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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, My current research question is: To what extent were the social and political British imperialistic influences in China in the 1900’s a responsible factor for the collapse of the Qing Empire? In my essay I want to analyze the social and political influences the British had on China and how those were a responsible factor for the collapse of the qing empire near the end of the imperialistic era. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on both my topic and on how to improve my research question.
  2. 9 downloads

    A summary of some TOK terms and notes regarding the rationalism VS. Imperialism debate
  3. Hey guys so I am assigned my first ever, IB research essay. Our prompt is this: Explain clearly and concisely one of the primary causes for the specifics of WWI and how the cause was crucial in starting the WWI. Please give specifics and extend beyond what the book states. One cause, and research it. Seems simple ya? Nah. The cause I picked is solidly on nationalism but it is such a broad topic. I'm starting from the time of Otto van Bismarck unifying German kingdoms and Prussia and I have already gone too deep with that one event in research and I feel it's trailing away from a direct expla
  4. 43 downloads

    An essay on the causes of WW1. Received a low 5 (9/20)
  5. Hi Everyone; I am writing an essay on the important causes of World War 1, and it seems like there are many minor causes that contribute to the outbreak of war. I am having a hard time finding the appropriate causes to write about. Also I want to divide my essay to long-term and short-term causes (as my history teacher recommends), but I am not sure what is what. I have narrowed it down to a few topics, however I don't know if I am missing any important points. Help please! So far, I have chosen these; - Tangle of Alliances/Mutual Defense Alliances + Past Treaties (treaty of London 1839) -
  6. Hey guys, I am currently in IB2 this year, and am in a dilemma. I had picked a topic and question for my extended essay during IB1 last year (History), and my question was "Why and how did Japan invade China and Korea in the early 20th century?" However, my advisor says that my question is too broad and shallow - in short, my current EE is crap. However, he said I could try and tweak the content of my current essay to fit into the History EE criteria, but I feel that he is suggesting I pick a different research question. My question to you guys is, should I stick with my current question, impr
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