  15. Hi, first post here just a quick question, would my question (to what extent do video games affect cognitive function and spatial reasoning in humans) be a biology focused essay or a psychology focused essay? my subject is biology HL (i don't do Psychology at all) but my EE advisor is kinda hopeless. if it isn't a biology focused question then is there any way i could relate video games to biology? I tried to combine my passion for video games with my interest in neuroscience but ended up being to blind to see that this was crossing into psychology territory. So if this question isn't go
  16. Hiya guys, I’m constructing an IB playlist of songs to motivate and get me through studying/ hard times. So I was wondering if you guys could give me a few suggestions of songs to add to my list. Here are my top motivation songs 'Music artist - Song name format': Destiny’s child - survivor gloria gaynor - i will survive (anthem) Dappy – No regrets Mika – Elle me dit (French song means she tells me) / All american Rejects – move along Whitney Houston - it's not right but it's ok Genre doesn't matter. Songs can be in English and French. What are your suggestions?
  17. Hello friends, We, IB students, would like to share a video with you recoreded this week! It's called 'Draw my CAS', which is a creative parody of 'Draw my life' videos. You will have fun for sure watching it! Watch 'Draw my CAS' now at http://youtu.be/MIFSbkl2TEE It is a video that will make you laugh for sure, as we believe you might need to have some fun while taking the IB too! The video is aimed to be watched by Spanish and South American IB students since it is recorded in Spanish.
  18. Guest

    IB1 vs IB2

    Hi! I will start IB1 the 18th (have gone PDP this year) and I was wondering if IB1 is harder than IB2 or does it depend on if you do all your homeworks/assignments or not?? The difference between the homeworks, assignments, tests, CAS and everything else you can think of! Is it true that if you do everything properly the first year, the second year will be easier?? If you have any tips, write them!! (Can help me and my class alot - we get very tired of school early!)
  19. Hi So I've gotten my IB results and found that: English HL (Total= 5 and 1 mark off a 6.) -Paper 1 = 5 -Paper 2 = 7 -Oral and the written tasks = 4 Biology HL (Total= 4 and 2 marks off a 5) -Paper 1 = 3 -Paper 2 = 4, -Paper 3 = 5. -Practical work = 4 Should I remark these two subjects? Also... if i do remark them, do they also remark IAs? Thanks!!
  20. Question: How are ethics involved in the study of Human Sciences? How do these affect our ability to move forward in our knowledge of human behaviour? Our last task for this semester, this involves Human Sciences and ethics, however I need help with the last part of the question which is "How do these affect our ability to move forward in our knowledge of human behaviour"? What does that suppose to mean? All help, guidance or advice will be appreciated, thank you!
  21. All my studio art work is due in a week and I only need ONE final art project to complete everything. I decided to add something new, which is the 7 deadly sins. That's not my theme by the way, it's actually identity. So I'm using this as a source to finalise my studio art works. Current problems: Ran out of ideas, only have 5 days left (everything's due on June 20th), and my ideas were rejected by my art teacher because they were way too cliché (I agree too...). I'll have 17 art works in the end and I know I don't need more since 18 is the max and 11 (I think) is the minimum. However, i
  22. TASK: “Using the examples of two recognised psychology experiments, describe and explain what can be learned about human behaviour through doing experiments”. -Does that mean their findings are universal? -What happened? -What did the experimenters conclude? -What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing experiments on humans? Any ideas of any human psychological experiments? All help/advice/guidance will be appreciated, thanks!
  23. Why do the EE and and the TOK presenation together amount for so little points? Considering that you can't not do them--lest you decimate all chances of getting that diploma--are they considered..."priceless"? o_o
  24. Hello, I need to collect some data for my IB Math Studies IA concerning body length and shoe size in a group of people. So can you please take a minute and do this Quick Survey? https://docs.google.com/a/stu.acs.gr/forms/d/18RLtFq-mTRc3oPwdcjXJRtLhlClwhMRXAn4Jc_lBfPE/viewform Thank you in advance, Sincerely, Intzi.
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